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The Emperor Has No Clothes with Mark Rushdoony – Episode 047

How we view the earth, and our place in it, determines to a great extent how effective we are in the stewardship of not just the earth and its resources, but how effective we are in our personal lives as well. In that same vein, the worldview of those we place in government also determines how effective they are in the stewardship of the resources entrusted to them.

When we displace God as the creator of life and arbiter of law in our world, we are left not with godlessness but with tin gods. Within that displacement, you see the breakdown of society and the destruction of the means and ability to be economically productive.

Please join Bill Heid and Mark Rushdoony, president of Chalcedon, a non-profit Christian ministry and educational organization devoted to research, publishing, and promoting Christian reconstruction in all areas of life.

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In this episode:

  • How the dualism of Greek thought in modern Christianity insures that sometimes we are so heavenly minded to be of no earthly good.
  • The connection between morality and the land.
  • The thin veneer of civilization
  • Modern America—socialist at its core
  • And more…
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