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What You Didn’t Learn About Easter In Sunday School

Josh Volk

Easter is nearly here, which means Christians and even non-Christians are focusing once again on the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

But as we’ll discover on this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, there’s more to the biblical narrative than we may have realized.

Joining us is Solutions from Science and Heirloom Audio founder Bill Heid, who tells us about a new Easter video he produced that goes far beyond the typical Easter video seen in churches.

He made it for his family and friends, but then decided to release it to the public following a ton of positive feedback. (Quite a few people even cried while watching it.)

Bill also tells us:

  • Why he calls Easter the most important event in human history.
  • What many Christians simply miss when they’re reading the Easter story.
  • Why it is essential to have the right “philosophy” of Easter.
  • What churches must do if they are to retain teens as they grow older.

Finally, Bill gives us tips on talking to children about Easter.

We were inspired not only by the video but by our conversation with Bill – and we think you will be, too!


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