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The New Plague: Genetically Modified Foods with Jerry Brunetti – Episode 051

How is it that 50 to 100 million head of buffalo could roam the Great Plains area several centuries ago, with no loss of topsoil, with no requirement for fertilizer, and no pesticides to keep the grasslands going, yet on that same acreage today, with only about 45 million head of cattle, we’ve got topsoil erosion that is taking all the chemicals that farmers and ranchers are spraying onto their pastures and crops, running them down the great Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico, and creating a dead zone the size of Massachusetts? What has happened to our agriculture?

What has happened to our health?

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Please join Bill Heid, Brian Brawdy, and Jerry Brunetti for a wonderful episode on this week’s Off the Grid Radio! Jerry Brunetti is an international lecturer and speaker on topics that include soil fertility, animal nutrition, and livestock health. In addition, he’s the author of the book Cancer, Nutrition, and Healing, a book he wrote describing his diagnosis of cancer and how, using holistic modalities, Jerry was able to overcome the disease.

In this episode:

  • The new DDT – genetically-modified crops
  • An 80% loss in family farms – outsourcing our farmers
  • The modern chemical holocaust against our dirt
  • Healing through nutrition

And more…

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