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Power Grid Down Drill To Be Conducted By US Government

power grid drill

Aug. 28, 2013

Power grid vulnerabilities are finally garnering some attention by government officials.

An electrical grid joint drill simulation is being planned in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Thousands of utility workers, FBI agents, anti-terrorism experts, governmental agencies, and more than 150 private businesses are involved in the November power grid drill.

The downed power grid simulation will reportedly focus on both physical and cyber attacks. The antiquated electrical system in the United States has been one of the most neglected pieces of integral infrastructure.

The EMP Commission, created by Congress, released a report in 2008 calling for increased planning and testing, and a stockpiling of needed repair items.

The SHIELD Act, which is stalled in Congress, is the first serious piece of legislation in many years to attempt to address the vulnerabilities of the power grid in. As previously reported by Off The Grid News, a recent American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) report gave the power grid a “D+” when grading various pieces of infrastructure and public services in the United States.

The disaster drill is being described as a crisis practice unlike anything the real power grid has ever experienced. The GridEX II drill Nov. 13-14 will focus primarily on how governments will react if the electrical grid fails and, for instance, the food supply chain collapses.

American utility companies are responsible for running approximately 5,800 power plants and about 450,000 high-voltage transmission lines, controlled by various devices which have been put into place over the past decades. Some of the utility companies which oversee the power grid reportedly use “antique computer protocols” which are “probably” safe from cyber hackers,” The New York Times reported.

The Times said experts call the power grid the nation’s “glass jaw.” Even the military gets 99 percent of its power the same way everyday citizens get it – from commercially run companies.

Harness the power of the sun when the power goes out…

“If an adversary lands a knockout blow, [experts] fear, it could black out vast areas of the continent for weeks; interrupt supplies of water, gasoline, diesel fuel and fresh food; shut down communications; and create disruptions of a scale that was only hinted at by Hurricane Sandy and the attacks of Sept. 11,” The Times said.

Former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chairman Curt Hebert stated that if the nation fails at electricity, “we’re going to fail miserably” at everything else.

Hebert also noted that during prior power grid drills, the scenario assumed the system would be up and running again relatively quickly after an attack. This drill will assume it’s out much longer.

If the power grid fails, a lack of electricity and food delivery are only the first wave of troubles facing the American people. Police could face major problems with civil unrest. Of course, there also would not be any electric heating or cooling, which easily could lead to many deaths depending on the season.

A 2012 report by the National Academy of Science said terrorists could cripple the nation by damaging or destroying hard-to-replace components, some of which aren’t even made in the United States.

“Of particular concern are giant custom-built transformers that increase the voltage of electricity to levels suited for bulk transmission and then reduce voltage for distribution to customers,” The Times said in a summary of the report. “… Replacing them can take many months.”

Said Clark W. Gellings, a researcher at the Electric Power Research Institute, “I don’t think we pay quite enough attention to the technology fixes that would allow us to make the power system more resilient.”

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  1. I’d be interested in knowing ‘how’ they are going to go about it.

    • I say when the national power grid falls, we take that opportunity to relieve these corrupt politicians from duty. All of them, and replace them with a reflection of the American people. Meaning that they should not make more then $50,000 a year,period. One term in and your actions will determine if you will be honorably or dishonorably discharged.
      Power goes down, arm up and head to Washington. The CIA FBI NSA HOMELAND SECURITY TSA etc… will all be abolished They overstepped their bounds and the whole reason any of these offshoots exist are because of fraud.
      Did you know that HOMELAND SECURITY is only 10 years old but is the largest mafia clan in our federal government?

      • Right on! I’m sure that is when they (Gov) will make their move as well.

      • theyre the government, they have more drugs money and guns than you, and theyre better equipped and better trained. as prior expeirence should show, greater numbers does not triumph over greater tech capabilities.

        • I do not agree.
          We have the numbers, many of us are very well trained, and as history has shown, those that fight for freedom and their country will always come out on top.
          Example. Vietnam, Korea, Iraq,Iran,Afghanistan,Russia etc…
          Mercenaries and those who fight for money will be completely overwhelmed.
          The American people are armed to the teeth.
          There “high tech” toys will become our toys, and that is when we take back our wealth from these central banking mobsters.

          • It’s called the moral high ground and We have them beat on that one. Although delta makes a point with higher tech but that has it’s problems also. American’s are resilient, resourceful and unwavering in defense of our God given rights and that’s a combination that just can’t be beat… We tamed the west for God’s sake and we will tame these usurper’s with God’s help.

          • Tim: Don’t be so naive.

          • Hypothetically, you may be correct. But in reality, that is a stretch. I do not know about the globe in general, but this country (USA) will panic. Why do I say that? No one seems to know what just happened in California just about a week ago. The MSM did not tell the truth. “They” pulled the power plug on almost half of the state for two days. Said it was due to a “lightening strike fire at a power plant”. I live just a couple miles from that plant…there was no lightening strike, there was no “storm” of any kind all that day and night.
            So why did people “panic”? They discovered everything shut down and closed up tight in 10 minutes. Every gas station, jiffy store, grocery store, restaurant, fast food joint, pharmacy, banks and all ATM’s. But this would be normal you say. Except the people found out that because of the “smart meters and new smart tri-valve water meters”(we were warned about those back in 2008, nobody listened)…we had NO WATER! None! I would have had to drive 400 miles to get a bottle of ‘water’. This is the “cities” I am talking about not just rural areas. Numerous counties went down in total “blackout in triple degree heat, no breeze in a stagnant chemtrailed sky.
            They are “multiplexing our utilities” into ONE OFF SWITCH – your power. I know, I and others just lived it, and furthermore, I was informed by one who is “in direct charge” of that area…”yes – It is called Multiplexing of the utility system.” The people panicked and could think of nothing but “water” in almost half the state…and…this, was NOT even a “National Emergency”.
            What they also did not tell anyone is that when the power came back on…the food stores — produce, dairy, meat, freezer depts. were all empty…only canned and boxed food left. Water and most juices…gone. Fast food and restaurants remained closed due to new food supplies having to be shipped. Outlying cities that had power ran out of bottles water and the like in 30 min.
            So…good luck America…keep wishing and stuffing your head in the sand.

          • Wendy in California

            I happen to live several miles from where the lightning strike took place. There was a storm. The night before, our sky will filled with thunder and lightning. It rained. Unheard of because it was 93 degrees and usually rain evaporates before it hits the ground.

            I was on the computer working at the time and the lightning strike destroyed my computer. The power station was struck by lightning which flicked the lights and then the fire which resulted took out the power.

            I am in Tulare country and drove around to 3 neighboring cities looking for a pay phone as my cell had no minutes and I had to call in to my job and let them know I was unable to work. There was no panic. The power came back in 5 hours later. The people on my block and through the areas I drove in a 20 mile radius, were driving around calmly. I found a kid with a cell phone and paid him 11 dollars to call the hospital I work for. He was not aware of what happened.

            So this is false information folks. This poster just fed you an enormous bag of BS. There was no panic. The shelves were not empty. There was no shortage of water.

            And BTW, if bullets are in shortage, many people with guns in their homes would offer up their ammo to active foot soldiers if it came to that.

          • High tech toys will be rendered useless with prolonged power outtage. Then the playing field would be even. Best quote ever spoken. People should not fear the government, they should fear the people.

          • Americans are lazy and spoiled don’t count on the masses to save us this time the public has become weak and submissive and dependent on the government that is destroying this country which is just what the they. Want

          • What wealth will we take back , all the gems and gold they have lyin around this country is bankrupt there is nothing to take back. The only wealth to look forward to is having food and water to keep you family alive and you better be prep aired to take what you need and fight for what you have

          • Hey Tim, Did you watch the home videos taken live when they ‘DECLARED’ a ‘COVER IN PLACE” ( Martial Law) order in WATERTOWN, Massachusetts during the Boston Marathon FALSE FLAG TEST ?
            The SWAT NAZI”S surrounded the houses in force ( 10-15 troops) & simply ORDERED the occupants out of the houses. The people were so scared & unprepared & they simply walked out like sheep to slaughter ( could have very easily been)!
            I bet that if EVERYONE had simply yelled out” Show me a LEGAL WARRANT” the SWAT NAZI’S MAY have busted in a FEW doors BUT eventually would have to give up ! They went through a 20 block area, that’s a LOT of doors to kick in & would not be done quickly !
            Please WAKE UP all the SHEEPLE & IGNORE all the SLOW, DIM WITTED government TROLLS that try to disrupt conversation out here ! They are TOO STUPID to realize that when the ‘Boots hit the ground’ in the U.S. that THEY are HELPING to DESTROY their OWN FAMILIES & COUNTRY.
            Label me ” MAD AS HELL & TWICE AS DEADLY” !

