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Off-Grid Widow Jailed Over Baseless Charges

robin for radioRobin Speronis’ story captivated nationwide attention earlier this year – an off-grid widow ordered by her city to hook up to public electricity and water or face eviction.

She stood her ground and inspired thousands of people, and she even celebrated a partial court victory in February. But the city didn’t stop targeting her, and in May she was arrested and placed in jail, where she spent a month behind bars. And just as quickly, the district attorney dropped the charges and she was released, no questions asked.

Speronis is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio, giving us the details about her arrest and legal fight you won’t hear anywhere else. Her off-grid battle for freedom is our battle, and she tells us:

  • Whether off-grid citizens are now being targeted.
  • Why her month in jail only served to encourage her.
  • How her off-grid battle impacts all of us.

The cruel, mean-spirited bureaucrats even took her dogs. If you’re a homesteader, off-gridder or simply a liberty-loving American, this is one episode you need to hear!

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