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Here’s what to say when someone accuses preppers of fear mongering – Episode 007

logoAre you tired of being called a ‘fear monger’ or ‘alarmist’ because you want your loved ones to be prepared in a crisis? Bill and Brian discuss that very point on Off The Grid Radio today. Also, Bill Heid’s explanation of why our situation today is vastly different from that which the founding fathers faced in the late 18th century (and the historical situation that we should be thinking about).


Off The Grid Radio
Released: July 30, 2010

Welcome to Off The Grid radio.  Better ideas to bust you and your family out of today’s global control grid.  Now, here is today’s show.

Brian: Welcome once again to, The Off The Grid News radio version of our show.  I’m Brian Brawdy.  Here as always with Mr. Bill Heid and here just a couple of minutes, we’re going to get to a very special guest as well but Bill, I wanted to say hello, how have you been of late?

Bill: Brian, I’m doing great.  We’ve survived a flood which we’re going to talk more about perhaps in a later show but we’ve gone through all these tragedies and trials together and now, we’ve had a flood and I think we had, what was it Jeramy, 10 or 15 inches of rain just in a very short period of time and literally washed everything out, so…

Brian: You know, it’s kind of the bad news of knowing you but every time I’m on the road somewhere and I’m looking at news reports, if there is a flood as there was here, if there is a massive power outage, I saw people in the DC area…

Bill: Yes.

Brian: With hundreds of thousands of people, I think of you, so unfortunately…

Bill: I’m the disaster guy.

Brian: Yeah, you’re a disaster.  Yeah you were like, where is your sign or whatever that’s called but every time I think of some one.

Bill: It’s a grim reaper.

Brian: You’re the grim reaper.  I want to say that you’ve also sent an email.  Yeah I went to send an email Jeramy to Bill every time.  Hey I wonder if he knows people are out of power.  Hey I wonder if he knows the sun is going to send proton blasts and this …

Bill: Or there is some new disease in Florida, mosquitoes are biting people and they are getting sick.

Brian: How did you and I get out of a blaze without getting dengue fever?  That’s nothing to laugh about.

Bill: No.  That’s tragic.

Brian: That hurts a little.

Bill: It’s tragic, yeah.  So I don’t know how we got out but I know that there seems to be an increasing amount of those kinds of things.  I don’t know where it’s all and anything from, but it is interesting and it does give us reasons to talk about precautionary measures and off the grid measures to stay healthy, fit, alive, and  all of those things.

Brian: And I think everyone expects our government is going to take care of us.  I don’t know where they eradicated dengue they eradicated this, they eradicated that.  But there’s still a tremendous amount of personal responsibility that’s got it going to protecting yourself if you travel overseas and in this day and age, with everyone getting on an airplane, everyone getting on a cruise ship, everyone being able to travel around the globe, almost within a day or two, there is no more next door, next door is pretty close..

Bill: Next door is right next to you on a plane flight, isn’t it?  I mean that’s literally you could have some infection that started or it used to be this remember the old Cheap Trick song.  I won’t say the name of it, but it was the idea of this, of a disease and just these Asian diseases or these diseases that start in Africa, next thing you know, because of plane travel, they are right in your home with your family and you’ve got to be aware, you have to be able to recognize.  One of the things we talk about a lot here on the show is just like the flood.  We had to make some decisions the other day and the water wasn’t up.  My dad and I were down by the river, by the cabin at the Mississippi.  You’ve been down here before.  We shot a video down there before and we played there before.

Brian: Yeah. down there.

Bill: So everything’s fine right.

Brian: Uh-huh.

Bill: The water is not up.  They’ve had some water up stream.  So you have to make that call.  This is before the government gauges the army corps has a series of gauges that they use to determine what kind of water level they are going to get, but this is well before they have these predictions because they are humans.  They have only got so much time.  They are not going to save you, they are rain gauges and they are internet sites, not going to save you but long before there was any sign of water coming up, we said you know what, there was an awful lot of rain upstream, and we made a decision to evacuate and to get everything out. And there are some people that didn’t do that and they had the consequences, so we take that metaphor and it’s a metaphor that you and I talk about a lot in the show is we did the same thing.  Remember with Belize we looked at the signs and recognized the signs and then there is a difference between learning and getting information and actually taking decisive action.  So we’ve got all these governmental issues, we’ve got all these huge social issues, what are the signs of the times, can you read them accurately? Do you have the wisdom to read them and then do you have the guts to do something.

