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He Who Controls the Money Supply, Controls the World with Greg McCoach – Episode 102

The world of money and stocks is going crazy. We see economic indicators which tell us that we are not recovering from this current recession/depression (it’s one or the other, depending on who you talk to), yet the stock market keeps spasming up and down. (Actually, if you look at the Dow Jones graph, it looks more like a heart patient in the midst of arterial defibrillation at its worst.) What in the world is going on in the world of finance and economics?

Today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio points his finger decisively at one thing – the Federal Reserve and the control elitist foreign bankers have on our money. Join us today for another episode of Off the Grid Radio as Greg McCoach, founder and president of The Mining Speculator and Insider Alert, joins Bill Heid to discuss our economic health, our political health, the investment opportunities in junior mining companies, and a brief speculation of what the near future holds for those of us prepping for the future.

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In this episode:

  • The book you must read if you want to know what’s really happening in our economy
  • Why it doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican or Democrat in office
  • The future trends that must happen for the move to a one-world currency and government
  • Where junior mining stocks stand now and their future potential
  • And more …
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