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More Cops More Stops

illinois state police more cops more stops

When I think of the Illinois State Police, I want them to protect and serve. That’s what we pay them to do. So, today I was informed by the local news that the state police have joined arms to concentrate on traffic violators on Interstate 80, going right through the middle of our great nation. They have just crossed the line.

All along I have suspected police were grouping up to profile citizens, but they disguise their tactics with catch phrases like “Click it or Ticket.” I imagine the real reason the state police have these campaigns is to make more money. They try to tell us it’s for our own good, but in order to fund their ever-growing militia, they simply must bring in more dollars.

Today the state police have crossed a line. No more silly safety reasons for profiling, no more “it’s for the health of your children.” They blatantly call this new campaign against the drivers of Interstate 80 “More Cops/More Stops.”

Really? What does this phrase say to you? It tells me the police are going to concentrate on regular Joes like you and me, pulling us over for minor infractions, taking what will surely amount to millions of dollars out of drivers’ pockets, so they can grow even bigger. Make no mistake about it, if the State Police Association had their way, armed “officers” would infringe on our rights totally. They would tell you, “We know better than you. For your own safety we must infringe on your rights.”

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Hasn’t this gone far enough? I had a cop tell me once, “I can follow you for less than a mile and find probable cause to pull you over.” Folks, this is the prevailing attitude of 90 percent of our policemen out there. I would wager there is much more corrupt capers going on behind the scenes of our nation’s police force than there ever has been, and I believe corruption is growing larger every day. Big syndicates need big money to survive, and ultimately, they must prey on regular, unsuspecting citizens for their existence in order to keep afloat.

I’m not saying that all cops are bad, for I have known a handful in my years that were in it for the right reasons. In our small town, our chief of police is a good guy, very level-headed, and honestly concerned about his town’s people. But he is the exception, not the rule. In my younger days, I have had policemen lie to me, lie to the judge, record me without telling me, and hold me behind bars without a reason. Am I jaded? You’re darn right I am. I was just a regular kid, like many out there, growing up in a single parent family without much supervision, and I surely was mischievous. But a very corrupt police force at the time decided I was bad, and they picked me out as a hoodlum, harassing me every chance they got.

My point is this: Police need to be kept on a short leash. After all, they carry guns and they already have privileges that they can abuse any time they want. Case in point: My first wife worked at a local store, and one cop took a shine to her, hanging around the store and making suggestive comments. He told her he had “checked up” on her, knew how old she was, where she lived, and he knew her criminal record. I flew off the handle when she told me of this and went to his doorstep to confront him in front of his own wife. From that moment on, I was harassed by every cop in that town. Until the old regime changed, I was pulled over every time I went by this guy or one of his cronies. This is abuse of power and it happens every day.

Now we are going to let state police pull us over, just because? I think it’s time to put our foot down. Call your representative, write your local newspaper, do your part. They can’t arrest us all. Stand up for your rights now, or they will soon be gone.

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