Brian: And even just the foresight, you know I was doing an event last week and someone came up to me who has listened to our show and said hey, do you ever worry that you’re always looking for the worst to happen? And I go, when you hear Bill and I on the show, we’re this way folks, you should know if we’re sitting and having lunch if we’re having breakfast or dinner.  Bill and I talked the same way as when we’re on the show.  We have a passion, not for fear mongering but just saying hey if this happens in the future, how cool would it be to be prepared.  As you know Bill, there is a saying in the outdoors; if you panic you perish, so we’re in the business. Our show is in the business of suggesting to folks, we have a couple of things that we think about that might keep you from panic in that emergency situation has nothing to do with fear mongering.

Bill: And it’s just the opposite of fear mongering.

Brian: Sure.

Bill: You know, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, if you’re conscious of it or not but when we go sit down in a restaurant and this is from your New York Cop detective days, you always face the door because you always want to know who is coming and going.

Brian: Right.

Bill: So that’s I think, that’s just even light weight things like that, precautionary things like that, that get instilled in you, it’s hard to get them out. I don’t think you should frankly, I don’t think you should.  I think these are dangerous times to live in and I think we need to be sensitive to what’s going around but enjoy at the same time, enjoy the world that God has given us and there is no reason to be in the state of fear if you’re in a state of being alert.

Brian: Of being alert and being connected to everything going on around you which I think might be a great way for us to introduce our guest for the show today.  Let’s do it this way, I’ll go ahead and introduce him but I think you should tell the story about you know, the very circuitous path that it came for you two being able to bump into each other and you have similar passions as well.  So I would like to go ahead and say hello, and as I said, then Bill will give a little bit of the story but to Mr. Ross Eckert, now you may recognize his name, he is the strapping, good-looking guy that’s walking across the country from North Dakota to Washington DC carrying, Bill.

Bill: A flag, old glory.

Brian: A flag, old glory, carrying a flag.  So Ross, say hello to Bill.

Ross: How are you doing everybody, Bill?

Brian: Say hello.

Ross: You say good-looking and I have to disagree with you on that.

Brian: Well look you know when you all can’t see this unless you watch the video, but Bill and I say, anyone that has more hair than we do.  But it’s so much of a challenge, Jeramy with that full head of hair.  I’d like to reach over and but in any event, with Ross and Jeramy here, with full heads of hair, they’re better looking than we are, Bill.

Bill: I’ll give that to them and more.

Ross: Even if it’s gray?

Bill: Even if it’s gray yeah.

Brian: As long as you got it, I don’t care what color it is.

Bill: Let me tell you what happened yesterday just to use that segway and to talk a little bit about how we met each other.  One of our employees came in and said there is a guy out here that would like to talk to you and really my schedule, Jeramy could say, could tell you and my schedule doesn’t, didn’t allow for the time – I was booked solid. But I said, sure and I think it was one of those things, Ross, that for whatever reason, it was providential and Ross came in and shook my hand and we just started talking for a few minutes.  He started telling me what he was passionate about, what was on his mind and how his heart yearned for freedom for our country and for sort of a look back at where our founding fathers were and wanted to draw attention to where we are now and where we should be, and then we sat down and talked for a while.  He told me his story.  He had tears in his eyes.  I had to fight them back.  It was a very emotional moment.  We’re on the same page, very closely on this.  He is a brother in Christ and so we have a lot in common about you know you’re a little banged up Ross from your past and that made you an interesting person to talk to.

