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Maximizing the Harvest: Heirloom Solutions – Episode 037

Already the headlines are starting to scream at us from every corner. Time Magazine has stated that America is in decline. CNN is now citing rising costs, and the Wall Street Journal is trumpeting the end of the dollar’s reign in international circles.

The FDA says that food prices will rise by 3.5% in 2011 and because the world is turning away from the dollar, the return of our currency is creating an inflationary cycle. And now the federal government has requested 40 million dehydrated meals for “emergency” preparedness. What’s going on?

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If you’ve been a reader of Off the Grid News and a listener of Off the Grid Radio, you know that preparedness is our mantra. And one of those means of preparedness is to learn to grow your own food. Solutions From Science has developed its own heirloom seed company called Heirloom Solutions, and founder Bill Heid tells us about his recent trip to Chile where Heirloom Solutions purchases most of its seed. The climate and environment of Chile is perfect for maximizing the genetic potential of these seeds, and Heirloom Solutions is pleased to partner with the farmers in Chile to bring their customers heirloom seeds that have not been genetically engineered or modified.

In this episode:
• How casting blame and citizen strikes inevitably accompany political transitions
• How the anticipated inflationary cost of food will make it harder and harder for people to take care of their families
• How our society has not prepared its citizens to be self-reliant
• How the economic climate of Chile, introduced by Professor Milton Freidman, has created a country rich in commodities with a stable currency
• Heirloom Solutions partnership with Chilean farmers, and how that benefits their American customers
• And more…

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