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Special Get-Ready-for-Father’s-Day Show with E. Ray Moore – Episode 105

Today, Bill Heid and E. Ray Moore discuss how father’s can build
a strong family legacy during times of adversity

 The principles and teachings upon which this country was founded are crumbling. Our society as a whole is more secular and less inclined to wholesome goodness or values in the private or public sector. Our political system has become corrupt and bloated because of a lack of ethical and moral values, where greed and graft have taken hold and the people of the country suffer.

And in the midst of this, one has to ask… where are the fathers? Where are the godly men who will help lead a nation to healing and strength once again? Where are their voices? Where is their presence?

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Join Bill Heid, Abe Chacko, and our guest E. Ray Moore, as they discuss how Christians today can help turn back the cultural decline that our country is experiencing, and how fathers can be at the vanguard of passing the torch of godly heritages and inheritances to our children and their children, and by doing so, heal the spiritual rift of a nation.

In this episode:

  • The greatest dad of all time
  • The spiritual heritage we endow our children and their children determines the fate of a nation
  • What training up a child really means
  • Equipping our children to live faithfully and victoriously in a hostile world
  • And more…
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