Ross: Well it’s, like I said, I’ve got a past.  You know, there are those things that I’ve done that I’m not proud of but it is my past.  I have to learn how to live with my past.  And last year before I started my walk, I had to start looking who I was inside and find out what I believed in and what I cared about.  And looking at where the direction of our country is going and looking at the fear that people have in your own hearts and your own families and their own lives about the direction our country is going in, I had to make a decision whether I was going to sit and stay in that funk that I had been living in for so long.  What was I going to do about that?  And I related this story and now it was probably not the right time we go in to the longer story but it all came down and I decided to start walking from beach North Dakota or Ashley North Dakota to the Lincoln Memorial in DC and I started walking carrying the flag and it’s changed my life, it’s changed my perspective on a lot of things that are happening in our country.  And I’ve run into some great people like you, Bill and Brian, and many, many people that I met along the road and it is a life changing experience.  It really, really is and I get to see a lot of God-fearing people out here.

Bill: Well, what started your story to and what motivated.  We won’t go into the long version of it but the fact that you came to me and said, you know what, I’m a sinner, I have a broken heart and I’m not going to continue on a path, I’m going to do something that I think can have value that can turn people around. And the beautiful part about your story as far as I’m concerned is you’re not sponsored by some big media moguls, you’re your own guy, you’re walking, you’ve got your sister, Myrna with you that’s following you and you just don’t spend a lot of money. So what you’re running on is faith.  That’s what intrigued me about your story.

Ross: Faith and belief because the prayer that I had said when I started my walk last year, God please put my feet on the path you want me to take and the people in front of me you want me to meet.  And when we left North Dakota, we didn’t even have a topper for the back of the pickup.  All I had was a tent to sleep in at night, my sister slept in the front of the pickup, we had some soup, we had some ramen noodles and some cooking utensils and that’s what we left with and I had no clue what I was doing, I just knew I had to do it.  And as we got farther down the line, by the time we got to Fargo North Dakota, there are some people who’ve heard about me.  They had a rally when I got there, right next to a democratic rally by the way which is just kind of interesting.  But they raised around $600 and we were able to buy a topper for the pickup to where I didn’t have to set up the tent every night and sleep in it but I could just crawl in the back of the pickup, and then farther down the line there, we got a mattress that I could sleep on.

Bill: Right that’s really cool.  Do we want to go to a break and then come back and we can…

Brian: Sounds great.  Okay we’re going to go ahead and take a quick little break.  Stick around when we come back, you’ll be able to catch up a little more with Ross and Bill here at, the radio version.

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Brian: Welcome back once again to, the Off The Grid News radio version, I’m Brian Brawdy, here as always with Mr. Bill Heid and today a very special guest, if you didn’t join us in the first break, or before the first break, we’ll go ahead with a quick recap but I’d like you to say hello to Mr. Ross Eckert and I know Bill just before we went to the commercial, Ross was telling us about some of his first donations, he got a camper for the truck.  Another one was for the mattress we were talking before the show, talk about taking the roughing it out of roughing it.  Look at him, he knows how to survive out in the middle – he’s the definition of off the grid when you think about and I you’re going to get into a story here but to do what he’s done that’s as unplugged as you can be.

Bill: That’s as unplugged and that’s as off the grid as you can get Ross, and then that’s the name of the show and we try to talk about off the grid but it’s an off the grid idea that you want to draw attention to what the faith of the founders, what the beliefs of the founders was and that you’re doing it by carrying a flag pretty much across the country.  And then on top of that, you got to kind of learn how to exist off the grid as you travel, tell her before we go into too much more, tell everybody… I talked to you last night on the phone and said, hey you want to grab a bite to eat, but you were already eating, what fabulous meal were you dining on last night when I offered to buy you supper, and you said no, I’m already eating.  What was it that you’re eating?

Ross: MRE’s.  It’s the same thing our troops eat out in the field and that was the, part of the idea of my walk is I wanted to pay tribute to our veterans of this great country of ours and the troops who are in the field today fighting for our freedoms and liberties, not just here but across the world.  They live in their vehicles a lot of times when they’re out wherever they were doing or whatever they’re doing, and they don’t get a hot meal every day.  So they eat MRE’s and you can heat those up yourself and I got to tell you, they are pretty tasty.  They’re better than the old sea rations we used to have but that was the whole idea of supporting our troops and our veterans that have fought for our history, which gets us back into the founding fathers because we wouldn’t have a country without people fighting for our liberties.

