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EPA Set To Regulate Your Ditch

radio picture -- epa ditchesWhen the Environmental Protection Agency released its much-anticipated rule this year broadening its interpretation of the Clean Water Act, there was immediate pushback from farmers, homesteaders and their allies. The rule, they said, would give the federal government unprecedented oversight over creeks, streams and even ditches.

It sounds hard to believe, but it’s true, and the EPA’s water proposal is the topic of this week’s Off The Grid Radio, as American Farm Bureau’s Don Parrish tells us why landowners across the US should be concerned about what some say is a massive federal government land grab.

Parrish tells us:

  • How the rule could result in some farms simply being forced to close.
  • Why the EPA, under current law, does not have the power to do what it is attempting.
  • How you can fight back.

The EPA wants to broaden the definition of “Waters of the US” to include far more than the large river down the road. Soon, it could include even that seasonal creek on your property.

Parrish serves as senior director of regulator relations at American Farm Bureau, an organization that represents farms of all sizes and types against an overreaching federal government.

If you own land, or a farm, or simply only care about freedom, this is one show you should hear.

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