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Finding Wise Preparation Counselors

“Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in abundance of counselors there is safety” (Proverbs 11:14)


It is impossible to become a wise preparer in isolation.  None of us possess the wisdom and knowledge required to order our lives today, let alone to plan and prepare for an uncertain future.  The great lie of modern man is that he can do it on his own.  But wisdom always comes from outside, from other people, from God, and from His Word.  Apart from a willing openness to outside counsel, correction, and wisdom no one will ever become wise or well prepared.

It is not difficult today to find an abundance of counselors in your work of preparing.  The internet is stuffed full with resources.  But there are other counselors close at hand that you should consult often.  There are elderly people who remember how they survived the Great Depression (canning, hunting, gardening, etc.) that can be a treasure trove of good ideas.  There are farmers who are getting off the grid, by breaking from the Big Ag model, who are caring for the land.  There are others who are doing preparation.  By finding these folks and seeking their counsel you can become a truly wise preparer.


This Day in Church History


April 23, 303 – St. George the Martyr and Protector of England.  Abundant mythology surrounds the life of this Christian knight and martyr.  One of the chief stories tells that George came upon a village of pagans who were being afflicted by a terrible dragon.  The people had failed to defeat the beast and were desperately giving their virgin daughters as sacrifices lest the dragon attack their village.  Finally, the king’s daughter was selected but before the dragon could devour her George came upon the scene and subdued the dragon with his lance.  He then drew the beast into the city and informed the villagers that if they would believe in Christ and be baptized that he would slay the dragon. They believed and he killed the beast.

It is doubtful that the details of this story are accurate. However, as with Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland, it is likely that this story arose due to the effectiveness of the saint’s evangelistic efforts (i.e. driving out false gods and demons = killing dragons & driving out snakes).  No one is certain how St. George came to be regarded as the patron saint of England.

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