Bill: Someone had to take some action.  Some had to get off the grid and take some action first mentally and then actually there was some action at Lexington and Concord where some people actually fired some shots at them but at the beginning, it was someone just standing up the same way you’re standing up and they didn’t have a grant from some big company to do it because it emanated from what they believed and personally from their heart that what they saw is the foundations of liberty and what I liked about our conversation yesterday and last night again that you’re talking the same talk.

Ross: I got to because it has become a part of me now.  This walk has been a life-changing thing for myself personally.  I feel like I’m gaining some self respect back and I’m trying to find my honor again because I lost it for so many years and I think that there is many, many people out here perhaps in you viewing or listening audience here that know that there is something more, know that there is something better but they don’t know where that, where it is at.  The first step is finding out what you believe in, searching your own heart and mind and trying to find that direction that God wants you to go, you know, and then taking action on that.  Now, you can stand the grid but sometimes the grid clutters things out, so you got to get off the grid in order to clear your mind and find out that path that you are supposed to take.

Bill: I think there is probably a lot of colonialists that were on the grid with respect to being hooked up with England, maybe they were a merchant that did business with England and they went to church every Sunday and they were on that control grid and when this opposing force came, that was pretty hostile to them.

Ross: Very much so the Tories, that was what they call the people who sided with England, they didn’t want change because they were benefiting in the way things were and there is a lot of people benefiting today.  There is a very good contrast or similarities between what’s happening now and what happened back then.  People are benefiting in a financial way or other ways, from the way things are today and those are the things that our founding fathers fought against because they were not – these benefits certain people were getting were not getting down to the real common people.  And I’m going to tell you not a little story but do you know that where the idea of the revolution came from, it started in the churches.

Bill: Oh sure.

Ross: Back in revolutionary war.

Bill: I think one of the king’s men had actually said that our American colony had run off with Presbyterian that was a phrase that then got repeated but that was the…

Ross: And I think what George Whitfield…

Bill: Oh yeah.

Ross: And I tell you what, he was a great man but it started with other ministers as well.  He started it and then it spread in ministers talking from the pulpit and there’s two things that we’ve been talking in our country in our world today that we’re not supposed to talk about and that’s religion and politics. And somehow, those are the fabric of who we are as a people and we need to understand who we are as a people before we can make the true changes that we need.  But it has to start within yourself, then it has to travel through the churches.   A lot of churches today are afraid of losing their nonprofit status so they remain quiet.  Or they don’t even know what’s going on or they are so caught up in their own life but the thing is, stepping out, get off out of your own personal grid and look at what you’re trying to find what you believe and then standing out for those belief.

Bill: So it starts with some sort of faith commitment, all these things and this is something that I preach on this show continually.  It starts with idea, it starts with the thought, it starts with the faith commitment and then our actions emanate from the belief.

Ross: Right, and there are other people.  Let me tell you, this country is waking up.  The people I meet on the road, I mean there was a guy last year that came out, he had heard me on the radio up in Fargo North Dakota and I was walking towards Devils Lake and or Detroit Lake and I will continue the story here later.

Brian: That sounds great, Ross.  As soon as we got back in, Ross is going to go ahead and continue the story, we’ve got a lot of great things to talk about.  Please stick around.  You’re at, the radio version of Off The Grid News.

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Bill: Very good Jeramy, I like that.  Welcome back to the, the radio version here at Off The Grid News.  I’m laughing because Jeramy played that keep on rocking in the free world and we could have said today, keep on walking in the free world.  Bill, with our guest, ladies and gentleman as always, say hello to Mr. Bill Heid and our guest today, Ross Eckert is absolutely, give it up Jeramy, absolutely still walking, not rocking, but walking in the free world.

Brian: What’s left of the free world…

Bill: Yeah what’s left on the free road.

Brian: Nice work there.

Bill: Ross, welcome to our show.

Ross: God bless you.

