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Carla Emery’s Daughter Goes Off-Grid

Forty years after Carla Emery wrote her bestseller homesteading resource “Encyclopedia of Country Living” and a decade after she passed away, her daughter, Esther, is continuing her mom’s off-grid tradition while developing new skills that past generations probably wouldn’t recognize.

Esther Emery is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio, as she tells us what it was like to grow up under such a famous off-grid expert. But more significantly, she shares with us skills you won’t find in her mom’s landmark book, which sold some 750,000 copies.

Esther and her husband Nick Fouch have been living off-grid for only a few years, but they have taken homestead education into the digital age with a YouTube channel that has thousands of subscribers. And they’ve done it all with three children.

Esther tells us:

  • Why she ran away from the self-sufficient lifestyle after childhood, only to return to it as an adult.
  • Why she and Nick live in a yurt, and how they ensure it is durable and storm-safe.
  • What it’s like to live in the woods, nearly an hour from the nearest store or gas station.
  • How they made a bicycle-powered washing machine that works just as well as a grid-powered one.
  • How they built a composting outhouse that doesn’t stink, no matter the weather.

Finally, Esther gives us a preview of a book she is writing that is scheduled to be published in 2017.

If you own Carla Emery’s “Encyclopedia of Country Living” or you’re just wanting to learn more off-grid skills, then this show is one you don’t want to miss!

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