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Teaching Our Kids About Survival And Self-Reliance

family-christmasRaising freedom-loving and self-reliant children in modern-day America isn’t easy, especially when the entire culture seems to be working against you.

After all, America seems to be turning its back on freedom and becoming more and more dependent on the government every day, all with the support of the media and academia.

On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, we talk to four men who agree with those in the off-grid community who want to teach children about freedom and survival. And they’ve actually done something about it.

Joining us are the makers of the new children’s audio theater project In Freedom’s Cause, which tells the story of Scottish hero William Wallace and his struggle for freedom like you’ve never heard it. Braveheart was loosely based on Wallace’s story, but its historical inaccuracies were many — and it certainly wasn’t kid-friendly.

In Freedom’s Cause shares Braveheart’s message of freedom and self-reliance and uses a medium – audio theater – that will engage a child’s imagination in ways that Hollywood and TV simply do not, the men say.

Joining us are:

  • Bill Heid – executive producer.
  • Aaron Fullan – assistant producer.
  • John Fornof – writer, director and producer.
  • Rob Jorgensen – sound designer and recording engineer

It’s the second project from Heid and Heirloom Audio Productions, which also was behind last year’s project Under Drake’s Flag.

Wallace’s struggle for freedom and self-reliance may have taken place 700 years ago, but it is a story our children – who are thirsting for real heroes – need to hear, the men say.

Also, this isn’t your father’s Long Ranger audio theater. In some parts of In Freedom’s Cause, more than 100 audio tracks are “stacked,” Jorgensen said. Heid calls it an “audio movie.”

It features Skandar Keynes (Edmund of The Chronicles of Narnia series), Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates of Downton Abbey), Billy Boyd (Pippin of Lord Of The Rings) and James Cosmo (Campbell, Father Christmas of Braveheart and Chronicles of Narnia, respectively), as well as a score by composer John Campbell (Lamplighter Theatre, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, Adventures in Odyssey).

Listen as these men share their passion for audio theater, self-reliance and freedom.

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