Bill: Well, let’s keep talking Ross on the break, did you want to catch up from where we were from before, did you want to cut into some of the stuff that we’re talking in about on the break because we’ve covered too much material.  We should have say the light of it.

Brian: Yeah, I’m going to have to make you both go to your corners during the break.

Bill: We just keep talking to each other.

Brian: Don’t talk stop, stop, stop.  Don’t say another word.  I don’t want this to get all used.

Ross: Just send me to the back of the room.

Brian: Alright.  So now, while you’re accustomed to that, we’ll have to find another way.  Right before we left, our guest that want you to complete the story, you were talking about going to a particular lake.  There was a gentleman that you met along the way.

Ross: Not so much a lake.  We’re walking along Highway 10 in Minnesota.  Okay and there is a man who had heard me on the radio station out of Fargo and he came out and he lived along side of the road in an older house out there and he came out and I was already passed him when he came running out and caught up to me yelling at me.  So I turned around and walked back to him.  He said, I heard you on the radio station yesterday and I just had to come out and see you.  I started bringing my flag out you know so you’d notice me but then I got to thinking and he said, you know I got something better, so he ran back in the house and by the time he ran in and came out, I was almost past, I almost missed him but he came out with two cookies.

Brian: I was going to say that or a peanut butter jelly sandwich.

Ross: He came out with two cookies for my sister and I and let me tell you, that’s the kind of people that I want to be connected with.  And here’s a guy that didn’t have a lot of money.  I got story after story of the kind of people we met along the road, two Vietnam veterans coming out with their own flags and walking with me for 7 miles. And I tell you what, getting honks when there’s one flag and myself out there, you get 3 to 7 honks a mile.  When we were walking with 3 flags, it went from 30 to 40 honks a mile.

Bill: Amazing.

Ross: Let me tell you, it makes a difference when people stand up.  And this is not about me.  I’m not doing it for money, I’m not running for office, I’m not doing it for fame. I’m doing it because I believe in what I’m doing, because I had to find out that and let me tell you that the kind of people I’m running into on this road, on this walk, it very – it humbles me so much because all I’m doing is putting feet to the road, you know what I’m saying.

Brian: Absolutely, I have to tell you Ross that you’re a guy who live in an RV full time, hit 48 states and I had the same belief that you did.  I mean you’re walking and I took a little more.  I took a little of the roughing it out and roughing it and I drove an RV and I’m asked all the time, what’s the coolest place that you’ve been, and to me, it always comes back to the coolest people that I’ve met.  And so I couldn’t agree with you more.  And Bill is not only a national traveler but a world traveler, it’s really inspiring and reawakening to bump into people out on the open road that share a similar passion and a similar belief even just the way you and Bill met.  I mean you probably have dozens of stories, as to you Bill, you go both ways.  You’re in the right place at the right time to meet the right person that teaches you your next lesson.

Ross: And that comes back to the prayer that I said when I first started.  Put my feet on the path you’re supposed to take that you want me to take God and put the people in front of me that you want me to meet and it has happened over and over again.  It is amazing how faithful God is when you’re doing his work or standing up for him.  See we’re in a fight right now, it’s not a physical fight within our country, it’s a spiritual fight, a fight against the principalities that we don’t see, ideas and thoughts and things that go contrary to the beliefs that we find in the bible and the gospel.  And these are the things we’re fighting against.  Yes, it could turn into a physical fight but that’s the third aspect of my walk.  I’m walking for peace within our own borders because if we do not change now, and we do not stand up peacefully now, we will find violence and American fighting an American and I do not want to see that and I don’t believe that we have to go that direction if we stand together now.

Brian: Well then unfortunately, you better keep walking east because if you walk to the southwest, we’re already witnessing it in Arizona some – to a certain degree.

Ross: California, Texas.

