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What To Do With That Christmas Tree After Christmas!

December 28th, 2015

Video courtesy of moconservation

The Missouri Department of Conservation wants you to discover nature in one last Christmas gift – to nature – by recycling your live Christmas tree.
Live Christmas trees make great gifts for fish as habitat in ponds and lakes and wonderful winter homes for birds and small animals. Be sure to remove all ornaments, lights and tinsel so they don’t hurt wildlife.

Placing the trees in a pond offers fish a place to rest, find food and hide in the shade. Just anchor the tree with a concrete block and sink it to the bottom of the pond…several trees tied together work even better.

Another option is to place the tree in the backyard to offer cover for wildlife or under bird feeders to provide nesting locations in the branches. You can also decorate it with strings of popcorn, suet cubes, orange slices, or other treats for the birds.

Your live Christmas tree can be the gift that keeps on giving back to nature.

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