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Shocking report…govt to decide what pets you can own – Episode 006

logoToday’s podcast from Off the Grid Radio is a shocker. Listen in as Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy discuss the latest news, including an unbelievable (but true) revelation that government workers will decide what pets you may and may not own. You’ll even learn what pets are already on ‘the list’.


Off The Grid Radio
Released: July 22, 2010

Brian: Welcome once again to Off The Grid News and the Off The Grid News radio show.  I’m Brian Brawdy, here as always with Mr. Bill Heid.  We’ve got so many cool things to get to today, but Bill, I wanted to jump right in.  I know you were a tremendous basketball player in your days, still like to shoot around a bit from time to time, a big fan, I don’t see how we can launch the show without – I don’t even want to do it myself because all the guy go on, I can’t believe everyone’s talking about this. But I think we at least are to mention quickly and get your opinion on the whole head south young man, Lebron James and if you like me and you don’t follow basketball, apparently a big time basketball player but Lebron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to go and play for the Miami Heat.

Bill: Well, it is somewhat humorous and at the same time, I think it’s really revelatory of where our society is and there’s nothing wrong with you know, liking basketball.  I’m a bit of a Bull’s fan, sat in the front seat at half court to watch Michael Jordan play for years and so I’m a big basketball fan but I think the euphoria and the interest about something like this really shows signs of sort of cultural lapse or cultural descent some place. When folks are more interested in where Lebron, where one of their heroes, where one of their gods is going and that becomes all consuming and I think you’ve got some issues with the culture and I think for the people that have eyes to see and ears to hear, people that really want to stay sensitive to what’s going in the world, that kind of thing should scare anyone just because culturally, and we’ve heard Alex Jones do some good stuff on that.

Brian: Sure.

Bill: He’s probably the only one that I know that’s talking about this.

Brian: He’s on the Drudge Report this morning, front page, half full, his report linking to a video that he did just on this topic.  I think you and he are on the same page.

Bill: From a Christian standpoint, I can tell you just my viewpoint is I think it’s just, it’s a form of idolatry I think for many, I can’t, I’m not going to be judgmental and say, you know, it’s a fine line between do you like sports, do you like basketball, but is it consuming you and I think this kind of got out of hand with a lot of people and I notice he wasn’t very popular in Cleveland.

Brian: Well I’m a horrible guy, you know how I am when it comes to that.  And I think anyone that calls himself are now just pleased, if you’re going to send hate mail, it will be [email protected], but I always take issue with Elvis Presley calling himself the king…

Bill: Or John Lennon that said we’re more popular than Jesus.  Remember?

Brian: Who calls themselves the king?

Bill: Well Paul Pierce calls himself the truth.

Brian: Okay.

Bill: To bring you some more basketball banter.

Brian: Yeah okay, sorry.  I’ve already exercised all of my basketball understanding.

Bill: You’re spent.

Brian: I’m done. I’m done.  Admittedly, you want to root for basketball, God love you but to call yourself the king and I think from me, the difference is where the media is focused.  The only reason that I was halfway excited yesterday to hear someone talk about Lebron James is they didn’t take up the airspace to talk about Lindsay Lohan.  Now I know you’re a compassionate guy, I know you’re caring, I think but I’m so had it with Lindsay Lohan and her dad.  Go to jail, don’t go to jail.  Go to rehab, don’t go to rehab. Just keep them off the airwaves, keep her off the airwaves. Let her paint whatever she wants on her fingernails, you know, first amendment and all that, free speech and the like.  But I’m so tired of the media focusing on things of really almost zero merit with everything going on in the world, when we got the gulf oil spill, we’ve got the economy.  We’ve got so much to talk about today.  We were laughing about it before we came on air but now, if you live in San Francisco, good thing, Golden Gate Bridge got to love it, but pretty soon, you might not be able to buy a dog if your children want one.  Encroaching government, environment, economy, the oil spill and where everyone’s worried about Lindsay Lohan and will she make it through 90 days of jail, come on.