Bill: But the point is a good one Brian and Ross, the window of opportunity for liberty is closing and people need to see that and understand it the same way it was during the colonial periods.  At some point, Brian and I talked about sociological tipping points quite a bit.  At some point had those folks waited, there would have been so many British troops that it wouldn’t have been feasible.  So what’s our metaphor now? We’re talking about a spiritual battle.  This is a little different battle than they had and I think it’s important, we talked into the break, it’s important not to confuse the founders battle with England whose forces were thousands of miles away by boat with our battle whose sometimes our antagonistic forces are right next door or up the road with a machine gun.  You’re not going to fight someone from the government, my metaphor, this is more like ancient Rome.  You have the world’s most powerful complex right here next to you.  So to go back to Ross’s point about how do you win, there is a spiritual tipping point, I think, and I think now is the time, it’s the time to seize the day and it’s the time to get off the grid yourself spiritually so that you can better able to be better able to conduct that warfare.  You can’t conduct that warfare if you’re living on the grid on the materialistic consumer grid that we were talking about.

Ross: Well you mentioned Rome, how did Rome fall in the first place? It decayed from within and we find our society today decaying from within, from the philosophies and ideas that come from without side our founding fathers understanding of what government is. But we’re adopting the same philosophies from outside of the government so we’re actually decaying from within with philosophies that come from without.

Brian: I see Ross. I think I have a different A word.  I’m not so sure that we’re adopting.  My A word is apathy.  I think if you ask anyone, that maybe our age is slightly younger or maybe even some older folks, what does it mean to you to be free?  What does liberty mean to you? Liberty doesn’t necessarily mean the ability to run down and buy another flat screen TV.  It doesn’t mean to do these things, you talk to people at street liberty.  Well like I want to be able to wear the jeans I want or you know, I have my earring, that’s me being a libertarian.  But it’s an inner battle as much as it is an outer so it’s a spiritual battle, guys, wouldn’t you say at both levels.  Or macro and micro I guess.

Ross: Right, it’s all of these things put together, there are so many different ways to look at this and so many different connotations and, oh I can’t think of the word right now, but similarities between different cultures and different histories in different countries, you know, but the whole thing comes down to us as an individual because that’s the other thing I’m walking for is the individual.  Because we have an element of our society and also an element within our government right now who are trying to get us to live as a collective society.  Our country is founded on individualism.  You think of the pilgrims when they came over here, they left everything they had, they didn’t know their future.  They didn’t know if they were going to get here, where they were going or if they were going to survive.  Then you move it up to the pioneers who moved from the east coast and the west coast and anyway, I’m going to, we’ll talk about that a little bit.

Brian: Bill, I love this smile, look at the smile on his face.  We talk about that nomadic sense that you and I have talked.  Well do you think we walked out of the garden of Eden or the savannas of Africa, that sense of Nomadicism as you said Ross, one afternoon, I had a conversation with my son and I realized I had to walk and I think that’s latent in every human being, that desire to be unexplored, to be off the grid.  I don’t think we were built to be on the grid but I would just, in my opinion but I don’t see us as always or being built to constantly having to be plugged in other than anything than our own heart and our own passion.

Bill: We’re going to go ahead here now and take a quick break.  I wanted to let you know as always, you can reach us at  Also in case you forgot, [email protected] is a great way to reach out to Jeramy with any comments, critiques, or maybe even future guest suggestions.  The Twitter we are at Off The Grid radio and of course, Facebook,  We’ll be back right after this very short break.

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Brian: Welcome back to and the Off The Grid News radio show.  I want to get right to it.  Bill, time always flies when we’re talking about something that we’re passionate about.  I want to get back to Mr. Bill Heid.  Also Ross Eckert is here with us.  And Bill you had a great question during the break.  Could you ask Ross that question?