        • There’s more of us than them, IF AMERICANS WILL STAND UNITED. I welcome them to our back yard. Nothing like garilla warfare. Wolverine’s You all better be ready in mind and pysical..

          • Please, you guys, don’t forget there is as much going on underground of this planet as there is on surface. In fact even
            under the oceans. Most of technology is hidden & used there.
            From my decades long research i know that these greedy politicians
            & intern. banks, corps are the slaves & bitches of some very vile,
            sinister aliens. We are not the top of the foodchain at all, but our
            ingenuity can save us, i agree. But we need the whole picture
            first, if we want to succeed.

          • There is an amazing galactic war going on that we are not aware of. I totally agree that we are not the top of the food chain here on earth.

            The Event, Disclosure, Nesara, First Contact: What a wake up call we are about to experience in the very near future! The technology will soon be given back to mankind, instead of in the hands of psychopaths!

            No Fear.

        • They(the govt) are a slothful bunch of in-bred blue bloods whose level of]
          corruption and greed precedes them by days. we will prevail in this country when we take it back because we are on the side of truth and right. we MUST protect the future of our kids burthrite which if left to these scumbag-traitor-murderers in the u.s. govt/would be sold to the highest chinese bidder or given away to them like clinton did with our nuclear secrets back in 1992 with china. no, it wont be easy, it will be hard and bloody, but we will take OUR country back by blood-sweat- and tear.

        • Yeah. I see we’ve really conquered the Afghans, and everything they’ve got is shoulder-fired…

        • The Colonial people were out numbered by the English Militia. Farmers and shop keepers won the Revolutionary War. Seems you need to go back and read your history book. But if you are a young person, they probably did not teach you that as the government does not want you to get any ideas. Do they even teach history in school anymore? Obviously not……..

          • You should re read real history. Lots of Indians fought those battles as well…for all sides. That usually gets left out

        • The North Vietnamese failed to get that memo.

        • You are dead wrong! Many are well equiped far more than the Gov.!!! I worked for the Fed’s for 10 years, a bunch of morons, period! To long of a chain of command, If you take the time and the money you can be far advanced in your own self-sufficient life style. The problem is many have no money or skills and have never survived in the wilderness. Wow, do you think they know this and that is what they are hoping for???!!!! Wake up morons, we have been taken over and this is the cream on the top of the cake!

      • Congress, Supreme Court, VP and POTUS should not be paid 1 cent more that a private in the US Army.
        All the above also should be subjected to the same laws that they PASS!

      • You will never make it to Washington; they have been training the Military (including foreign troops) to respond to civil unrest by taking away guns and moving people to designated FEMA camps depending on what kind of threat you are, how old you are and what you have to offer. NO joke! It’s coming; in fact I am concerned this is the set up for it…all I’ve heard is that something bi is going down this Fall.

        • FM3-39.40

        • I agree with the possibility of a “set up”. My concern being that a “drill” is being set up. Since a few of the most recent catastophes have occurred the same time government had drills set up. ex- Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook.

          • don’t forget 9/11

          • For those of you interested in further reading, many ( myself included ) are overly sure that during the alleged drill, that an ACTUAL attack of the grid will occur.
            I will refer you to go to “” for an EYEOPENING analysis of this called the ‘Man in the middle attack” scenario. They( the Elite, NWO, Bilderberg Group, Rothschild maniacs, world bankers, call them whatever you want, BUT DO CALL THEM SICK) appear to have used this particular scenario in the World Trade Center attacks, Sandy Hook School in Conn., recently the Boston Marathon Fiasco & several more ! These drills/attacks are planned out in A War room ( not necessarily the Pentagons) several years in advance and they seem to work on the Sleepy SHEEPLE every time !
            When the lights go out, make sure you have at least one extra flashlight attached to EACH weapon you have loaded !

          • Probably somebody trying to sell something

            Probably somebody trying to sell something

        • I have to say your wrong they may want our guns but they wont get them from my hands. I think a lot of people would agree. think of the un registered guns they wont dig in you yard for them. Even if we loose the war we have done our job. it just needs to be bad enough to rebuild using the constitution.

        • Remember……They have to take them first and survive. I will not hesitate for a second…….The Analogy of a Bear protecting It’s cubs comes to mind

        • scarey hope its not all true but im believeing it is 🙁

      • And you don’t think the Elite have got an underground plan with all the luxery’s they need?

        • i just hope they burn….or if they leave the planet…they freeze, forever floating in space….

          wish from beyond the grave for me i guess

      • The grid may be immune to hackers, but not to in-house programmers working at a given state’s power HQ. I wrote and installed such a system for a large midwestern state over 40 years ago. When I asked what would happen if a programmer inserted code to open all the devices in the state (at all the substations) within one scan (4 seconds), I was told that the state and all surrounding states would be down in seconds, and ALL states west of the Mississippi would be down in minutes, and that it would take weeks if not months to bring it all up again. We are FAR more vulnerable than people know.

        • Grids safety
          I am a senior power transmission/distribution engineer and have designed/built everything from Hydro to Nuclear power plants that was responsible a few years ago to maintain the east coast grid. I had from FPL (Florida Power ) up to Constellation (Boston) out to the Great lakes. We designed the grid itself to take major lightning strikes, there are lightning arrestors and surge suppressors on the equipment. A lightning strike is a form of EMP burst or pulse, as old as the grid is it wont go down for long on an EMP burst. It would have to be a sustained burst and there is nothing to cause that. Yes an operator or an emp device can take out a power generation plant, but nowadays all grids are fed from several sources, losing one, not a big deal. The relays used in todays substations are designed the same as forty years ago with regular contact relays, yes there are now fiber optic communications so the transformers can be monitored but you cant shut down a whole substation with a flick of the switch, you need to go into the switch yard and no how to rack them off line, and like I said there are back up. I attended a recent Department of Homeland security grid reliability meeting. What happened with things like hurricane sandy is the substations were underwater, that’s a different story. There is no momentary pulse device that can cause a long term blackout of a substantial portion of the grid. You would have to shutdown several substations or plants that feed the grid. And if you know about substation transformers with about 1 foot of wire as a jumper and a pipe wrench I can shut down every substation I have every been in, in about 20 minutes. We are talking right out of the powerhouse 530kv x 67kv, so not the toy transformers but the real ones. I do agree an EMP makes individual plants vulnerable but there is back up, and now that we regulate flow, we can increase or decrease the load on a plant remotely. The most dangerous utility is water, clean, drinkable water. Its easy to contaminate, once the lines are contaminated it all has to be replace or flushed. You burst the pipes feeding major cities, whats the back up. For power there are portable generators things like that, there is no backup to bacteria infected water. Unlike a grid strike, where you are going to know you were hit, they could poison vast water systems and not know till people started getting sick, then its in the system, too late. I don’t need power, for anything, campers do it all the time, how many survivalists will say you don’t need fresh safe water.

      • Very smart but more of us will die trying to overthrow our corrupt government than what will be left of us. They will turn our own american troops on us and we will all either die or be hid out somewhere. They know whats coming they know they are too far in it that is why they want to implement their population control plan once this martial law takes place.

        • Wrong. The vast majority of the US military are on the people’s side. Their first priority will be to neutralize the members of the armed forces that are not on our side, then protect the people. Just so you know…

          • I sure hope that you are correct and that our retired or furloughed armed forces are going to stand with the families and people and not the government

        • i thought our troops take an oath to the constitution not the government or our president.. what is with that?

          • The military used to take an oath ‘to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic’. In the ’90’s (I believe) it was changed to ‘defend the president’. There are articles on the web that attest to this. Yet, there are those in the military that know of the plans for a totalitarian take over of the United States and have formed sleeper cells to prevent this scenario from happening. Even if you are not religious, focus your thoughts to support those that defend our freedom, they will need our help.
            From my research, it will play out like this:
            1. Grid goes down
            2. Chaos ensues, martial law enacted, presidential orders enforced placing all water, power, human resources (that means you), material resources (transportation(including public & your car/truck), buildings, and all infrastructure) under presidential control.
            3. Militarized police departments collect weapons from civilians with orders to shoot dead anyone that displays any form of resistance.
            4. Once all weapons are collected and anyone that is blacklisted (veterans, protestors, anyone visiting sites like this) are moved to the FEMA slave labor/concentration camps, then the 100’s of thousands of foreign/NATO troops in this country will activate and take out the police forces that did the original dirty work.
            5. Totalitarian police state ensues where all the information collected on every person in the U.S. that has ever used a credit card, checking account, store discount card, cruised the internet, filled out a warrantee card, etc. ad nauseum, is singled out and assigned a job according to the info collected on them. If they refuse, they disappear.

