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Keeping The Faith In A Faithless World

We live in a world that struggles with faith. It is a world of false gods, constantly shifting values, and self-centered decisions. Choosing to stay true to your beliefs can be difficult even for the most faithful; it can be even more complicated when your choices pull you even further away from mainstream values. Living the life of a faithful servant of God can be tough; living that life of faith while choosing to be as off-the-grid as possible can be downright lonely at times. Understanding the beauty and strength of the faith we have through grace can keep you grounded through that loneliness.

The Power Of Faith

We are not the first people to struggle with living in a faithless world; Peter and other disciples lived there as well. They traveled through inhospitable terrain to share the good news of Jesus’ life with people that did not want to hear it. He and many others were viciously attacked, both physically and emotionally. When others struggled with how to handle the negativity of the world around them, Peter encouraged them to, “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15). This is the same call and encouragement we need today. Without a doubt, we will be ridiculed for our decisions in life. We do not have to defend those choices to anyone. We simply have to be prepared to respond that we have chosen this life because it is the path we walk with God.

Faith provides us with the strength to face anything. It is an absolute trust and confidence in God and His ability to guide, protect, and love us. When we live a life of faith, we live in obedience to God’s word, no matter what the world around us says. In fact, being faithful means we are able to stand taller when the world closes in around us. Living a life away from the commercialism of our mainstream culture seems like it may be an easier place to live a faithful life. But it can be in those moments we struggle to remain the most true to our calling from God. Ridicule can be lonely. The world may not understand our choices, just as people in Peter’s world did not understand his dedication to his mission. But just as it did for him, our faith can produce powerful results. When we stay grounded in the truth, in the absolute belief that God is the light for our path, we are reminded the power to do anything.

Breaking The Misconceptions of Faith

To live a life of faith it is imperative to understand the world’s false assumptions of faith so they can be dismissed.

  • Faith is not simply a positive attitude. Yes, faith comes from the mind. You have to make a choice to believe. But faith is not just a mental acknowledgment of truth. It is completely abandoning your own understanding to rely on the power and strength of Jesus Christ.
  • Faith has room for fear. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to live a life of faith and still face fear. God does not promise a perfect life for His followers. We do still live in a world that is separated from God, and there are times we may be afraid. Faith simply assures us we will not be alone as we face those fears.
  • Faith can be small. God’s blessings come in all shapes and sizes, and He will use the faithful no matter what. We do not have to show miraculous signs of a grand scale; it can be quiet and small and just as powerful.
  • Faith has room for doubt. Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples, doubted Jesus even as He was standing right in front of him. It gave Jesus a wonderful opportunity to reach out to one of His followers. It is the same for us. Doubt allows for questions that will in actuality deepen our faith.
  • Faith requires personal responsibility. It is true that only faith in Jesus Christ will provide our redemption; however, we are not called to simply believe in Christ. We are called to go forth and make other disciples, to share the good news of God’s love, and to minister to the world around us. This requires actions to go along with our faith.

God Uses The Faithful

Throughout the Bible, God is clear that He is constantly looking for and using faithful people to accomplish His will. Countless examples from the Old Testament through the New Testament offer examples of times God chose the ordinary man who exhibited only a deep and abiding faith to accomplish great things. Is it so far-fetched to think He would not do the same with us? He can and will use or faith as a testament to others in the world. When we make a stand in our faith, a stand to live a simple life that is dedicated to God’s will, people are going to watch us. They are going to see if we can remain faithful even when they may be the one tempting us to turn from our choices. And they will. People ridicule what they do not understand, and it makes no sense to many that there are people who are willing to live without the “comforts” of the modern lifestyle. But, God can accomplish anything with the faithful; He can even lead those that are blind to a new way of thinking.

God can, and will, use your faithful lifestyle to reach others. You simply have to remain grounded in your faith in Him. Be assured He is with you; you are not alone, even when you feel abandoned by the world around you.

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