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How To Build An Off-Grid Home Without ANY Construction Skills

How To Build An Off-Grid Home Without ANY Construction Skills

Each year, millions of Americans flee the cities — and the traffic and stress — for a more enjoyable rural life.

This week’s guests on Off The Grid Radio did that, too, and then went a step further by building their own homestead — even though they had no experience in construction. They have no electricity or refrigerator and they even ride a horse and buggy … but they’re not Amish.

They go simply by “Doug and Stacy,” and they have gained quite a large following on their YouTube channel, where they explain how they do everything they do.

Doug and Stacy tell us:

  • How they get water despite not having a well.
  • Why they abandoned a city life with well-paying jobs for an off-grid life.
  • How they built an 800-square-foot house without construction skills.
  • Why Doug chose to ride a horse and buggy, even though he formerly had ridden a Harley.
  • How they keep their food cold without the modern convenience of a fridge.
  • How they get Internet and charge up their computer and cell phones even though they don’t have electricity.

If you have always wanted to escape city life, of you are simply someone who enjoys stories about fascinating people, then this week’s show is for you!

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