            Not a friendly scenario, & not a world I want to live in. This is their plan for you and I. It can be thwarted, but more people MUST become aware of what is happening in order to stop it.

        • You need to look up OATH KEEPERS, you will find that the majority of our servicemen and servicwomen, take their oath “…to protect the United States Constitution from enemies both foriegn and DOMESTIC…” I know that when our troops see enough numbers that they will join the movement.

          • thomas apsokardu

            The oath I took in 1984 United States Navy per Uniform Code of Military Justice
            I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.[1]m from the Uniform Code of Military Justice:

      • Your reasoning is well taken & sounds great on paper ! BUT…Look back at videos taken by homeowners & residents in Watertown, MA. after the ” Boston Marathon” False Flag TEST ! The SWAT/Military/police went door to door in a 20 block radius ( do the math) & RATHER than busting down doors ( illegal) they SCARED & INTIMIDATED citizens by surrounding their residence with 10 – 20 FULLY ARMED military geared law enforcement & simply “ORDERED” them OUT of their residence ! Once they were out in the street, their Rights were shattered !
        IF EVERYONE was calm & knowledgeable, they only had to ASK for WARRANTS & REFUSE to come out ! The SWAT NAZIS may have busted in a few doors but would NOT have broken in & STORMED 20 blocks worth of residential neighborhood !
        KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, but MOST are AFRAID & INTIMIDATED TOO QUICKLY ! We have been TRAINED ( brainwashed) to believe our government for SO long that it is difficult for MOST people ( SHEEPLE) to really SEE the TRUTH of the greed & corruption that REALLY rules our lives !

        • I can not agree with you more.. in every sense I wish i had someone here to stand ground with the few left in my family my father God rest his soul was Airforce and is rolling in his grave over what is taking place here and now.. i only wish he was here even as sick as he was as he would know what we need to do.. Pray for us All.

        • Major: I want to tell you I admire your intelligence and your ability to see what is actually happening to our country. I, too, took an oath in 1972. I will continue to uphold it to the best of my ability. Many will laugh, but my family has been prepared for this since 9/11. 4 sons (2 which are military), and one daughter ALL have the knowledge, supplies (weapons & ammo included) and ass to survive and will NOT be taken alive. We don’t want to be killed, but we will not be held hostages to the government any more than we already have. I am PROUD to say, we are ready. I choose not to disclose any more about myself, but trust me, at least one will die before I go. Semper fi.

          • FRED, Semper Fi &’ Death before dishonor’ !
            We NEED to WAKE UP the SHEEPLE & KICK the SLOW, DIM WITTED government TROLLS back under their bridges !
            Barry/Obama is a FRAUDULENT, Pathological Lying ,Muslim TERRORIST that was PLACED in position as president by the BANKING Elite (Rothschilds-Rockafeller-Bilderberg group). The American voting system is a fraud & is manipulated by the Elite- ALL bought & paid for !
            POLITICS is EXACTLY like Professional wrestling—it is ALL STAGED, a Gigantic Soap Opera ! We DO NOT have 2 political parties, we have ONE GREED, ELITIST Dictatorship ! The SOONER everyone does their Homework/research on this, the SOONER we can STOP the Madness ( of these False Flag TESTS) & get our once GREAT country BACK on TRACK !
            Local TV Media is Propaganda, go the any of the MANY alternative NEWS SITES on the internet for the TRUTH…WAKIE, WAKIE !!

        • MAJOR:
          Why did the police/malice-ia order those people out of their homes? Did they want something? Did they take anything? Are we able to hide anything from them? Wouldn’t they have shot anyone who refused to come out?
          Now I know to ask for their search warrant and refuse to come out, but what happens then?
          I am afraid. I admit it. Please help.

          • Hey Mangled,

            Good questions…but do your research & you will find out ! Do NOT look at each situation as its own problem, these situations are all PART of a BIGGER picture. We all need to step several steps BACK & look closely at the big picture !
            Barry/Obama is an ACTOR being USED to set the stage of ‘things to come’. The False Flag shootings, killings, terrorist attacks are to CONVINCE the SHEEPLE that we need the government to step in EVERY FACET of our lives to PROTECT US. Martial LAW is the #1 goal to START the AGENDA of destruction of the Constitution, chaos & riots everywhere due to power outtages, food scarcity & financial meltdown of the U.S. dollar ( ALL this is HAPPENING NOW !)
            Once Phase 1 is happening, phase 2 sets the stage for assimilation into a One World government ( controlled by the Elite Banking Cartel/Bildergerg group/ the NWO/fill in your favorite evil) and So begins the destruction of the U.S.- this has been in the planning & process for OVER 50 years !
            RESEARCH, study & open your eyes !
            The NSA has been collecting ILLEGAL DATA on EVERYONE for about 8 – 10 years & has enough DIRT on EVERY politician, judge, lawyer, WH staff member, etc to BRIBE, BLACKMAIL, coerce & threaten ANYONE to FOLLOW THEIR AGENDA! WHY do you think Barry/Obama has NOT been IMPEACHED YET ?? HE WON’T BE.. He has PROTECTION !
            Only large numbers of AWAKE citizens & people READY & PREPARED to FIGHT for LIBERTY will have the ability to overcome this TYRANNY…It is NOT made up…It’s REAL !
            Ask for a warrant, but EVERYONE NEEDS to ASK ,you may get your door kicked in & arrested OR they may decide it’s NOT worth the PUBLICITY…You need VIDEO CAMS available to record ANYTHING !
            GOOD LUCK & STAY AWAKE & AWARE !

          • Thank you, Major. Will do.
            I recall when I was 11 or 12 (60’s) I saw signs around my hometown in CA about world government, world banking, world you-name-it. I asked my dad about it. He had been in the Army (took him at 17), Marines and Air Force. He said it was something we should work against and keep an eye on. He didn’t tell me how, but I have tried to keep abreast of the media–the internet carries much more info than anything else out there.
            Thank you for your response and encouragement. Please keep in touch with me and all of us. We need folks like you.

          • OK…THIS info I was involved in is VERY Interesting. The other day I heard from a VERY RELIABLE associate of mine who is interested in the TRUTH as well ! THEY went to their LOCAL Electrical grid
            facility ( on the East coast – I am trying to keep this somewhat anonymous). the facility is unmarked on the small road it is on & only sign is IN the parking lot, it is NOT open to public, ONLY employees with key code can enter building.
            My associate was met outside the front door by workers leaving for the day & asked to speak to someone about a national electrical grid test. He was told the supervisor left for the day but went inside & brought out the facility manager. I listened to the recorded conversation myself ( unbeknownst to manager of recording). He ( call him John the manager) has been working for company for over 16 years & knew NOTHING about this GRID test. He was given the website that notice was on. John said he doubted that this was real ( test or not) because he would have been notified , test being 10 days a way at time ! John was a BIT shaken up & was aware of NSA spying & other government dirty deeds. John said he would call his office where he knew ( higher ups in the company that were frieindly towards him) & that he promised to call my associate back with ANY news. HERE is where it gets a bit interesting. My associate received a call 10 -15 minutes later ( recorded it & I listened). John had E-Mailed his higher boss at the main office, his boss IMMEDIATELY called him & John was told that the TEST IS being done ( Nov. 13-14) BUT was just a Computer simulation .
            NO switches were going to be pulled & no power would ACTUALLY be lost….BUT….John THEN quickly said ( rather odd to me) that IF….IF in fact anyone DID LOOSE power during the TEST, it was NOTHING to DO WITH THEIR TESTING, he said it could be ” a squirrel eating through a wire OR a utility power line getting knocked over SOMEHOW’ ! My associate asked him IF that would have to be QUITE an EXTRAORDINARY COINCIDENCE & he said, yes it would. The REASONING was left hanging & that was pretty much end of conversation. I DON’T LIKE being paranoid BUT it almost sounds like a” NO, there’s nothing to worry about ( wink, wink, nod, nod ) type situation”
            . Now this was gotten from a 16 year manager that got this from HIS superiors. It just sounds to me like some kind of plausible deniabiliity…typical bureaucratic types !
            YOU decide & spread your thoughts to others, I say BE PREPARED for worse case scenario
            ANYWAY ! I would suggest ANYONE else wants to TAKE the time to do the same type questioning at THEIR local power companies…I suggest face to face meetings, you will get NOWHERE over the phones !

        • Messed up is what it is

          All it will take to rid ourselves of these NeoNazi Militarists is for somebody to start picking them off when they’re in the streets surrounding a house or 2, I think if you could drop 4 or 5 they’ll quickly get the message.

