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Surviving Off the Grid in Uganda with Jessica Ankney – Episode 100

We have the perception that if we make all the right arrangements and have all our supplies and preparations in place, that no matter what happens—whether it’s a biological attack, a terrorist attack, economic collapse, an EMP burst, or whatever—that we’ll be able to continue life as we know it and it’ll be just a minor inconvenience.

We really don’t have a clue what living “off the grid” really means or entails.

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Today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio, Dr. Jessica Ankney, has gone from the lifestyle we’ve grown accustomed to in the United States to true off-the-grid living in the mission fields of Uganda through World Harvest Mission. Dr. Ankney is part of a team of doctors who, with extremely limited means, provide medical care (primarily to children) to the people of the Bundibugyo district of Uganda where she lives. To follow Jessica’s blog, go to:

In this episode:

  • Answering God’s call to the mission field
  • Things you never see in the United States or western civilization in general
  • Death, disease, lack of infrastructure… life in an off-grid world
  • Learning to be thankful  for the blessings you are given


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