Bill: Well I’m in total agreement. I think that the problem though again to go back to our culture, the problem is that if there was no demand for these stories…

Brian: I agree.

Bill: There wouldn’t be – the media would have to go someplace else but the media does what the media does.  They say how many hits is this story getting? How much you know, what are all the tools that they use on TV to measure, Neilson this whole bunch of tools that they use and the stories that have traction stay. So you can go look at The Drudge Report, you can go look at Fox News, CNN and you can get a rough idea of where, you know if someone came from another planet and looked at us and they were doing a cultural survey of us, all they would have to do is to see what fascinates us, to see what we’re driven to but I want to bring it in order to make a determination about us.

Brian: And for the record, that’s when I would look for the aliens.

Bill: You’ve been on inside of the aliens.

Brian: For a while.  But really, everyone’s more worried about Lindsay Lohan than encroaching law enforcement alike.  But you’re right.  We got to blame ourselves, don’t we?

Bill: It’s a symptom of degeneracy on some level and I will give you an example that I had read years ago that in Trier, France, when the barbarians in Rome, you remember, had still occupied much of the area, and in Trier, France, someone who was writing about the invasion of the barbarians said that you could hear, you could barely hear the cries of people being beaten, stabbed and raped, and you couldn’t hear them because of the crowd still at the stadium.  They were still watching the gladiators, they were still into Lebron James and Lindsay Lohan so much that people in their own town were being murdered, raped.  You can imagine such a thing in your mind.  Your mind can almost visualize what it had to be like, you have this barbarian horse coming in, people are so fascinated with the games that they are no longer interested in defending themselves and their families. And I think as we say, do we have a country worth defending and I had certainly want to believe and I know you want to believe you have children, I have children and grandchildren, I want us to have a country worth defending.  But at some point, as culture slide and this isn’t just with the United States.  This is, all culture seem to go through this cycle almost like an adult, you’re born and you get stronger and you grow up and then you start to get old.

Brian: Sure.  That’s a valid point.

Bill: And when you get old, your ability or your desire to defend yourself withers and unfortunately, I’m wondering if we’re at the point where our interest in actually defending ourselves on a couple of different levels.  Militarily obviously, we need to defend ourselves here at the borders.  I feel strongly about, you know, I’m for the troops in the sense that I think that they have their constitutional role when you violate the constitution.  I’m kind of, you know, I might want to take up the argument about what is the constituted authority of the troops, but we also have to defend ourselves intellectually.  So we have to be able to articulate what principles that keep us free that made us free and that keep us free.  So there is kind of you know, apologetics content to this. So when you see people, everybody listening, when you see folks talking about this kind of thing, it’s good to politely and gently steer them back to what we really need to get excited about and that’s defending our country intellectually especially first. What are the arguments that we need to be displaying.

Brian: And you’re a lot nicer guy than I am because you want to do it kumbaya, kindly, gently bring them all back but I’ve been in the media.  I was a television reporter in the third largest market in the country and I now call at the needia, N-E-E-D-I-A.

Bill: Sure.

Brian: And everyone thinks we need the news.  But what a lot of our listeners and I think it’s why our show is so popular, I think a lot of our listeners understand this though some may not.  The needia needs us more than we need them.  You look at all the nightly news broadcast down, ratings down, you look at different cable television shows ratings, down.  A couple of particular networks are up but the needia needs eyeballs more than we need them to give us the news and with all the spin and all the bias, I think it’s why shows like ours are taking off because people can go, well outside of all that spin, they seem to look at it slightly different.  You and I even look at slightly differently so members of our audience might do it as well but we don’t need the needia as much as they need us.

Bill: That’s a great point.  And so we have to learn how to, this is a show and our newsletter is about getting off the grid, so let’s start to de-grid these people and make sure that they don’t have our time of day.

Brian: Absolutely.

Bill: It’s okay to spend some time seeing what’s on the headline so you know what to talk about to your friends but to let things consume you, I think we’ve got to get off the grid.  We’ve got to create a new grid if you will.