      • How can they do this power down with the grid? I’ve heard that it can even cause airplanes to fall from the sky? WHY would they want to harm the American public this way?
        I am beginning to think many people were right about Obama. Those jackasses that tried to destroy us with 911 will be very able to do so–thanks to Obama. I am so scared that I can’t sleep at night–and not for myself. I worry about my grandchildren and children.
        Whose bright idea was this anyway??

        • Mary, the type of incident you are referring to is an Electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) which is normally only seen with nuclear weapons discharge (they can build a device to replicate that effect without the mushroom could, but it is difficult) What the article says is they are “simulating” this sort of effect (presumably by simply shutting down parts of the grid). Just shutting the grid off will not cause plane crashes. I do agree that we should be concerned, but not from foreign powers rather from our own “government” in this instance.

          • Re: EMP generator
            It’s not so difficult, trust me. Use a Tesla coil and insert a waveform guide (cut discs) inside the secondary coil. The advantage to this is that it can be made mobile. Plans can be found. Search

      • Yup!:)>

      • Interesting.

        If I wanted to find out how many ways people can come up with to destroy me.. ..I would simply.. ..put up a website post some crazy news so people can discuss what to do when SHTF.

        You can honestly learn a LOT from a dummy.

      • Only $50,000 lol. They wouldn’t bother getting out of bed!

      • This is not a drill, its a dress rehearsal for when the time comes to shut down all commutations in the states. When the civil disobedience get out of hand over this administrations polices they know that without commutations we can’t organize against martial law.

      • PRICELESS!

      • This is just like Facebook, everyone talking about taking down the Government but nothing ever happens. We should have taken our Country back a long time ago. Now it’s too late. I guess as long as people feel like they are accomplishing something while typing their concerns on the computer, it’s all good, right?

        • We’ll lead the way if you got the balls

        • i agree with you.. but my family is too small in numbers to do anything.. and now with them not able bodied we are sitting ducks.. my son has been out of work due to his right foot needing surgery and he isnt getting anywhere fast delay delay stall stall seems almost intentional

      • One of the problems we have is with the laziness of the American people, who do not vote. In my county where I live only 16% of the people vote in primaries elections, probably don’t want to declare themselves, but they better start. President elections usually a bit more. Where are the other 84% that don’t, pretty pathetic & that’s why the crooks get away with what they do.

        • I never vote because I’ve never felt like it mattered/made a difference…Presidential debates are more than likely scripted otherwise how could such a hugely ridiculous (chauvinistic) personality such as Romney be nominated as a candidate? To make Obama look good. Evidently the media effects who the majority votes for, therefore it led the majority to vote for Obama. Would I vote now if I had the chance? Yes, to impeach the current president, gladly.

          • You are all voting for the same jerks…get it? Look for a different party!

          • Being “re-presented” is NOT what you should want in your life. Tell me, Is it possible that a money hungry politician can represent YOU and your ideas of a free country? NO. At least I HOPE LIKE he11 NOT.

            It is people, who know nothing about the system that go and waive their fundamental (g-d given) rights for the privilege such as voting… and register to vote putting themselves inside their jurisdiction and no way out because you “SWEAR an oath under the pains and penalties of perjury” so you could be regarded as a politicians friend…

            Does the law not “..say swear not…”? Does the law not say “what business does the righteous have with the unrighteous?” and “be ye not unequally yoked with a non believer”?

            The government is a reflection of it’s people. And the image that is reflected by the ‘peoples’ “REPRESENTATIVES” is very ugly. Factually in the neighborhood of hypocritical, judgmental, egotistical, sadist and nothing less than molesters of the world to be more precise.

            The city is a corrupt and vial place that is full of dead men’s bones…. living “undead” zombies who think the real zombies are going to rise up and eat their brains…

            You people should have grown up when you had the chance but ego wouldn’t allow it. Does the law not say “Seek G-d while he may yet be found..”?

            No matter what you think, your vote has NEVER counted, NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER counted ! ! ! And it will NEVER EVER EVER be counted. They are appointed, NOT ELECTED!!!

            You have never had anything to do with the outcome of any election. You should have been taught this in the public fool system. ONLY THE ELECTORAL VOTES COUNT ! ! !

            Come out from among her my people!!!

          • Good job, Linsey. I didn’t quit voting in time. I fell for the “other guy” and voted for BO. I could NOT vote for MR as he is part of the Mormon Mafia. It is a frightening organization if you have ever been part of it. So, I voted for BO–a huge mistake.

        • If you don’t realize that the president (patsy) is chosen approximately 30 years before hand by the cabal and that voting is just a way to appease the common people and to make them think that they actually have a say in the government (at the federal level,) then you are well and truly lost. By placing a vote, you are telling those in control that you accept the system as it exists, even if you hate the candidates placed before you for selection. This system was infiltrated and taken over when central banks were allowed back into the U.S.. The assassination attempts against Thomas Jefferson were because he would not allow a central bank. If you participate in a system, that signals your acceptance of it.
          Look at the 2000 election, hanging chads my flat foot.
          Didn’t Benjamin Franklin say something along the lines of ‘We give you a system of government that espouses freedom… if you can keep it’ <– paraphrase
          The system itself isn't evil, but those that have infiltrated, taken over, and subverted it from the inside are.
          IMO if you vote, you are supporting the evil that runs this country and that has your destruction as their agenda.

          • If one re-gisters to vote, they also waive their fundamental rights for privileges, and privileges can be revoked at will…

            NO ONE can convey a thing to another if they themselves to not posses it themselves can they? So how can another man convey a right to do something if you don’t have that power to do so your self?

            License is nothing more than permission to do that which you already know is illegal…. which is why a driver’s license can be held against you in a court of law.

            Is there a law that obligates a man to testify against himself? nope…

            at least you appear awake and not undead.


      • Amen! I believe this is another false flag to impliment civil unrest in the northeast. It will be a free for all! Much like the SNAP Wal Mart debacle, blaming the computer company that manages them. It will be a disaster on epic scale! The American public should NOT allow this. I urge all business owners to stand outside their stores, armed to the teeth, with their neighbors and friends. Or, be insured to the hilt, with a very low deductible!
        This is just so our current tyrants in power, ALL of them, can declare Marshall Law!
        It’s all about the NWO, otherwise known as Communists or cabal. Mark my words. Get ready to bug out.
        The 800 detention camps are up and open, and if you are looking to invoke the fourth amendment right, guess what? It’s gone! If you think the first amendment still applies, guess what?! It’s been radically rewritten!
        John Kerry bypassed the Senate and gave our gun r,iChat’s over to the UN, where this corrupt dictator, Obama has an office. Even though, that is illegal too?
        They will employ tactics used by unions and since tyrannical kings, Hitler and Stalin, use organizations like ‘Anonymous’ a left wing radical organization, disguised as an ultra right wing anarchist group! They will start anarchy, then blame REAL patriots!
        Very complex, but ‘Night of the Long Knives’ already happened on October 19′.
        The POTUS fired 3 generals and an admiral after they diverted a nuclear bomb, bound for Charleston, and made it go off in the ocean. It was totally black ops, without a signature!
        Here’s the real problem! Jeh Johnson is ruthless and even more unethical for DHS secretary, than Napolitano was!
        If you are not afraid n, you’re uninformed!

      • Does anyone where the list of the alleged 150 participants can be found? Snowden, are you there? Where are Wikileaks when you need them?

      • I hope you know that, Washington will still be up and running to monitor the drill.

      • A resounding….INDEED!!!

      • It is all coming to light, and many are realizing we have been lied to for many years.
        Like was stated earlier, Congress and Senate one two year term, These people stay in Washington D.C. live off the taxpayers and lie to the people they are supposed to serve. the longer they remain in Congress the more corrupt. Closing down agencies, let’s begin with the federal reserve, whom has put a “Fake” $17 trillion debt on the people. They collect about $32 Billion a month on Fake interest payments. Social Security, they stole $2.6 Trillion from the trust Fund. The plan to re-pay the stolen funds, raise taxes, so we pay twice for the mis-management of funds or just plain stolen funds. And how can the American government offer funds to rebel fighters in the Middle east when we have 25-30% unemployment? Amazing.

    • Here is the ultimate and final way that we invoke fear into these people who are not listening. Someone must organize a movement to place random RED BLUE AND YELLOW Stickers on the front drivers lower left corner of every vehicle in the country. A great place to do this would be at SUPERMARKETS, CHURCHES, and other gatherings.

      Randomly distribute these stickers. Mainly red throughout America and once the people who do not know look up what it means they will freak and start to tell other people that haven’t been reached yet. If somebody makes an Anonymous type announcement after the coordinated placement of the stickers, then people will most certainly get the idea and investigate. The time is now! MAke you move!

