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The Single Biggest Myth About Self-Defense

james towleImagine this: You’re awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of breaking glass. Your spouse leaves the bedroom with a handgun and is stunned to confront the intruder in the hallway. A scuffle ensues, and your spouse loses the weapon. What should you do?

If you’re unsure, then today’s episode of Off The Grid Radio is for you, as James B. Towle – the host of the popular Stop the Threat television show — addresses not only that scenario but other life-threatening situations like it.

Stop the Threat is a show made by gun owners, for gun owners, and each week, Towle and his panel of experts examine real-world situations where a criminal threatened a law-abiding citizen. Did the citizen make the right decision? What could they have done differently?

Towle worked in the security and law enforcement community for 25 years and he even helped protect President Reagan at his California ranch, so he knows what he’s talking about.

Towle also tells us:

  • Why mental preparation for self-defense is just as important as physical preparation on the range.
  • How a safe room could save your life, and how it can cost you a lot less than you think.
  • Why conventional wisdom is often wrong about self-defense, and how not following this one myth could mean you survive another day.

Towle also gives us his advice for which gun you should own for self-defense. Stop the Threat airs Monday nights on the Sportsman Channel and the Pursuit Channel, but you don’t have to wait to listen to one of the top self-defense experts in the industry.

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