Brian: That’s a great point.  And when you stop and think about losing the power, one of the benefits, you and I are always with every evil comes some great good.  One of the benefits is you can’t turn on your TV to watch the news anyways.  Alright, we’re going to go ahead and run, please come back after the break.  We’ve got a lot of cool things to talk about.  A lot of breaking news types of things.  I want to also remind you to please visit us at  You can email us at [email protected].  Of course, you can always find us on Twitter @offgridradio and Facebook just search for Off The Grid News.  Remember I hate mail when it comes to slamming and Elvis and the king, send that to Jeramy.  We’ll be back after the break.

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Brian: Welcome back once again to Off The Grid News and the radio version of our show.  I’m Brian Brawdy here with Mr. Bill Heid.  Bill, I want to get to this quickly because I think a lot about your trips to Belize our trips to Belize.  I think a lot about the things that you’ve helped me to come to understand about you know, what to do before the wall goes up. And I know if you’ve had the chance to hear this show this morning, but I’m taking it right from the San Francisco Chronicle.  Nice paper, great paper.  I’ve been in the paper, nice folks. I’m not slamming the paper itself but I thought I would remind you that the San Francisco Commission of Animal Control and Welfare wants to put a ban on the sale of all pets except apparently goldfish and guppies or I guess you could get a piranha if you wanted.  But they want to ban on all pets in the City of San Francisco including dogs, cats, hamsters, mice, rats.  I don’t see how rats fits all that.  I don’t think we’re going to write a report going, well you know, you got to be able to defend people’s rights to own rats in a major city. But in any event, the list goes on to say, rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, birds, snakes, lizards and nearly every other critter.

Bill: The creeping thing.  Can you still have a politician?

Brian: No you cannot because it says here, snakes and lizards so I think that obviates them, so, oh I wonder if you could still buy a politician in San Francisco.

Bill: Well you can buy one, you have to keep him somewhere else.

Brian: That’s right you would.  And you could not transport him, good point.  You cannot transport him in and around the city of San Francisco.  I’m quoting, someone from the commission right now, people buy small animals all the time as an impulse buy.  They don’t know what they’re getting into and the animals end up at a shelter. You know what, I don’t want to go on it.  It is already aggravating me, Bill.  What I would like you to comment on though is that you talk to people, you talk to people in other countries, you and I both have been fortunate to travel all over the world and they go, yeah, you’re living in America though but it’s a free place. How free are we if I want to buy a kitten or a dog for my kids and I live in San Francisco.  Now the government goes, oops, oops, sorry, no pets.  How free a country is that?

Bill: Well it’s not very free obviously.

Brian: Good.

Bill: But I think there’s two sides to this really and I think that it you know, there’s always a discussion.  I like to bat things around a little bit.  What’s your view of government and what government’s role is and I think you always have to go back to the beginning in foundation and say what’s the role of government, okay.  In a Christian world and life, the goal of, the role of government is administrative justice.  So the role of the church traditionally is administrative grace.  We’re going to feed you, we’re going to help you, we’re going to do things and the civil magistrate’s one that enforces, encroachers on the law.  That’s the founders view.

Brian: Sure.

Bill: Basically that was really colonial view, that was the founder’s view and it was implicit in all of the writings. But as government takes more and more of the churches responsibilities, more and more of the family’s responsibilities upon itself. So now you have like in a school for example, they, it’s basically cradle to grave, they want your child and they want feed him breakfast, they want to transport him there, they want to feed him breakfast, they want to educate him or de-educate him whatever propagandaism all day long with government, you know and there’s good people in government schools…

Brian: Sure.

Bill: So don’t write me and hate me because I have good friends that are teachers but.

Brian: But if they want to send hate mail, who do they send it to?