    • The grid outage will coincide with several other major/manufactured ‘crisis’ to implement a coup of the American people. Total submission by the vast majority of the public that are totally in the dark about the planned take down of America. There will be so many unprepared, frightened people that will automatically do what ever told. No food. Power. Money. Chaos. Project End Game, google it.

    • It takes ONE programmer with access to the software that controls electrical distribution for a state. Each state has such a system. I wrote and installed two of them in 1972 in two large, Midwestern states. Here’s how simple it is: given that there is a software table with the computer “addresses” of each device in the state (these are the devices at all the substations), the tiny bit of code needed would simply say: point to the first address in the table – send an OPEN command – bump the table pointer – done yet? – if not go back to OPEN. That’s it! For a typical state, using 1972 computers, it took FOUR SECONDS to scan all the devices in the state … thus it would take FOUR SECONDS to bring that state DOWN along with all the adjoining states and so forth until, minutes later, EVERY STATE WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER WOULD BE DOWN … and that’s down for MONTHS! QED Chaos, starvation, and blood in the streets. It would be all over. The other half of the country would not be affected at first, but something tells me that the evil cabal who’d do such a thing would have a single programmer on the EAST side of the river to take care of that side of the country. Now you know.

    • The time draws near fellow Americans are you prepared? We our, with the prepping and pre-planning we have in place we can take care of and protect our families. Don’t be fooled that this is just an ordinary test of the power grid, this is a test of the peoples resilince. The government wants to see what they can get by with. By shutting down electric, food supply and communications they can start martial law and no one will know. Plan and take action now. There is still time to join the Patriot’s Defense Corps and get in on a plan to protect your family and win back this country. To join send an email to Visit our home page at

    • Hi I feel so stupid thinking how can this be done? The whole country dark? that cant happen, everything frzn gone? no water? If its true you know a glitch for some reason. So can someone smarter than this 5 grdr tell me? 🙂 thanks

    • Good question, what are the parameters of the test. How do you test if the power will fail catastrophically without causing a catastrophic failure. Dont know if this is a cover for something else, but if they honestly cared about the public, why would they not make solar & wind systems fully tax deductible. Who has a summary of state & federal tax rules on this subject? Maybe it should be a sticky on the front page.

      • Well wind hasn’t proven effective so much, but I have said that for years. I am in a State that until Weather Modifications the Sun shined almost every day of the year. Why are not all new houses/business built w Solar. I so agree w you. That’s why to me is a sham. Who can afford them on your own? Have a great day

    • And on 9/11/2001 the government was conducting drills regarding a terrorist attack by plane on the USA…just saying

    • More than likely, they will utilize their newest weapons technology..the CHAMP missile. CHAMP has the capability to fly over any given area, and create the same EMP effect of an atmospheric nuclear detonation, but without the catastrophic casualties, and horrific collateral damage.

      CHAMP is the newest “toy” being developed for the Globalists by NASA, and the Air Force.

      However, it is basically an aircraft launched drone. I believe that the popularity of DRONE HUNTING CLUBS should be a phenomenon which grows exponentially across CONUS!

      A good sniper, with either a .50 caliber Barrett, or a 20 mm semi auto rifle, can knock these things out of the sky handily! Let’s start forming up, and practicing folks!! It’s CHAMP Season, and the season it TOTALLY OPEN!!


      God Bless, Protect and Restore the Sovereign Republic of Texas>

      • Hi thank you for answer. Since I no nothing, I asked my hsbnd Ret AF and he said yes, So this is my question. I have read about this for a week from Alt News sites, and Alex Jones who stirs things up. WHY am I first hearing it from you.? Why have not all these Investigators printed this so people don’t worry? They are the fear factor. Now, my other one is, can anything go wrong? I am so suspicious of Govt I expect their Flags! Thanks you have a nice eve

    • WATcH – they take it down – and can’t get it back up….

      • hi that’s what I keep thinking, a part of the country. Oregon next week in S part are having mtgs to tell folks to stock up for earthquake or tsunami. Not normally done, do then I ask self, ok what is up? Always up to something as you know, Don’t let an opportunity go to waste, or as Hill says, what difference does it make? 😉

    • This is a simulation exercise only….

    • Someone asked how they are going to do it. Well, it seems simple enough to just throw a bunch of huge breaker switches. They really wouldn’t have to do them all at the same time because throwing a certain percentage of the switches creating shortages in huge areas would no doubt overload other parts of the system which would “probably” bring the overloaded parts down too.

      No doubt the top level politicians will either be vacationing in other parts of the world at the time or they’ll be tucked away in secured areas with back-up generators. Either way they won’t be subject to any inconvenience or security issues. Any inconvenience or suffering is left for the rest of us.

    • this is a big story, call NERC and hear for yourself, this is fear mongers, do your homework.

    • Conspiracy theorists never get tired of complaining and their paranoia never tires. I like the part about “custom transformers”. What they describe as “custom” is exactly how every transformer works, hence it’s called a transformer and no they are not hard to come by. So, let me get this straight, North America will shut down the world economy and all life support for a “drill”? LMAO!!!! By the way, you nutty zealots, there are many power grids in North America and they aren’t inter-connected. There are approximately 100 different grids in the U.S. alone. Smaller grids can connect to each other but larger ones can’t. Idiots!!

    • They have guns, water, ect. The American house household has between 1 and 3 guns per household so let the government think about that

    • My guess would be like a line of domino’s, the governing caste…fear-mongering these events to punish us for not submitting to ‘big brother’ health care. They hype up as many alarming events as possible to create civil unrest, precipitating an event to just to justify martial law. The affluent landowners that survived the Bubonic plague learned one thing: To stay out of the fields and avoid manual labor…you have to make sure you have enough slave workers to plant and harvest their land. Do you think for a moment that Bill Gates would start growing corn and wheat in his spare time just to help the world inhabitants at large. Nope, just the ones left alive for his corporate empire. My quip is this; what good is a golf course if it has meteor craters covering it.

    • Go look at your electric meter. If it is “digital”, it can be turned off “at the office” of the power company.


  2. Thought the bridges were the things that the govt. has neglected. How many more things are we suppose to put up with? The list goes on……..

    • well, instead of using the money to keep up bridges and infrastructure, they let it fall into decay, so they can spend money to spy on you, to keep you from doing anything to the infrastructure that is falling apart, due to lack of funding.

      It reminds me of that 80’s PSA:
      I do coke, so I can work harder, so I can make more money, so I can buy more coke, so I can work harder, so I can make more money, so I can buy more…..

      • It’s time we stood up and were heard. If everyone who reads this writes and tells their friends to write a letter to the House Oversight Committee We can get them to investigate this bloated out of control Agency. Congress responds better to letters because it’s a physical copy that has to be dealt with. E-mails and calls get logged in a ledger and don’t have as much impact.
        I am saddened by the fact people are willing to post their dissension on comments but don’t take the extra step that actually will make a difference. Keep it short and sweet try to focus on one problem at a time and be specific. As always be polite and respectful. Just let them know it’s unacceptable.

        • Do you really think they care or have you been in a coma the last few years?

        • I agree. The Congress thinks they have no support from the average American. Letters make much more impact than e-mails. Congress looks at letters as a cross-section of the population. E-mails can be from any lone nutter.
          Show some support so Congress can stand up to the cabal.

    • Is the govt responsible for the generation of electricity and its delivery? i thought that was the function of private enterprise.

      • I don’t trust any nation wide company or the government to handle utilities. One quick solution, solar panels on every roof, problem solved. There will be plenty of jobs building/installing/repairing/replacing solar panels for the rest of time.

      • In Obama’s America, nothing is off limits to govt control. Health care, auto industry, student loans have all been nationalized. The power grid and energy is next. This “test” is a training manual for when the nationalization occurs.

        • If Obamacare is implemented by 2016 all private health insurance companies will go out
          of business. Single payer Government run Heath Care! The computer systems alone
          will be immediately hack and every American’s citizen private information will be public.
          NSA alone should meet the high crimes and misdemeanors! An Impeachment with 16 Articles
          is ouit there and the POTUS is guilty of all of them.,

      • They took that away while you were sleeping, or looking the other way!

      • There,s at least 150 power companies going along wiyh this drill-Grid EX II Nov. 13,14 2013. also DHS, National Guard,Local law enforcement and a whole lot more.Good luck everyone.

        • national guard units across the country have received road signs to be installed proclaiming …. MARSHALL LAW … this is first hand eye witness information

    • Wait ’till the sewer pipes all break. Shades of Spain in 1965 … WHATTA STINK!

