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How Your No-Risk World Is Slowly Killing You with Brian Brawdy – Episode 148

Perfection can have deadly consequences. A society that insists on a no-risk guarantee for all its citizens can only achieve that demand through brute force, a lack of compassion, and a slavery of the mind and will of its subjects.

Perfection has a cost, and that cost is the stifling and strangulation of innovation, creativity, compassion, empathy, and a sense of responsibility not only for ourselves, but for our neighbors as well. Perfection degrades our humanity.

Please join Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy for today’s episode of Off the Grid Radio as they discuss this unsustainable upside down world that we live in, and how we may not be able to afford the deadly price and effects of the perfection that we seek.


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In this episode:

  • On a chilling 911 call, a radio dispatcher pleads with dispassionate medical personnel to save the life of an elderly woman
  • How politicians and government attempt to persuade us that the reality we see isn’t real at all — through lies, omissions, and subterfuge
  • How no-risk living strips us of our humanity
  • And more…
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