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EXCLUSIVE: Nauglers Respond To Critics In 1st Interview

naugler for fbThe story of Joe and Nicole Naugler has captivated the off-grid community – and the nation. Two weeks ago sheriff deputies, acting on behalf of state CPS, removed all 10 children from the home, claiming the off-grid living conditions were unsafe.

On today’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, the Nauglers give their first in-depth interview, responding to critics and answering questions both sides of the debate have had since that initial day.

They tell us:

  • What the state is demanding they do to their property in order to get their children back.
  • Which facts about their lives everyone gets wrong.
  • Why they wanted to live off-grid, and why they believe this is the best way of life for their kids.
  • What people should know about their sources of water and electricity.
  • Why they believe “unschooling” is best for their children, and why it is often misunderstood.
  • What they say to critics who believe no child should be living the way they live.

Even if you’ve followed this case from the start, you’ll hear details you didn’t know – details that will change how you view their lives. Don’t miss this exclusive interview with a couple who, overnight, went from being truly off-grid to being the center of a public firestorm.

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