  3. Are you trying to rip off rinf with this new design?

  4. The only problem with government drills is that they tend to go live … so look for cold days with no electricity…

    • Very good point!!! It just so happens that I’ll be on the beach in Mexico at that time. I guess I picked the right days to go on vacation! Maybe I’ll have to stay there. Aw, shucks!

  5. This info matches my experience. The last power plant I inspected used an old Honeywell computer that can’t even communicate with your typical Windows/Mac or Linnux computer. Anyway, the cyber threat is greatly overrated with regards to refineries and power plants, which genereally use SCADA sytems that are stand alone and don’t connect to the web. The biggest problem is the hardware would be damaged by an EMP and it can’t be replaced. How do you even begin when the parts don’t exist, the people who would do the repair work can’t get to work, the people who fuel the stations that fuel the trucks and cars won’t show up for work and even if they did, their trucks won’t work. The biggest problem is the fuel. The world has adopted the Japanese model of efficiency. Just in time delivery and zero inventory means that everything is highly efficienct with no robustness for dealing with change. In Japan, a country where people generally follow orders and observe minimum acceptable standards of conduct, the shelves were bare just 3 days after the earthquake. Can you imagine what the savages in this country swerving through traffic every day would do in a panic? They will run you off the road now just to cut 5 seconds off their commute, they’ll kill you if they are hungry.

    Make no mistake, this IS going to happen. Hopefully not here and hopefully not soon, but preparing for nuking each other’s cities is preparing for yesterday’s war, starvation has always been the ultimate weapon of war and starvation will be front and center in tomorrow’s war.

  6. *edit: The biggest problem is the FOOD (not fuel, although fuel is a big deal too).

  7. Whenever the government plans a “drill” it means something “totally unplanned and catastrophic” will occur. Boston Marathon Bombing happened during a “drill,” 7/7 London bombing happened during a “drill” and 9/11 happened during a nationwide “drill.” Get your storeable food and generators up to speed. Water filtration as well….

    • 9-1-1 happened during a drill. the fertilizer explosion in the town of west, Texas happened during a drill, the murrah federal building explosion(tim mcveigh) happened during a drill. etc. and etal…….anyone see
      a pattern developing here?………d.c. stands for district of criminals. need i say anything more?.

  8. How would “terrorist” coordinate an attack on 5800 power plants?

    Now that the US Government has created this word “terrorists”, and The People don’t see through this BS, now the government has license to shut down everybody’s power whenever they feel like it?

    They certainly aren’t doing it because this is a legitimate threat. No one has ever even considered shutting down a nation’s power supply. That’s like shutting down the Internet.

    They’re doing this because only on entity could even attempt such an operation. Only the US Government could even come close to pulling this off. Why do you think they put in these “Smart Meters” on everybody’s house? It’s all about control. Their control.

    Only a fool would think this is going to help us citizens, in any way, down the road. This is just a power play. Literally!

  9. Makes sense. Obama is ready to attack Syria. The sheep need something to be distracted with while this happens. The MSM won’t dare report anything negative about Syria. After all it’s Obama invading a 3rd World Arab country, not Bush. Therefore it’s perfectly legitimate.

  10. I wonder why DHS wasn’t on top of this? This is in their purview isn’t it? They should have been doing something constructive and beneficial to the Country. If FEMA is supposed to be for emergency’s why is it they are not capable of responding to them? Katrina was a disaster and Sandy wasn’t much better. They ran out of water in three days and closed their offices because of Sandy. Furthermore they put these poor people in tents in wintertime. Why didn’t they put them up in the nice FEMA camps they have all over the country. Makes me wonder what they are supposed to be used for if not disaster’s?

    How is stockpiling bullets and training Social Security Agents, IRS and TSA Agents in weapons, good for America. Since when does the Social Security and IRS need weapons trained Agents?
    They have been using Americans in their drills as terrorists and use targets like pregnant woman, children and old people. They are called no hesitation targets. This is what DHS is spending OUR MONEY on. It certainly seems to me that they need more oversight in that Department. I can’t help but question their decision making and their motives

  11. Why the hell don’t they just break out Nikola Tesla’s notes and designs, implement them, and forestall this coming crapola that’s supposed to be coming down the pike!

  12. Has anyone seen the show Revolution? What if they can’t turn it back on?

  13. “Anti-Terrorist Experts”

    The Illegitimate, Terrorist Regime known as the the “US government”
    (the war criminals who brought you 9/11)

    wanna pull the same shit all over again.

    Too Bad.

    Humanity Has Awakened.

    We’re on to Your shit.
    We Are Going to Hang You From Trees…

    Go Humanity!!!

  14. DHS and homeland security have been training for chaos. Knowing where to knock the power grid out will be informative if all of that is there intent. Do guns get taken away prior?

  15. Remember everyone that has GOD in there life have no fear we the people hope that we have GOD in there life will come on top, because GOD is EVERY thing He Is Are KING And Only KING We will WIN. So let’s worship our King Jesus Chris. No One can hid from GOD. If you think you can your just stupid. Do I need to say any more. GOD’S WILL BE DONE!!! Amen

  16. Why is it that each time a “drill” takes place, ie london bombings, penatgon, twin towers, etc, that all had drills just weeks prior to actual events happening in scenarios remarkably similar to the enacted “drills”? This is extremely disturbing to say the least! I get so frustrated to feel this manipulated, and so helpless to prevent harm to so many good and innocent people. I don’t pray any more, I literally cry out for intersession if any higher power is available to intercede. I am glad for those who have left messages of empowerment. It is the only thing left, and that is to count on each other. We are really going to need everyone to fight this good battle. I just feel so much sadness for all this unecessary suffering…it hurts my soul.

  17. It sounds to me like ALL the other TEST drills that result in False Flag attacks we are to believe are real.
    The Government will either do a False Flag OR they will test to see How much havoc, destruction, expense to businesses, injuries & death that this little prep. test will yield. IF successful, this may be their opportunity to knock out the power grid & institute their Martial Law plan so the DHS can finally USE a lot of the ammunition they bought to quell the rioters & restore ( peace ) ??

  18. OK….Here’s a stupid question….IF the government shuts off the power grid ( simulating a false e attack..hopefully)..then HOW are they going to handle all the AIRLINE TRAFFIC ??
    Will they just shut the power off and let the planes circle the airports for 2 days ??
    What about HOSPITALS, clinics, shelters ?? Someone that needs a life saving scheduled operation will have to what…WAIT for 2 days ? Someone on life support…WHAT, tell them to hold their breath ?? Government response to UN-NECESSARY deaths-” Hey, collateral damage, only XXXX amount of innocent Americans were killed in this TEST, we can now save even more lives if this REALLY happens next time!!”
    These people in power have the thinking of a bag of dirt, maybe less !

    • The gubmint statists would just call this collateral damage. Get the book, “One Second After.” It describes what would happen if an EMP went off (the same as our grid going down). According to the Rawles survival blog, the bit about car engines being zapped out of commission is wrong. There was a simulation not long ago and most cars didn’t have so much as a hiccup. Of those that shut off, they were quickly started and a few needed actual repair. A car is, afterall, a Faraday cage.

  19. Hmmm ….. a lot of sh*t can go down during a power outage.

  20. If and when an Electro Magnetic Pulse [EMP] strikes and this year and next are at the peak of the current cycle, ALL major grid towers will be destroyed beyond repair. The Earth is now at the EMP peak of the natural 150 year EMP cycle. The last time an EMP hit, THE CARRINGTON EVENT [do a search] in 1859, all electricity was fried. Electricity in 1859? Yes, the telegraph went down.

    The U.S. electric companies have no “grid towers” in inventory and there is only one company in France that manufactures them. Estimates are that it would take FIVE TO TEN YEARS to replace all of them!

    The U.S. Congress was presented with the fact that loss of life in the U.S. within six months would top 90% and they created the SHIELD ACT. In effect, this act authorizes funds to “harden” the existing grid network [shield it] from an EMP. Cost? A piddling ten billion or so. The House passed the bill UNANIMOUSLY [98 to 0] and it was sent over to the Senate for debate and passage. The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, refused to allow the bill into the Senate. This was about two years ago.

    If World War 3 [current Syria events] does not destroy all life, one man could…Senator Harry Reid…if an EMP hits the Western Hemisphere. The further south you live the safer you will be because of the tilt of the Earth toward the sun. Central and South America should escape unscathed.

    I have an extensive research file on EMP if anyone would like more information…just ask.


  22. Oh? The computers all run off different systems?
    The computers are not connected to the Webb?
    That sure makes it hard for Massad agents to install a bug, spy ware and infect all the computers so that there can be a simultaneous fault, a coordinated attack on the computer system through the Webb. Oh Yes, we can then blame Al Qaida for the resulting mess. I would rather that the government leave the thing alone.
    If it isn’t broke then don’t fix it.