Bill: Jeramy, of course but I would say, you know, unless a lord builds the house, they labor in vain to build it. So I would say to my friends you know, is, can you teach the fact that the pilgrims came here to build the city on the hill and that’s actually against the law to teach that because they say that violates the wall of separation. So the very thing that created our country you can’t teach that, it’s against the law to teach that history. So government again just continues to encroach, continues to encroach and it wants to take the responsibilities that are incumbent upon families, father like yourself, you have responsibilities for your children but they, the government wants that responsibility.  They want to be the provider, and then as consequentially, they also want to be the disciplinarian, so here we come with the rule part about it. Now as a father you have rules, I have rules for my children, as they’re growing up obviously. So the government says were going to give you, you know, all of these things, but then were also going to establish some rules. And if you’re going to take things from Sammy, if you’re going to take things from Uncle Sam, then you also have to get ready to be the recipient of a grid system, this is off the grid news.  We talk about…

Brian: Sure.

Bill: What’s on the grid, you know, that is legal grid socio-cultural legal grid system. And they are continuing to do what socialist or control totalitarian governments do, and that’s control. So they want more and more of what should be yours. The other side of it is, is that I always use example because we’re right here by the Mississippi River. And I love to go duck hunting, and if you didn’t have game wardens enforcing how many ducks you could shoot, people would shoot a hundred ducks. I can tell you, I’m a small government man, but what’s happening is you’ve got lawlessness from below, and lawlessness from above.  And the honest folks, the people probably listening to this, are in that, pincer movement there in the middle, saying what did I do wrong to not get a pet. The other side of it is people don’t take care of their pets and then when they don’t, when they show no responsibility and no self government if you will, it gets thrown on the tax payers.  And then for somebody to say, gee who’s going to pay for all this? That’s a good legitimate questions, so on one hand, I totally agree, it’s a grinder its government but it comes as a result of this multiplicity of factors coming in, and one of the most important of those is fact that people won’t exercise self government.

Brian: I think for me, and you had me right up until that last point, I think for me is San Francisco, being a sanctuary city, it’s okay to be an illegal alien, but you can’t be a dog or a cat.  It doesn’t matter to me what, but in San Francisco now you can be an illegal alien, what’s the cost to the local tax payer and if any of our listeners live in San Francisco, please both accept my apology and my admonition all at once, then email us, let me know. Here’s my question to our listeners that may lived in San Francisco. It’s okay for illegal aliens to be there, but not Fido or Buffy or Muffy.  Jeramy, you have a cat? What’s your cat’s name?

Brian: You don’t have a cat, alright, Jeramy and I thought you had a cat. Just smells like a cat sometimes when we walk in here.

Bill: The cat police came and took his cat.

Brian: The cat police came and took his cat. So how is that possible? How is that possible, you can be illegal alien but you can’t be a lizard, a hamster, chinchilla, a guinea pig, a bird, a snake, a dog, or a cat.

Bill: I think San Francisco is you know perched head long into a vision of what government does that’s just not biblical, not American. And I think I agree with you and I would say that I think San Francisco, if I’m not mistaken even has arrested people  for having church meetings at their house because your house is zoned and so you have some people over, you have six people over on Wednesday night, I think there’s been people arrested for that in San Francisco, I’m open to correction on that, but I think it’s one of those cities that just as you say, wants a grip? Because that’s their vision.

Brian: Unbelievable. Why I think it’s masugama to call it a term my grandmother used to use that it could go down that way. But it speaks to as you’ve often referred to and have been teaching me, this concept of an encroaching government, but where do we get to the point, and I know we’re getting ready to go a break, maybe we can have you answer this when we come back. How do normal folks draw the line? We’re being squeezed from outside.  How do we go one day and go, it’s a little too much, eminent domain, a little too much encroachment on our rights. Alright we’re going to go ahead and take a quick break as always. Thank you for joining us. I’m Brian Brawdy along with Mr. Bill Heid, he would thank you for joining us as well. Follow us at info, you can also email us [email protected] of course on twitter@offgridradio and on Facebook we have a new address now, its We’ll be back after a very short break.

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Brian: Welcome once again to Off The Grid News, the radio version of our show, I’m Brain Brawdy here with Bill Heid. Bill going into the break I said, help me draw this line, where do the regular folk, regular people like you and I and our families, where do we draw the line where we say to government, hey eminent domains one thing, but he push the boundaries a bit too close to home. Where do we, how do we stand up where, how do we get in terms of an Off The Grid Solution which I know is your passion, hook me up with one.

