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Climate Change: What They’re Not Telling You

Ten years after Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth hit theaters, a new film is set to be released that tells the other side of the story.

The movie is called Climate Hustle, and in the words of its promoters, it will “tear the cover off of global warming hype and expose the myths and exaggerations of this multi-billion dollar issue.”

Climate Hustle and climate change are the topics of this week’s episode of Off The Grid Radio as we talk to Dr. Bonner Cohen, a senior policy analyst with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), which produced the movie.

Climate Hustle will appear in theaters on Monday, May 2, for one night only.

Cohen tells us:

  • Why man-made global warming, as the media sells it, is a myth.
  • How science that would discredit climate change is being hidden.
  • What he believes motivates scientists who claim climate change is fact.
  • Why the “media mantra” about polar bears and ice caps isn’t the full story.

If you’ve ever wondered about the real facts behind the climate change debate, then this is one show you don’t want to miss!

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