Bill: Well we were making a distinction and I don’t know if it was a question as much as a comment but we were talking about the sort of rugged individualism that characterized the early colonial period up through the revolution and really, that’s the guts and the glue of what.  My feelings are that we’re still riding on the fumes from that thought capita, that faith capita but it’s very different having a rugged individualism so that you and your family and your church and your community could prosper and do well and take care of each other as opposed to this sort of individual and today, that’s pervasive and that is how can I be free to buy something for me, which is what Brian was eluding to.  Now that creates apathy just that mindset of being reared up to say, do you remember the old Bob Dylan song, You Got to Serve Somebody? This is one of those things.  If you’re serving me, if you’re serving yourself, you’re going to get bummed out, you’re going to get depressed, you’re going to get sad, you’re going to drink, you’re going to take drugs.  One of the reasons that I liked your story and don’t take this the wrong way because this is a compliment because I think Ross to some degree, America is personified by some of the trials and tribulations that you went through prior to sort of this epiphany that you reached.  America is messed up.  America is on drugs, America is on the grid with respect to a materialistic self-pleasing lifestyle and so you’ve broken out of that through the power of Christ, through the power of conviction of the Holy Spirit, you’ve broken out of that.  So I find it really refreshing to see you to me as a characterization of where I like to see America go as you travel, you’re walking some place you’re trying to bring awareness with a changed heart.  Tell us where you’re going to go and what your travel plans are, you’re here in Thompson, maybe you could talk about Thompson here.  How many people you met a young lady right, who’s really trying to rally some.

Ross: Oh very much, her name was Kerry.  I’m not going to say the last name but she’s a wonderful lady.  She was going down to Fulton the other day.  I think it was Saturday when we were headed walking down to Fulton, she is going to see her dad and had a cousin or somebody there in the car, maybe it was her daughter.  But she saw us and she thought I was hitchhiking and she got up by the pickup and saw the banner that we had on the back of the pickup and that’s our website by the way, go check it out. But she realized that I wasn’t a hitchhiker that I was walking for some so she stopped in front of the pickup and came around and talked to my sister for a couple of minutes and about that time, I came up to the pickup and we started a conversation and I told her what I was doing about, you know walking against corruption for our veterans and for peace within our own borders and we talked for quite some time there and she got so excited.  She said you know this is just getting to me, I’m getting goose bumps up and down my arms and she says, I’m going to go start telling everybody and she, I don’t know how many people she talked to but she right away, she emailed me as soon as she got back on her computer but when I got on my computer yesterday, there was an email waiting for me.  She had signed up to be a friend of mine on Facebook which is under my name, Ross Eckert.  She went to my YouTube video, checked it out, and just emailed a lot of people.  She went to the website and put some nice comments on the website and started telling people. Well we came in to town at the executive state at the Executive Inn up here and I called her and told her that we’re going to be in town.  Well she came up last night and we had about an hour and a half to two hour talk.  You know, it’s just like you yesterday morning.  You said you only had 5 minutes, that’s all I was going to take and it turned into 45 minutes because there are so many different things to talk about that are happening within our country and within our own belief system in this country. But getting back, I can even remember the question anymore, but the kind of people that we’re running into, they’re getting excited about what’s happening and people are starting to wake up.

Bill: So we want to encourage other people to get some goose bumps as it where, right? And get some real patriotic goose bumps, not the stuff that’s peddled on TV but this is real people doing real things.  And tell us a little bit about where you’re going to be.  You’re in Thompson right now and you’re going to be going down to Rock Falls I understand.

Ross: Yup, that’s where we left off.  We’re going to join and switch over my Highway 30 to Highway 40 and we’re going to be heading south and this is the other thing that Kerry said, she’s going to try to get the other group of people to get their flags and come out walk with us somewhere.  So these are the places we’re going to be here.  I’m starting at Rock Falls.  We’re going to be either going there later on today and walk some today or we’re going to take off in the morning, then we’re going to go through Deer Grove, Normandy, Bradford, I might have pronounced wrong or whatever down to something Camp Grove.

Bill: Camp Grove.

Ross: Yeah, but it’s just a partial list here.  We’re going to copy this and leave it with the people here, Bill and Brian, but…

Bill: And then you’re going to Indianapolis, right? What day do you see yourself in Indianapolis?  Today’s July, what’s the date today, guys?  July 27th.

Ross: I don’t know how many miles it is.  We’re doing 12 to 14 miles a day.

Bill: Okay.

Ross: So it will be sometime in August, I believe, it will get down in or we’re going to meet up with Highway 50 and from that point, it’s a straight shot all the way to DC and the Lincoln Memorial.

Bill: And you keep people abreast of your situation on Our Great Walk and your YouTube.

Ross: Right.

