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The Biggest Planned Parenthood Scandal Doesn’t Involve Laws

PlannedParenthoodOver the past month, hidden camera videos have been released that show top-level executives at the abortion-centric organization Planned Parenthood discussing the sale and purchase of human organs, body parts and tissue from aborted unborn babies.

Immediately, the organization began to take heavy criticism, both for the apparent description by the executives of the sale of body parts (which is illegal) and the dispassionate and clinical tone that was used. Even many of Planned Parenthood’s usual defenders have been silent as the controversy has grown, and government officials and civilians have called for the defunding of the organization.

Unlike opinion-driven rebuttals or attacks on Planned Parenthood in the past, a video is irrefutable evidence of whatever is contained therein, and as a result the organization is taking criticism like never before.

As Christians, how should we look at this controversy? There are at least two questions that must be asked when discussing this issue — whether the activities described in the video are illegal, and whether they are morally wrong.

If Planned Parenthood does indeed sell body parts, then it is blatantly disobeying the law, and as a result should be held accountable before the law. However, the scope of this issue goes far, far beyond the law, even if in this case a law is in place that is perfectly aligned with what is morally right.

The human body is a gift directly from God, and profiting from the casual sale of “parts” from dead babies is contrary to the sacredness of life that God has made abundantly clear. God tells us that “before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you” (Jeremiah 1:5). We are souls placed in bodies that are divinely set for us. We’re told to cherish and respect those bodies, as well as the sacredness of human life – which includes the more than 1 million unborn babies killed each year through abortion.

Even if the “transfers” described in the videos were not illegal, they’re certainly not moral. The abortion procedure being used literally involves sticking instruments into the birth canal and womb and pulling the baby apart. Some may ask: Why not do that outside the womb? Here’s why: If that was done, it would be a live birth — and the baby would be constitutionally protected. Let’s be clear: Planned Parenthood is killing and dismembering late-term babies that would be viable, and then donating that “tissue” — read, “organs” and “limbs” — for “research.” No, that’s not illegal, but it should be.

The executives’ tone suggests an organizational culture that is shockingly detached from the human lives that their work deals in — but one that’s in line with what would be expected from an organization that’s treated unborn children as property for decades. When one combines this evidence with their vocal support and performing of abortions, the implications are clear.

Planned Parenthood may remain popular among politicians, but we’re commanded to fight for that which is right in the eyes of God, and not to turn and run from a cause simply because our viewpoint is in the minority.

We should be careful in our discussions about this controversy that we are never caught up in the attitude of “Gotcha!” Evidence of wrongdoing is an effective way to help a cause against something morally unjust, but the battle for justice is not one made to make us feel superior.

Christians must use this opportunity to make known to the world that acts that are contrary to God’s established sacredness of life should not be tolerated, and take comfort in knowing that truth always reveals itself – even if it takes time.

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