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A World Where Antibiotics Stop Working

antibiotics picPicture a world where antibiotics don’t work, where common and curable illnesses become deadly, and where thousands or even millions of people die each year of superbugs.

Experts say America and the world are heading there fast if nothing changes, and it’s the subject of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, as we talk to Jaydee Hanson, an expert on the subject who also is senior policy analyst for the Center for Food Safety.

Already, 2 million Americans each year are affected by antibiotic-resistant bacteria and 23,000 of them die, and those numbers are expected to climb if dramatic action is not taken.

The problem, Jaydee says, is that the world is using antibiotics at an alarming rate in areas they’re not needed, and that includes America, where upwards of 80 percent of all antibiotics are used by Big Ag simply to make livestock bigger. The result? The development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and superbugs.

A World Health Organization official warned last year that humanity is headed toward a “post-antibiotic era” if nothing is done — and Jaydee agrees.

Jaydee also tell us:

  • Why the US government won’t take action to prevent antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  • How bacteria on the farm “make the leap” to your kitchen and to your body.
  • What you can do to protect you and your family.

This is a story that can impact every American no matter the age, and one for which you and your family need to be prepared.

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