Bill: That’s one of the questions that we get very frequently as people say, I live some place and what should I do? Now a larger macro example of that is we’ve talked about Belize.  Some people you might want to leave. But I think in this case, you, it really is, you know put up or shut up.  You can stay and work to elect different officials, and I would be very careful how I did that.  I would be positive, I say, if for example in San Francisco, you would send an email to an elected – a councilman that said, I wish you change your policies. That can be considered a death threat now, so I would urge the listeners to be careful what they send through an email even if it’s something that, would seem an ordinary just an admonition to, you know, I really wish you’d vote for something different.  They’re now saying that people that say things like that are trying to kill them and stuff, the next thing you know you’ll have black clothed people coming to your door, and this being San Francisco I would say but likely that would be quite high. So you can work to establish, a different government there.

Brian: Absolutely.

Bill: But you have to be smart.  You can’t see things the way you want to see them.  If you’re in a place that probably isn’t going to recover, if you just look around, you have some wisdom and you say, listen, I’m a middle of the road guy, that’s one of my job, pick my kids up, watch soccer, you know, go to their soccer game and come home and lead an ordinary life. And you know, San Francisco may not be some place that you actually have a statistical chance of making a difference through your campaign and you’re voting.  Now let’s say never, never say never. But I’m just saying you got to be semi-intelligent, and you want to go to North Dakota and live in a small town, you’re a bigger fish in a small town, you probably have more people thinking like you, your chance of changing a councilman’s, you know, getting someone out in some place and my not would be different that it would be in San Francisco. So I think there’s a…

Brian: There’s a term I never thought I’d hear you use, my not.

Bill: I’ve never said that anybody before in my life.

Brian: I’ve been there. That’s the reason I say, you have to say the air force, so why not, my not freeson the reason.

Bill: I love North Dakota, but anyway, it’s one of my favorite place.  The Dakotas are heaven to me.

Brian: I’m with you, I’m with you.

Bill: But I think you’ve got to be prepared to move and before we move into the other side, we got to talk about, I think it’s important because we get so many people saying if you leave, you’re not a true American, if you leave patriot, if you leave, and I think people have to say were the puritans, the pilgrims that left and started this country, were they not true Americans? So to anybody that would say that, or if you lived in Boston and, you wanted to go West, you wanted to take the Louis and Clark trail, you wanted to go to make a name for yourself, a life for yourself ,were you not a patriot if you went to Kansas and started to raise beef there.  There was no one there but if you went there, did that make you a bad guy?

Brian: Sure.

Bill: And I think the – as we discussed before about the founders that the original states rights idea would be states could have a right that said you couldn’t have a dog let’s say San Francisco or California says no more dogs.  Well people that like dogs could move to a pro dog state.

Brian: Sure. What the tenth amendment of the constitution means.

Bill: Yeah.  I think so you know think in terms of what’s, you know, are you a – what kind of patriot are you? Are you someone that adheres to the real principles that the country was founded by?

Brian: Sure.

Bill: Or are you sort of this Fox News patriot that kind of listens to everything that they’ve been programmed to respond to, and we advertise on Fox again so no, there’s nothing wrong with watching Fox, so don’t write me on that.  So when you look at this you have to look at what’s my ultimate principles, what’s my – what authorizes how I think about this.  Am I an American first? Am I a Christian first? Am I a parent first? At some point you might make a decision that says I’m going to move, and from where I sit, there’s nothing wrong with that because we wouldn’t have a country, if it wasn’t for someone picking up and moving and it doesn’t mean picking up and moving doesn’t mean you’ve lost those principles.  It just it may mean you have gained some new principles.

