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The Love of God

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“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.”

               —  Psalm 136:1

There are few things in life that are guaranteed. One is life and death. We may not know when they will occur, but the beginning of life and the end of life are definite. Another is success and failure. Throughout the course of your life, you will definitely experience your share of both. Additionally, change is a guarantee. There is no prediction of what will occur in your life; you have to simply be flexible and ready for anything to occur.

But, there is one other element so definite that it weaves its way through every other aspect of life. That guarantee is the love of God. God not only loves every one of His children; He is the very definition of love. His love surrounds us in life and death. It is with us when we experience success and failure; and, it travels alongside of us as we experience change. God’s love is a constant guiding force.

No matter what change comes, God is there. Whether life brings success or failure, God is there. It can be difficult to work your way through life completely unsure of how things will turn out; but God’s grace, His love offers great comfort. That is what sustains us through the uncertainty. It is what enables us to carry on no matter what happens. God’s love never fails and it never ends. His love endures forever!

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