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Dave Canterbury’s Summer Survival Tricks

If you were in a survival situation during the summer – with 100-degree (Fahrenheit) heat – would you know what to do? And could you find water?

Summer survival is the subject of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, as we talk to survival expert Dave Canterbury, who teaches survival classes and has authored several books, including the bestseller “Bushcraft 101” and his latest book, “Bushcraft First Aid.”

On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we speak with T.J. Smith, executive director of the Foxfire Fund, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary and has a new book – “The Foxfire Book of Simple Living.”

Dave tells us:

  • Which plants in nature can supply water.
  • How to filter water and make it safe to drink.
  • What he recommends eating in nature. (His advice goes against the general consensus!)
  • Why he says T-shirts and shorts are a no-no in the wilderness.

Finally, Dave gives us insights from his newest book, “Bushcraft First Aid.”

We learned a lot about survival during our talk with Dave. You will, too!

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