Brian: Well I would say that not only haven’t you lost them, you embody them.  That the framers wrote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it wasn’t something, oh let’s think of some cool words we can use.  It’s what they were living.  They left for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and as a human beings were terribly nomadic, you know, at some point, we walked out of the garden of Eden so Nomadicism that was wanderlust is kind of built into us. So for me, the first time you ask me that question and when we were in Belize, to me it is the epitome of what the declaration of independence, and the constitution ultimately became to mean and you have to pursue that happiness.  It isn’t entitled to you, it isn’t given to you, it is not a birth right like some rights, but that happiness is something you have to pursue and that pursuit can take you anywhere on the globe.

Bill: And that’s a great point and I think, there’s nothing wrong with staying and fighting, in case of we talked about that in the last show in the case of in Europe, in England, some of the puritan state and fought legal battles in parliament – constituted battle. No I don’t think that they were big on, I’m going to take the law to my own hands and start a rebellious activity.  I think that they were under their local magistrate, and if their local magistrate wanted to, you know, rear up and take actions, I guess people in Arizona are doing this right now.

Brian: Sure.

Bill: They are fighting, they are backing a local magistrate, their governor, who’s saying no to a different level of government. And so that’s a very patriotic thing to do is stay and I think the governor of Arizona’s certainly got her work cut out for her, but my hats off to that kind the people willing to stay and fight a good fight whether you stay whether you go, it’s are you fighting a good fight, are you running a good race, and are you doing it for a right reasons.

Brian: For the right reasons, and I think I’m torn when we have this discussion on air and off air because as a dad, it’s not my desire, it’s a solemn responsibility to be able to protect your kids, it’s just how I feel.  If I weren’t a dad, and you know this about me, I have a lot of that I’m going to stay and wreak as much havoc as I can.

Bill: Sure.

Brian: If the walls are going up, I’m going to be the guy that stays inside and fights that fight but I’m conflicted, I’m torn because as a dad, you have one set of responsibilities and then at least for me as an individual, there’s another set. But as I’ve said that’s balanced by the fact that where nomadic before we were anything else and that pursuit of happiness embodies what a human being is all about.

Bill: I think you got to stay busy, stay active and I think you’ve got to pursue that thing that you think is righteous and ultimate.

Brian: You have something to believe in.

Bill: If you don’t believe in America as a set of principles, not as – it’s not a stinking geographic location.  It’s a set of ideas.

Brian: Right.

Bill: And the sooner all we all get that through our head, then once we know that, then we can defend those ideas.

Brian: And I think John Adams, called that. This is one of my favorite quotes, from folks back in that time in our country’s history but John Adams called it “the bloom of life.” And everyone is going to define that bloom differently. But if you’re going to look in the mirror, you’re going to look at a bust of piece of glass on the floor, or a pond to see your reflection, how have you wanted to do it, you can look in the mirror and say you have not wasted this bloom of life.  You’ve done what you believe to be your purpose, then, I think you’re absolutely correct on that.

Bill: Jim Morrison used to say, no eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn. Certainly no question but a wonderful line.

Brian: Yeah. That is a great line and maybe he read John Adams as well. Alright, we’re going to go ahead and run to a quick commercial break and then we got all kind of cool stuff.  We’re going to talk about some of the brownouts, some of the threats to our grid that we had earlier this week Bill, and I also want get back to a new story about an impending possible impending food shortage. I’m Brian Brawdy here with Mr.  Bill Heid at Off The Grid News, the radio version of our show.  Also find us on Facebook at or a twitter@offgridradio, were back after a short break.

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Brian: Welcome back once again to and our radio version of the show. I’m Brian Brawdy here with Mr. Bill Heid and Bill, before we get into our final segment, a couple of things I’d like to highlight for the listeners so that they can stick around. I want to talk to you about the temperatures last week, in the North East. Now we normally don’t give a historical weather forecast or meteorological advice here on the show, but in that ten cities in the North East were under the threat of brownouts, if not full on blackouts because of triple digits temperatures.  I think they were calling New York city one day last week the baked apple, DC was above 102, Phili was up, everyone was up. I want to talk and get some of your thoughts about preparing for a brownout. And then this one and I want to make sure we have enough time to get to this because this is something that I know is near and dear to your heart and it just struck me, from the Des Moines register, corn prices bolt up, but here’s the part that I want to focus on, as the USDA down sizes the 2010 crop estimate, and what  that title obviously says is the USDA is saying, we might not have the food yield in 2010, that we first thought they would.  So with those two things in mind, let’s go ahead and let it rip. Brownouts and why are they’re good bit more important to everyone listening and for those that are not listening, why are they good bit more important than the simple little term brownout.

