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One Man Living His Off-Grid Dream with Rich Scheben- Episode 060

Rich Scheben’s journey began in New York and ended in northwestern Montana, where he now lives off 150 beautiful acres of land that is almost the embodiment of Eden. Wildlife abounds, streams and creeks teem with fish, and greenhouses flourish with vegetables and fruit. He left the hustle and bustle of urban living in 1986 and has never looked back.

Scheben grew up loving fishing, hunting, and trapping. Sitting through the movie Jeremiah Johnson in 1972 only reinforced his dream and desire to live the life of a modern-day mountain man. However, he found achieving that dream was nearly impossible in the politically correct charged atmosphere of the times that we live in.

Please join Bill Heid, Brian Brawdy, and Rich Scheben as he describes his journey from native New Yorker in a concrete jungle to the beautiful mountains and streams of northwestern Montana. Rich’s story is one of hope—that no matter what the circumstances, achieving your dreams is possible with hard work, effort, and determination.

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In this episode:

  • Keeping your eye on the goal
  • Political correctness run amuck
  • The beauty of Montana
  • Never give up… through hard work and determination, you can achieve your dream
  • And more…
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