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Planning Your Subversive Plot With Roger Doiron – Episode 093

Dependence – it’s really the name of the game, isn’t it? Big Ag wants you dependent on them for your food and the government wants you dependent on them for everything else. Urban and suburban sprawl has overtaken much of what used to be farmland in this country, and people feel less and less empowered to take care of themselves.

Isn’t it time we pushed back? Isn’t it time that we rebelled against this paradigm?

On today’s Off the Grid Radio Show, we have Roger Doiron, the founder and director of Kitchen Gardeners International (KGI), a Maine-based nonprofit network of over 20,000 individuals from 100 countries who are taking a hands-on approach to relocalizing the global food supply.

Doiron calls gardening a “subversive plot” because “when we encourage people to grow some of their own food, we’re encouraging them to take power into their hands: power over their diet, power over their health, and power over their pocketbooks… and we’re taking that power away from someone else.”

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In this episode:

• Changing the way we think about food and who feeds us
• How presidents past and present have utilized the White House lawns for gardens
• How gardening brings the family together
• Start somewhere – anywhere…
• And more…

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