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No Kings, No Tyrants, No Dictators with Ted Nugent- Episode 045

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Our guest on Off the Grid Radio this week is not bashful at all! Anointing himself the czar of everything off-grid (including venison and ammo), Ted Nugent explodes in this hour with all the passion and energy that has characterized his life over the years. He’s a firebrand that exemplifies rugged individualism, encourages us to demand the excellence that has always been part of American exceptionalism, and is singularly unapologetic for all his beliefs. His voice is a refreshing change in the sea of anti-American discourse we hear in the media today.

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In this episode:

  • Why Americans have gotten soft and what we must do to change that.
  • How welfare fosters a dependence that ultimately destroys a country
  • How to handle the criminal elements in society
  • What we must do to reclaim all the freedoms that God gave us and that are enshrined in our Constitution
  • And more….
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