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Hospitals Seizing Babies Who Aren’t Vaccinated?

estradaIt’s every parent’s worst nightmare. You take your child to the hospital, disagree with the doctor’s diagnosis, and Child Protective Services moves in to seize your kid.

Or perhaps even worse, you give birth to an infant and don’t want him or her vaccinated, but the hospital overrules you – even getting police to kick you out of the building. Or the hospital takes the baby because it was born at home.

Sound far-fetched? It’s not, and in the past two years alone, there have been cases in California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Alabama, Virginia, Arizona and Texas of children seized by state social workers and hospital doctors simply because the parents wanted a second opinion, didn’t agree with the treatments, or shunned traditional medicine.

That’s the subject of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, as we talk to attorney and parental rights advocate William Estrada, who is helping lead the charge to get a Parental Rights Amendment passed and added to the U.S. Constitution.

Estrada tells us:

  • How an out-of-control hospital can seize an infant if the parents oppose vaccinations – or even because the baby was born at home.
  • How the well-known case of Massachusetts teen Justina Pelletier was only the tip of the iceberg.
  • How children often are far worse off in state care, and how in one particular case a seized child in foster care was exposed to tuberculosis and had a broken bone untreated for three weeks.

A Parental Rights Amendment would protect parents from such nightmare scenarios. It even would guard the rights of homeschoolers.

Estrada is an attorney with the Home School Legal Defense Association and is director of federal relations at

Listen as he tells us why we should be outraged – and then shares with us what we can do about it!

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