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Why An Off-Grid, TV-Free Life Is Simply Better

Escaping the “rat race” and enjoying life to the fullest is at the heart of an off-the-grid lifestyle, but there are countless Americans and Canadians who simply don’t see a way to make it work.

That was the case for Suzanne Crocker and her husband and children, who wanted a new perspective on life and to draw closer to one another and to nature. But instead of procrastinating, this family of five dove right in and moved off-grid for nine months, and came back with a new paradigm on life they want the rest of the world to hear.

The Crockers’ tale is the focus of a new documentary, “All The Time In The World,” that recounts the lessons they learned about life while living off the grid in the Yukon – lessons they say simply cannot be learned during the daily grind of life. As one of her daughters put it, “Inside is our storage place, but outside actually is our home.”

The documentary – not a typical reality program – is receiving positive reviews for its realistic portrayal of a slow-paced, off-grid life in the wilderness.

Crocker tells us:

  • Why her young children looked forward to a life without electricity, and why they want to go back.
  • How her family survived for nine months without a phone, television or computer, and how they now are far better for it.
  • Why she intentionally chose not to take a watch or a clock, and how that helped her family enjoy life even more.

Crocker says her life off-grid helped her learn to live “in the moment” and to stop saying to her family “not now” and “maybe later.” In fact, Crocker says that not once during those nine months did she want to leave.

If you live off grid or have ever wanted to do so – or, if you simply enjoy inspiring stories – then this this week’s show is one you don’t want to miss!

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