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“When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn.”

                –John Wesley

Think about the early stages of a relationship. You spend time getting to know each other, constantly thinking of new things to share or new things to learn. Rarely do you even want to be apart from your new love; and, when you are not together, you are thinking about each other. Those initial months of a relationship are exciting. If that relationship continues to grow, that initial passion can sometimes wane. You may have to work to keep it alive.

Living life is no exception to this rule of passion. Anytime we try something new that we are thoroughly excited about, we can get lost in those senses of passion. That passion guides us, lighting the path for a new and exciting adventure. As we continue experiencing this new activity, our passion may lessen overtime unless we are willing to do something to keep it burning.

Passion is a beautiful motivator. When we are passionate, we are alive. We burn with a desire to live and to succeed at whatever we have set out to accomplish. When we break apart the word passion, we see it begins with this word pass. This action is not described by mistake. Passion is only kept alive through our commitment to continue moving it and keeping it at the forefront of our thoughts.

Our passion will drive our desire to accomplish anything we set out to achieve.

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