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Will Parental Laziness Cost Us A Generation of Kids? with Phillip Telfer – Episode 101

Our brains are continually evolving. From the time of birth, when the newborn’s brain is a blank slate, every action or reaction, every stimuli that child is exposed to, every habit that child embodies, a neural pathway and chemical transmission line is formed.

Those pathways dictate how we will respond to the world around us. These chemicals that our brains release during learned activities and visual stimuli are like a drug that is more addicting than anything one can put in their body. This evolution that we are engaged in is also the biggest stumbling block to family life, spiritual discernment, and a moral foundation in the media-saturated society that we inhabit.

We are a nation captivated by the technological Eden we’ve created, not realizing it’s a prison that is anything but Paradise.

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Join Bill Heid and Phillip Telfer, producer and co-director of the movie Captivated, as they discuss the media hell we’re creating on earth, why media is the first thing all tyrants and dictators attempt to control, and what we’re doing that exposes our children to very real dangers in their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

In this episode:

  • One of the most dangerous items in your child’s bedroom
  • Why media is the first item tyrants and dictators attempt to control
  • Why the average child under 3 years of age has a 50% higher chance of developing ADHD
  • The three areas of deficiency in children who are media saturated
  • And more…

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