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The Great Divorce: A Convenantal Lawsuit – Episode 055

“The Declaration of Independence was a kind of covenant lawsuit, not unlike those of the Old Testament. It was intended to send a message to both Parliament and Crown that the rule of law would be upheld, regardless of their tyrannies.” — George Mason

What was going on in the colonies leading up to the Declaration of Independence? Were these hotheads that were just looking for a fight?

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Not hardly. History shows us, through the documents and petitions they submitted on a continual basis to King George, through their writings and through their activities, that they were a people who truly believed they were in a covenantal relationship with their king and with God. And after all means of reconciliation with the king were attempted and spurned, it was with the greatest of sorrow that the colonists decided that a covenantal lawsuit, a suit against the kind seeking a “divorce” from England, was in order.

Please join Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy today for a very special Off the Grid Radio, our July 4th, Independence Day edition. They discuss this wonderful experiment in liberty, the events that were going on around 1775 that would lead up to the dissolution of the colonists’ compact with England and her king, and they analyze the very foundations of the belief system that allowed these men to stand fast in the defense of our inalienable right to liberty.

In this episode:

  • The true example of “transparency in politics”
  • The spiritual foundations of the Founders
  • The Olive Branch petition and the call to war
  • And more…
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