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Searching For The Source

“Love water, love it will all your being, but only from the well or the picnic spring. Tasteless but grateful in summer, embracing the hollow of any vessel. But never follow water to the river or sea.”

 — Revolutionary Sonnets

Water is a source of life. Without it, we truly cannot survive for any length of time. But if water is in a short supply, you will have to find a way to locate more. You can build storage vessels, containers that will trap any amount of water you come across. You can also purify water you find, ensuring it is safe to drink. Or, you can stumble upon water and spend lost time tracking it to the source.

Imagine for a moment what life would have been like for the Israelites if they had not accepted the water God provided for them as they fled Egypt. If they had turned away from the rocks, or tore the rocks apart looking for the source of the water, they would have missed out on the nourishment their bodies needed. Instead, they allowed God to provide for them, trusting they did not need to see the source, because they knew where their sustenance came from. God was the source of their water.

We too can become lost if we spend too much time looking for the source of the nourishment we need. Instead of simply accepting the grace with which God has gifted us, we often waste extra time looking for the meaning behind the gift. God is our sole provider. The meaning comes from His love and the nourishment is for our souls. We do not need to know why He loves us and provides for us, we simply need to trust that He does.

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