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Your Freedom To Live Off The Grid Is Under Attack

brandon peters radioOff-grid living is being attacked from coast to coast, but in Florida, off-gridders are fighting back.

The backlash began when widow Robin Speronis was told by the city of Cape Coral, Florida, that she could not live off the grid – and that she had to hook up to public electricity and public water. Eventually, she was thrown in jail for a month, only to be released without being charged.

The fight to protect off-grid living is this week’s subject of Off The Grid Radio, as we talk to attorney Brandon Peters, who is leading the charge in Florida to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would specifically protect citizens living off the grid.

The amendment could have national implications, Peters said. He also tells us:

  • Why governments aren’t content with letting off-grid citizens “live and let live.”
  • How solar energy is being threatened and its future could be in danger.
  • How you can get involved to help pass the amendment – even if you don’t live in Florida.

Robin’s fight is your fight, Peters said, and all of us must work to protect her freedoms. If we don’t, then you may be the next to see your liberties destroyed.

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