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The Secrets Of Our Founding That Your Teachers Never Taught You – Episode 033

Despite secular education’s insistence that there exists such a thing as the “noble savage,” it’s an idea rooted in fantasy and romanticism. A pagan, secular society is violent, bloody, anarchistic, and unjust. Only through the actions of the early Church did the concept of liberty begin to infiltrate society, kindling a desire for freedom from tyranny in the common man and the world at large.

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Where do our ideas of liberty and freedom come from? What role did Christianity and the early church play in instituting these freedoms? And can liberty and freedom exist in a society that refuses to acknowledge the foundational basis of God’s law as the measurement of civil law?

Join Bill Heid and Tom Ertl, head of Zurich Publishing, as they discuss the role of Christianity in bringing western civilization from its pagan roots into the early church age, and how that conversion brought with it the defining principles of liberty and freedom.

In this episode:

• Pierre Viret – friend of John Calvin, theological giant, and agent of liberty
• The Judeo-Christian faith and the source behind Western civilization’s concept of freedom
• The road from human sacrifice to Constantine
• Tocqueville’s insights into what made America unique among all nations
• And more….

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