  23. Yup kids, this ‘ol fart thinks the writing is on the wall, they just forgot to add the dates and times. Should be pretty clear that the tailspin and nosedive are underway. Many forward looking folks have been trying to prep for years, but if not, there’s no better time than the present. Simple fact, if the lights and juice are out for too long, things will get real ugly. Water, grub and a means to protect oneself and family will be worth more than a mountain of gold………

  24. Food for thought:
    An EMP big enough could wipe out large areas instantly…

    What if under this ‘drill’:
    As there is no power, there would be minimal communication? What could happen under that cover of darkness so to speak? You have all that security in the streets now…
    Whats to say over the 2 days people and or activists are rounded up and put away leaving communities none-the-wiser or unable to communicate…then martial law is declared.


  26. For whatever reason the power grid fails, is attacked or a huge C.M.E. brings it down, there is one thing that you can be assured of. It will not come back on as quickly as this government or it’s people think it will. Those big transformers talked about, take a long time to build and transport. If a huge C.M.E. were to hit our earth’s magnetic field, there is a good possibility that not only will power grids go down, GPS will not work and because of chips in your car, your vehicles will not work either. (unless you have an old microwave oven that doesn’t work that you have stored extra parts in)

    There will be total chaos in cities after just 72 hours. Water and food become scarce in just 7 days. Panic sets in and there isn’t enough law enforcement in cities to handle this, plus communications will be completely shut down thus crippling the ability for enforcement to be able to function.

    Rural areas could be at loss for power for months and even years. While we spend billions if not trillions for wars, nothing is being spent to resurrect power for when it comes down. This doomsday scenario will happen sooner than later. The sun is doing it’s thing and like the Carrington event in 1885, when a huge C.M.E. hit our earth’s magnetic field and knocked out all telegraphs in the U.S. and Europe, another is going to come.

    • i inspect those transformers for a railroad not to be mentioned.those things are big and mostly from not super against the whole shut down the grid becouse of the wierd comet but i dont think its going to go well…. and lets face it obama is so pro police state even if you could fix it it aint happenen.thank god were horse farmers cause this could go super duper a backhoe

  27. Really great blog – although I do not know English well is a subject interests me.

    In Poland we do not have such a well-developed blogs
    – Sorry for the mistakes, but I have a bad English

    • Your English isn’t too bad. Keep reading and studying. You can learn tons. It’s how I’m learning Spanish and American Sign Language…

  28. Anyone who is prepared for a natural disaster (Gulf Coast folks such as myself will keep hurricane kits that include food, water, and gasoline as well as generators if they feel the need) will be ready for a power outage. We have been through outages that lasted from a few hours to a few weeks after major storms hit. The rest of you who think you’re not vulnerable, get ready. I won’t start eating from my hurricane stash until after this event, should it actually occur.

  29. Other than the TVA and a couple of others, the power companies in this Country are PRIVATE SECTOR Enterprises. Where, EXACTLY, does government get the authority to pull a stunt like this!? Does Obumbum just wave his magic executive order pad and it happens?

  30. Every recent domestic tragedy we have experienced, such as The Boston Marathon Shootings, etc., has been accompanied by a “Training Exercise” in the immediate vicinity. It is characteristic of False Flag Operations, and it provides the advantage of having the response in place at ground zero as the event occurs. Hold on to your hats people. Anyone with any sense knows what’s up.

  31. I hope this is a computer simulation and not an actual disturbance, however brief. Something will break for sure.

  32. Air & Water; available clean water is the primary necessity. Without that, nothing else matters.
    Where does your drinking water come from?

  33. more false flags are coming and the crooks that were elected care nothing about the
    people that elected them. clean house and get our country back.
    they plan on 16,000 drones for what? to spy on us or to take us out if posed as
    a threat to them.

    • That’s ludicrous.

      You guys are too funny. Funny as heck that someone can call someone else an enemy, but yet they themselves don’t like it when someone else calls you an enemy. What gives? Why complain when the government is just a reflection of the mind of the people it governs. When the head is corrupt the body is corrupt.

      Michael Jackson made a great song about it. “MAN IN THE MIRROR”

      “…Take a look at your self and make that change…”

      If you do not like what you see, change your view point. It’s not what you believe it is… That way of thinking is arrogant.

      Just remember, you reap what you sow….

      There is nothing new under the sun.

      • “…Take a look at your self and make that change…” I actually always enjoyed this song. BUT the elected officials need to be the ones “looking into the mirror” fool. “Sure! Let’s be positive. I can change!” AKA “I’ll be dumb and ignore reality.” The slow roll of incremental change over the past 50 years is tough to spot unless you are awake. I suggest watching Grinding America Down if you really want to see “what’s going on in the mirror” or behind the curtain for that matter.

        • “fool”… I see.. you have resulted to name calling to put your self on a pedestal… But that’s fine, I really don’t give a shi^ But remember this if you remember anything at all… I have been studying this for YEARS… I have studied religion, law, and about every other thoughtless ideological society in the world and have found nothing better than a true republic.

          For the record, THIS IS NOT A FRICKING DEMOCRACY! This is a REPUBLIC! Take your needy a55 and all of your needy friends and just leave the continent so those of us who don’t NEED any representatives can be free. Only slaves need someone to represent them.

          “He who knows NOT how to assert their rights HAS NONE”.

          I keep reading how some man you people call OBAMA is taking your rights.. Funny as hell… How can someone else convey a “right” to you, if you don’t have the right to do in the first place?

          You people are living in a dream land for real…

          • What? Where the heck did you get that I was preaching a DEMONcracy? Of course we are a republic. That’s why I mentioned that our elected officials need to “look in the mirror”; they need to change…stop taking their input from giant corporations and corrupt goons in DC Me needy? Again where the heck did you get this from my post? The only thing I want from our guberment is some good roads and strong national defense and tops meddling abroad. I read a couple other of your posts and I have to say that I am confused. Not sure if you’re a total troll or you are currently in rehab.

          • In what land do you live?

          • If YOU have an official “representative”, then YOU live in a Democracy. Why would anyone need someone else re-present them, in general form? Could it be because they don’t know anything about law, the very thing that governs the WORLD?

            YOU live in a Democracy . . . AKA MOBOCRACY, or for better terms try Ochlocracy.

            The government reflects the MIND of the people. If you don’t get it, then you have a reprobate mind. Who cares about a government shut down? Maybe those who’s benefits are getting shut off?

            The US CITIZENS are not going to like being accused of sedition, false witness, treason and a rack of other things.

            Thankfully I am not from your world. A world of hypocrisy.

  34. Don’t forget a copy or two of the constitution. I have mine and some bibles.

    • yes yes if I have one thing to take its the Lords Prayer and a few Scriptures in memory, thank you! 🙂

    • Anyone who thinks they have “constitutional rights” needs to be thrown in prison for life for just being stupid. You’re total idiots.

      The so called United States is 10 Square miles in Washington DC.

      GO HOME!

  35. No power, no communication for 2 days…super, 1973 i was living in germany no car driving on sunday during the oil crise and people came back together, table and chairs on the road bicycle on the highways….

  36. I really do want to know if the POWER GRID DOWN DRILL is for real? Is this just a bullshit attempt to see how people react to the notion of it actually happening…?? Is there any real PROOF that it will occur? or only this article/site?
    Has anyone called their own utility/power companies and inquired??
    Several days ago I asked the OTG forum….and FB page…. if they could tell me if Hawaii is included in the supposed “outage” and received not one word in reply. What really gives….???

  37. Hi I don’t know if you saw my post think it is called SHAM it is an AF system that could easlily be done and may be already. But given all that is going on makes one suspicious huh? On paper sounds harmless but since I will never never trust Govt again, ?? How can I vote? Besides the floods here this really disturbs me. 🙂

  38. I certainly don’t trust the federal gov. But there are times where I try to filter as much as I can and weed through reports to make my own decision. I think there is a slow, incremental change that has occurred over the past 50 years with our country. Sleight of hand, behind the curtain most of the time. So while I can get excited about articles above, and scared too, time will tell if this drill proves to be something more sinister. My guess is that we will never see large, life changing events, instantly sprung on us. Don’t they need to keep the status quo with us peons? They need us to supply them with time, money, and resources. So unless the be all end all is, “OK we finally have all we need from you serfs, be gone,” and the clues are glaringly in front of us beforehand, how will we ever know? With this said, I came across an article with follow up info to this drill. No actual outage to occur.

