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How To Build A Home Out Of Shipping Containers And Trash

shipping container homeThe average American throws away 60,000 pounds of trash during their lifetime, but one couple has set out to take some of that “stuff” and build a home out of it — using shipping containers.

Their names are Ryan and Brook Naylor, and their home will be built out of repurposed items found in dumpsters and also out of two shipping containers – the types that cross the ocean each and every day. They’re this week’s guests on Off The Grid Radio.

They’re part of a growing movement that believes reusing and repurposing items – the stuff we toss in the trash every day – is not only the cheapest way to go but also the right thing to do.

How much will it all cost? Far less than the price of an ordinary house, but the end result will be the same: a comfortable home they love. Listen as they tell us:

  • Why they chose to build a “shipping container home.”
  • Where the best places are to go dumpster diving for construction materials and even furniture.
  • What steps to take to build a similar home.
  • Where they bought their shipping containers.
  • What they’ve found in dumpsters that’s worth thousands.

We all could learn a few lessons from Ryan and Brook. Listen as they tell us their story.


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