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How To Homestead When You’re Flat Broke

There’s a misconception among many people that it takes a lot of money to homestead. While it is impossible to homestead for free, it is still possible to homestead when you’re essentially flat broke.

This week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio tells us how to do just that. Her name is Kendra Lynne, and when she and her family moved to a homestead in the South several years ago, they were barely “getting by.”

Yet through resourcefulness and creativity, she learned how not only to make ends meet each month but also how to tackle homestead projects that she otherwise wouldn’t have had the money to do. Kendra has since launched a popular blog dedicated to sharing her homestead how-to stories.

Kendra tells us:

  • How to get livestock for free – including chickens, guineas, turkeys, rabbits and goats.
  • Which items are needed to make a $5 greenhouse and a free tomato cage.
  • What she considers to be the “four must-haves” for beginning a homestead when you have little money.
  • How to find free building materials and free plants.
  • Why waiting patiently for cheap or free items, instead of rushing out and buying, often is the best option.

Kendra’s story is one that will encourage many off-gridders and homesteaders. Years ago she was a California “city girl” who knew nothing about country life. But today she is a rural homestead mom who has no regrets – and is wanting to help others.

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