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Off-Grid Life In An Underground House

Living underground may sound like the realm of Hobbits and Hollywood movies, but for many off-gridders, it is day-to-day reality.

These homesteaders and off-gridders have chosen to ignore the conventional path and instead live in earth-sheltered or earth-berm homes, which are covered in dirt, with only one side of the home typically exposed to the elements.

On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we talk to Helen Ettlin, a resident of Missouri who lives in an earth-sheltered home and who tells us all of the benefits and drawbacks of a life “underground.”

Helen shares with us:

  • How an earth-sheltered home saves her family money, not only on energy costs but also on home insurance.
  • Why an earth-sheltered home may be the perfect residence for families who often face threats from tornadoes and other major storms.
  • How her home’s unique construction provides enough indoor sunlight, despite being surrounded by dirt.
  • Why earth-sheltered homes may be the perfect residence for off-gridders who want a house that is not so easily found.

Helen closes the show by telling us why her family chose to live in an earth-berm home, and what advice she would give people who are looking for such a house. Don’t miss this amazing episode that will give you a glimpse of a self-sufficient life underground!

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