Bill: Well as we’ve talked before, the brown out, the grid system that we use is designed to operate at a certain level of usage, a certain level of power usage. And the grid is a complex situation, hooked up to many sub-grids. So what happens when you go past your limit, is and you, it goes out, is you have this cascading effect, where it goes click, click, click, click, click, and they all go down.  We’ve seen movies and things on TV where you look across the city and they go out in this big sections, you know lights in the sections and lights in the section and lights in the section and then it’s all dark. They’re not designed and then they’re also not designed to come back up very easy. So I think most people sometime we’ll have some on the show that can explain the complexities of this, to us in detail, but again it would be important for us to be able to articulate, just how you might be in harm’s way. But in a general sense, it’s not like so many things we discussed, it’s not designed for usage at a certain level, we talk about food, you only got three days with this supply of food.  You have the same thing with electricity, you have a certain supply that’s use to being met with a certain amount of demand and then as long as we don’t increase our consumption, we’re fine. The second we go over, we come back to the point the word that we use a lot, there’s a tipping point, there’s a point at which it hits and then you have this as I said cascading downward spiral. And then anybody that’s lived without electricity for an extended period of time knows how dependent we are on it, for everything.

Brian: Sure.

Bill: So when it goes out, what do you got, right?

Brian: Well I’ve been thinking a lot lately when people ask me, what about the power source 1800 or what about the power hub. What will it power? How long will this last and that last? And I’m surprised that it took me a little bit of time that come to this realization, but you don’t come to it until you practice it.  People say, well, run your air conditioner.  No but you’re Off The grid, you’re going to use a fan.

Bill: A fan looks pretty good.

Brian: And the fan works really.

Bill: If it’s not 100 degrees and everybody else’s out of power.

Brian: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s like the one we have in the studio here, it’s like a tall tube and it vibrates back and forth, tremendously, powerful when it comes to generating, some cool temperatures.  Or you think of some of the heaters out there, space heaters and the like. So Off The Grid, isn’t just a about the technology, it’s a good bit about redesigning your temperament, because you may not have the opportunity to keep a huge freezer going and a big screen TV, and all these other things. Off The Grid is much preparing to down size, as it is preparing to have energy.

Bill: That’s a great point, and when people buy a solar generator from us or if they got a gas generator, whatever it might be, you have to learn in terms of spending your watts and your volts the same way you would spend your dollars and your cents, right, because we’re used to plugging things into AC where it just seems like it comes from the wall and there’s an endless supply. And for the most part, there is an endless supply. But when it gets turned off, now you’ve got to start prioritizing, and we talk about Off The Grid ideas. You’ve got to say what’s the most important thing, is it a refrigerator, is it a freezer, is it a fan, is it a short wave radio, is it something important? So every family’s got to say how are we going to protect what it is that keeps us going? Most people want to protect their food. Food’s pretty important, a pretty important item in everybody’s house and when your food supply goes bad, as we’re mentioning off air, not only is your food supply going bad, but the store’s food supply is also going bad. The power doesn’t just go out in your house, it goes out at the store and it also goes out to distribution centers, some of them have generators, some of them don’t, and you have spoilage and you have a downward cycle with food. So this thing all kind of melts into one, no pun intended.

Brian: Right, right.

Bill: Into one big mess. But..

Brian: Well then, I’m going to go ahead and use this.  We’re through around to return of the king earlier, talk about the king of segways. Imagine that you lose that power, and then that’s in addition to the USDA now according to this article in the Des Moines Register – the USDA downsizing the crop estimates for 2010. So that’s a great way to start talking about food.

