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Why Off The Gridders Are Healthier And Happier, Episode 188 (interview with Rich Scheben)

Pioneer HouseHost Bill Heid talks to homesteader Rich Scheben, an off-the-gridder in rural Montana who says every middle class Americans should consider living a self-sufficient lifestyle – and how it’s much easier to do so than is commonly believed.

Scheben’s story of going from an urban life in New York City to a homesteader who grows and captures his own food has captivated those who desire a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Living off the grid and among nature is healthier for you physically, mentally and spiritually, he said. It’s also fun.

Scheben isn’t wanting Americans to go back to the 1800s, but instead simply to live a life that is less reliant on the government and big business.
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Scheben tells us:

  • Why he’s happier since going off the grid.
  • How you can take a few baby steps to a self-sufficient lifestyle without “diving all in.”
  • Why the additives and chemicals in our foods are harming us and should cause everyone to want to live more off the grid.
  • Why wild game tastes better than store-bought meat – as long as you know how to cook it.
  • How anyone, in any state, can live a rural life off the grid.
  • What the downfall of America will be. It will place all off-the-gridders ahead of the curve.
  • How the pharmaceutical company cares only about profit and little about individuals.

Too many Americans, Scheben said, are living a lifestyle that the 19th century homesteaders and pioneers who made America great would call foolish. He is the author of the new book, “One New York Man’s Journey to Off Grid Living in Montana.”

This episode will particularly appeals to homesteaders, preppers and nature-lovers who want to live a more self-sufficient life.

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