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EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE: Police Shoot And Kill 95 Year Old WWII Vet With Bean Bag Gun – Episode 169

WranaOn this week’s episode of Off The Grid News Radio, hosts Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy sit down to discuss the paradigm shift of morality in people including law enforcement officers. In particular, Heid and Brawdy discuss the contentious events that led to eventual death of 95 year-old John Wrana.

The hosts recap on a story first reported on on Monday, August 5, 2013 in an article titled, Why did cops kill this 95-year-old in walker? In the story it is said that police, “Tasered him and shot him with bean bag rounds – all because he adamantly refused to undergo high-risk surgery.”

Let’s just say that it takes absolutely no time at all for Brawdy to get REALLY fired up on this issue. As an ex-law enforcement officer, Brawdy knows the rules of the game and insists adamantly that there was a complete and utter breakdown of morals on the officers who decided that they had no other way to disarm the “two foot shoe horn” from the 95 year-old vet than to approach him in “SWAT gear,” taser him, and shoot him in the stomach with a bean bag gun.

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In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • How do officers of the law determine when the force applied is too much force?
  • Was the 95 year old victim armed? If so, with what?
  • What started this whole mess?
  • Does any form of the government have any reason to tell you what type of medical attention that you need?
  • and more…
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