Bill: Why don’t you give your YouTube information out again.  You know Brian will give it at the end, but why don’t you give it out right now if people want to know where you’re at.  And then when you continue to do those YouTube’s you can kind of say, you know, here’s where we’re at here’s where we’re going next day and so forth because it would just be great to get people to walk out there.

Ross: Bring your flag.  Walk with me because there’s a great similarity here.  Remember Chris Matthews on MSNBC during the election.  He said I do too. But he said I’ll get a thrill running up and down my leg every time I hear Obama speak. Well let me tell you, you bring your flag out there and you got an 18-wheeler coming up behind you and he honks that air horn, you’ll get a jolt through your whole body.  Let me tell, that really wakes you up and say, hey somebody cares, somebody notices this guy.

Bill: And you realize there is some camaraderie, there is some light-minded people and that’s such a genuine thing.  In a time when it seems like that everyone wants to go their own way literally.

Ross: This whole trip is giving me hope and belief back in our country because it’s the people, not the government.  You know, the government is over half the problem, maybe they are the whole problem but the people are the ones that are going to solve the problem and that’s why we have to stand together.  However, I’m asking 10 million people to meet me in DC and whether that happens, that’s up to you folks.

Bill: And when will you be in DC?

Ross: Some time in the middle of October I believe.  At least that’s the projection.  I think we’re going to make it there.  It’s going to be before the election and I’m asking 10 million people to bring their flag to DC, meet with me there.  It’s not for a rally, we’re not going to have speakers, we’re not going to have – I don’t want to see signs and placards.  I just want to see 10 million flags walking up down the streets.

Bill: That would be an incredibly powerful thing if you just had silent flags marching up and down the street and how loud would that be, Brian, millions of flags, louder than anything than any speech writer or anybody could come up with.

Brian: And at that particular memorial of all the things in DC. If I’m in DC for an hour, the Lincoln Memorial is the one I make sure I hit ever since I was young. I think I went in junior high school, just an amazing place to be ending up your walk.

Ross: That flag symbolizes everything America stands for. The sacrifice and everything and if you walk in silence, in remembrance of our past, our founders, our troops and everything, our veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms and liberties.

Bill: And as you said Ross, it’s starting to carry a different meaning to people and that’s why I stress that, let’s – we’ve only got a small window of time, let’s get back to the founders, let’s get back to what Ross is talking about because at some point, that flag is going to symbolize tyranny if we don’t stand up.

Brian: And you know Bill, you raise a valid point in that.  It was not talk about the founders or the founding fathers.  So people said around today, go, well there is no Washington, there are no Franklins, there are no Adams and Jefferson’s, but it was the people that started long before that group of men got together to craft the document.  It was regular folks like us.  So you know what I mean, just regular old everyday people that started to make the impact first before our fathers ever got in and put it all together.

Ross: And they stood shoulder to shoulder.

Brian: Absolutely Ross.

Bill: We’ve got one minute.  What do you want to, how do you want to sum this baby up?

Ross: Well just stand up for what you believe.  Search your own heart, figure out what you believe in, find that person that’s inside you and find out what you believe in and then stand up for it. We may have different beliefs in a lot of different things but if you believe in America, come on out, stand with me, walk with me, just stand up for what you believe in.  God bless you.

Brian: Alright Bill, then we’re going to go ahead. Our final quick, you have 10 seconds for a final thought.

Bill: Boy, that’s kind of quick. I resonate with the same thing.  Take some action.

Brian: As you did yesterday when you and Ross met.

Bill: Exactly, I took the actions saying, here’s a guy I want to have on the show because I want to make sure everyone knows this information.  I want to know and I want to make sure they know what he’s up to.  Listen if you have an air into Shawn Hannaday, if you know Glen Beck if you want to call in, tell other people, tell your local radio stations about Ross.  He’s coming through, try to get him some publicity, he needs your help.

Brian: Alright we’re going to give out Ross’s website,  Thank you so very much in behalf of Bill Heid, Jeramy, the entire crew here, I’m Brian Brawdy, we can’t wait to speak with you next time here at

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