Bill: Oh it’s a great way to talk about food.  And I think, you know my little axiom, socialism always causes shortages and some people say well, you know, there’s more of this and ever more of that and I say give it time. Because if you have central planning, and central planning says, we’re now going to do X, or we’re going to charge farmers this bureaucratic charge to do this and make it life, put a strangle hold on the producers.  So you’re doing that in addition too, you’re planning food now for bio fuels, because the government says, we don’t want to be dependent on foreign sources so some – instead of the market system letting prices rise and fall, as markets can produce, you have government saying, lets create incentives to plant for this reason or for that reason. So you end up with a whole bunch of corn going over and making bio fuels and much less available for feeding me, for feeding you. I don’t know how much corn you eat on a daily level but…

Brian: But it’s not just corn.  Especially corn on the cob, it kind of get stuck in my teeth and cream corns getting a bad wrap now too, so I don’t do a lot of it. But as you say, it’s a staple for a lot of our other farm animals and the like and I’m also curious as to about the bad weather.  It’s not just the USDA talking about well, crop production could be down, that’s it going to be used to other places. But, we’ve had some torrential rains here. I mean, its rained as hard here where we are in the North West Illinois, its rained as hard here in the last couple of weeks as it rained when we were in Belize. Especially just a little West in the City of Chicago, it’s been amazing and that has got to make it tough on getting crops out of the fields and in the market. 

Bill: At this point I think, where we stand here locally growing up on a farm, I can say as long as we get some nice sun shiny days and good hot days, you can go out and at night and almost hear that corn grow. So I don’t think we got a big problem with respect to the production from the rain that we’ve gotten so far. Some places in the country, too much rain just going to wash out your field. The fields around in my house, I think they look pretty good, they’ve got the ears on them already, I think there’s going to be a lot of corn.  One of the problems that you have in addition to a lack of production is what is that we’re producing? And I think a lot of our listeners would resonate with the idea that, the quality of the corn because the soil has been depleted of nutrients, so you’ve got a couple different things working there and not only do you have, you know less things being produced for a variety of reasons, mostly in my opinion governmental influence interference. But then you’ve also got the idea of the corn we are producing, we pay farmers by the bushel, so we do here, we’re in the heartland Illinois and Iowa, we’re right in the boarder two huge corn and soy beans states. We pay by the bushel which means farmers do anything they can to create bushels. And so, nutritional density isn’t on the map of something that we’re trying to achieve. So we have some things that are misallocated there as well and until we start paying farmers for nutritional density, we’re going to get, you know you get in life what you reward. And if you reward someone for just bulk, that’s what you’re going to get, if you reward someone for nutritional density, you’re going to get more of that, so consumers got to start demanding higher quality of food, that is a whole different show.

Brian: Sure, right absolutely.  Yeah.

Bill: There’s a lot of guests we can have on that we talk about that.

Brian: Especially all of our fans that love to eat at McDonalds every day.

Bill: But you want to secure your food supply really at the end day.  I know we’re running out of time here, you want to secure food supply and I’ve been saying before, you know we’re going to start a new dehydrated food program.  We’ll talk about that more on the next show, whether you’re just buying an extra can of food at the store every time, just try to have something in case of emergency, maybe you lose your job, maybe you, there’s a blackout or brownout as were talking about. Maybe there’s a crisis. You want to have enough food, at a minimum to feed your family for a month.

Brian: And Bill, not only the food, the electricity, we’ll talk about water and some of other things. But Off The Grid is about peace of mind, heaven forbid something like that happens, when I dig about company is you’re offering people peace of mind. You’re not saying, the sky’s falling, it’s going to happen, but if it does, you’re going to be all set. Ladies and gentlemen we’ve got a run as always on behalf of Bill Heid, Jeramy and everyone here at Solutions From Science, thank you for joining us.  In the meantime, please email us at [email protected], look us up on twitter @offgridradio and of course on Facebook, Thank you so very much for your time, we’ll see you next week.

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