    >>Checking out the NERC website, one finds that this is an expanded version of a Grid drill that they had previously conducted in November 2011. Apparently, there is a lot of misinformation that was posted about this on the internet that was not previously checked out. So disregard concerns voiced in my original posting that this exercise will involve a planned blackout and speculations that its dates may have been chosen to prepare for a real event.<<

    Full article here:

    • hi think you are probly correct on it subliminaly hitting us. I think the word is Communism. I know they do these drills and we never knew, but now they warn us. So I guess I expect some part of it to not come back up, another EVENT to happen. I was thinking we are now on a daily wait and see what will happen, like when I worked for 3 yrs for a Co that was struggling to hang on, we never knew if we had a job or paycheck. Not good

  39. This revolution has already started, and consists of people out of work not paying taxes.Kind of hard to have a functioning country without money or labor.

  40. I don’t if this is related to the US electrical grid shutdow but NV Energy is scheuled to generate their new constructed 600kV 250 mile transmission line from Jakes Valley, White Pine County, Nevada to Dry Lake, Clark County, Nevada around this time frame.

  41. The fact that they haven’t addressed the cyber security of the grid is ample evidence that they know that terrorism is not likely. We’ve been dealt a totally false and absurd picture of reality. Funny how so much was plowed into weaponry and nothing into cyber security huh.

  42. Perfect false flag to invade Iran. Here it comes

  43. This “drill” is scaring the ” shit ” out of all the old people in Central Florida. Why doesn’t the government start going on nbc and Fox with PR people already


    • I have read they do this often, which surprised me as I don’t get the whole thing, but also 150 Companies are complying, but cant find out which ones, I worry conveniently something will not come back up! 🙂

    • The government has been giving lawful notice to the public since it became a for profit mechanism. So why would one take orders from a private owned corporation? (corporation like Walmart)

      And since it has given lawful notice and the people (as fools they are) can’t say “We didn’t KNOW all of this..”

      they are going to tell you, you were told but you chose to fornicate with the harlot, and the punishment for debt is what again? LOL You people are so stupid, you have no idea what’s in store for you.

      If you wanna know what’s going to happen, just watch some of the movies. The truth is hidden in plain sight. You can’t see the forest for the trees…

      Does the law not say, you reap what you sow? and Whatsoever thou hast done unto the least of these my brethren, thou hast also done unto me?

      good luck thinking up excuses for treason, and blasphemy.

      before the fall cometh pride.

  44. How long will the power be shut down for? Im just curious

  45. Y’all are all just a bunch of idiots! Especially you Tim!

  46. may sound wild, but it’s a perfect start and set up for marshalll law. they know exactly what they
    are doing. hold on folks cause it’s going to get very, very bad like our country has never seen before.

  47. Common, people, think about it. When you were in grade school, and there was a fire drill, did they set your school on fire? This is only a drill, a simulation. Nowhere in the article above does it say anything about actually shutting down anything. Read the original article from the New York Times that came out on Aug 17th. Only a simulation. ( ) And here’s an article where the author wrote to the the man heading the operation, and got the response that no, there is no actual shutdown ( )
    You have to cross reference your material before making such observations. As far as the gov goes, yeah, we need to take our country back. But that’s not gonna happen until enough people open their eyes.
    I don’t think it makes you part of the “sheeple” just because you are willing to let the swat team order you out of your house so they can try to find a couple of bombers as quickly as possible. Sometimes there isn’t time for “pretty please” and warrants. If you say otherwise, I would be inclined to believe you were hiding the bombers. Want to see the sheeple? look for the Obama bumper strickers. My resolution is to be ready for anything, study everything, but don’t become a Chicken Little. Yeah, the sky is gonna fall, but I doubt this one is it.

    • Thank you, John, for the article link. I’m going to do more research. If there is a shutdown–and you will definitely know I am paranoid by now–it will be the perfect time for Obama & buddies to take us over. The fact that the govt is shut down, too, is even more scary.

      I don’t have an Obama sticker, but I did vote for him. The other choice–Mitt–was scarier at the time. He has all of LDS behind him. I doubt he would have announced a month dedicated to LDS but it is possible. Whatever happened to separation of church and state? Obama cannot leave office soon enough for me! But who is our next choice? Remember when Johnson announced he would not run again? I was in college and we thought we had won a coup with that. Then we got Tricky Dicky and things were even worse. I don’t trust us to uncover Obama’s agenda in time or be able to fight it off as we did with RN.

      I am afraid. Think Canada is safer? Need a passport for Canada now?

      Take care, John. You sound like a thinker and not a true believer. Please keep in touch. Thanks. Mary

  48. Alright Tim , to bad men in the states has pussified!!!!

  49. Probably somebody trying to sell something

    Probably somebody trying to sell something

  50. As has been proved these past few days, the government is not prepared to launch a massive, complicated implementation of any kind. How can we be sure this so-called “drill” will not actually create unexpected power outages which result in death and destruction across the country. Apparently nobody is involved is minding the “nuts and bolts” of such operations. Call it what you will, simulation or not, as a country we are not ready to “throw the switches” with the hope that all is well and under control at the end of the day. The analysts behind these “events” have obviously not thoroughly tested or been adequately supervised.

    Why haven’t we spent money and time and effort upgrading our infrastructure instead of playing these immature political games? We need to replace every career politician in this country. We’ve made multi-millionaires out of all of them and forfeited our future in the process.

  51. After we blow out half of our electrical grid with this drill,test, China will then make even more money selling the replacement parts to us.Maybe that is what our lobbyist form of government has planned all along with this drill….Oh, and don’t forget the real radicals in government that want to see eighty present of the population gone.My answer to these radicals is this,”Lead by example, and start the population downturn with yourself,”

  52. Send me a postcard from the FEMA camp of your choice.

  53. it is total crap………

  54. 35 degrees last night, kinda stupid to test it in winter

  55. I just have one basic question about all this: Can someone explain to me why in the hell the grid infrastructure is connected to the freaking internet? Talk about a complete lack of intelligence.

  56. am i the only one that sees this is how the govt is planning on getting control of the internet? the govt health care site problems are to make us think the govt is stupid. but the govt plans to get into our computers. mark my words. GET INFO OFF YOUR COMPUTER ONTO DISC. you may not want to use your computer after the blackout

  57. Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I in finding It really useful & it helped me out much.

    I’m hoping to give one thing again and aid others like
    you helped me.

  58. Hmm, isn’t it against policy to kill your own people, they were going to bomb Iran for doing it, yet turn someone’s life support off and what happens? It’s called murder, you don’t kill people when performing a “drill” of any kind. The stories i’m hearing lately just get crazier and crazier, I really don’t see the point of a government any more, everything they say is lies, and now this, they have no principles or morals it seems, people didn’t vote for that i’m sure.


  60. Welcome to the Machine.

  61. Well, as far as I can tell, this didn’t happen. At least not in the state I live in. Anyone experience any power grid outages where they live?

  62. IBEW Electrician, inside wireman here.This is a good article .People should pay attention to this subject.The worst part of such a scenario is the water delivery pumps.Have to find water and then purify it in such a case.Always have a plan and think it through before it happens.God bless us all!.

  63. Paris will be without electricity for months if people destroy high voltage transformers in 28 substations in 2 loops. Idem for London. Not need 5800 for Europe. After ? a ban run in the country or even in Europe and after the civil war. In France there is only one factory which build hv transformers… If Europe die, US economy die and don’t forget nuclear plants, no electricity => Fukushima, spent fuel pools need electricity even the reactor is shutdown. If Europe is destroyed by nuclear radiation, you think USA will be safe ? In USA, destroy hv transformers around big cities will destroy economy at least… Look this french link

  64. Did this ever happen? I must have missed it, eh? Is everyone ok?

  65. hello all, is there any exam conducted by US government in electrical engineering after the completion of bachelors. i forgot the name of that exam if anyone do know that exam please send me the name of that exam . it would be very helpful for me . the one thing i know about the exam is , it is conducted in USA

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  73. I was really interested until I got to “even if they *loose* the war”. I can’t take anyone seriously that still doesn’t know the difference between lose and loose.

  74. Instead of creating “replacement” pieces, couldn’t we focus on making things that are already protected… think about it, telecomunication devices and other necessary electronic devices and machines, that are built to be protected from this…. Its possible. If here are ways to protect electronic devices from massive EMPs, there are ways to protect devices from any electronic blackout… yes it would be an enormous amount of money, but its possible…. he biggest threat that we would really have is if an electromagnetic pulse was sent down to earth from space… It wouldn’t be as targeted… it would wipe out the entire earths electricity as it is much stronger that an on- Earth targeted Electromagnetic pulse… The only reason i came to this site is to research this… I’ve literally gone mad trying to figure out a solution to this… wish I could find someone to sponsor my madness….

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