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32-Member SWAT Team Raids Home Because Man Had Registered Gun

32-Member SWAT Team Raids Home Because Man Had Registered Gun

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A SWAT team with 32 officers, an armored vehicle and a sniper raided a man’s home because he had a license to carry a gun and a registered weapon — and because a former roommate had a little bit of marijuana.

During the search – which was criticized by a judge this month — deputies smashed Michael Delgado’s door and windows, and tossed flash-bang grenades into his house.

Worst of all, Delgado was not the target of the raid or even suspected of a crime. Deputies from the Hennepin County Emergency Services Unit (ESU) were actually searching for Walter Power. Power; who was wanted for selling marijuana, was believed to be staying at Delgado’s house in Golden Valley, Minnesota, in November 2015.

The ESU was called in because Delgado had a gun registered to his name and a license to carry it, and they feared he would use it, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

Unconstitutional Raid

The military-style tactics police used in the raid violated the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, Hennepin County District Judge Tanya Bransford ruled. The Fourth Amendment bans unreasonable searches and seizures.

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Bransford compared the search to a 1992 case in which police raided a man’s home, blindfolded him and asked him questions without reading him his Miranda rights, the newspaper reported.

“[But] the militarized actions in [the Power] case were far more extreme,” Bransford wrote.

Bransford suppressed evidence found in the case, which forced the county attorney to drop charges against Power.

During the raid, the ESU brought a Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Vehicle, or BEAR. The BEAR is a landmine-resistant armored personnel carrier designed for use by troops on the battlefield. A flash-bang is a stun grenade that is designed to blind people with a bright flash of light.

Bransford’s ruling was dangerous because it puts law enforcement lives at risks, Jim Franklin, the Executive Director of the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association, told The Star-Tribune.

“My question to her is: Are you going to attend the dead cop’s funeral?” Franklin said of Bransford.

Fighting to Get Gun Back

Even though the raid was declared unconstitutional and the charges against Power were dropped, Delgado was still in court in October 2016, fighting to get his legal gun back, The Star-Tribune reported. Delgado was also seeking reimbursement for broken windows and doors

“They could have said, ‘We’d like to search your house,’” Delgado said of the ESU. “They could have just asked.”

Use of the ESU has more than doubled over the past nine years. In 2007 the unit was deployed 30 times; in 2015 it was used on 71 occasions.

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  1. I just cannot understand why they kick the door down in search of? You read how they spend years investigating before the bust, it seems like in this case they got a tip and mounted up the swat team for an immediate bust, no fore thought or investigating needed. What ever happened to stake outs? The police need to slow down and thin about the repercussions of their actions. You read an article like this and that is what comes to mind. “What were they thinking?” They have all the toys, and they think they need to use them. The tax payers are paying to have a swat team so we have to use them. No, let them write speeding tickets until they are needed for something.
    Law enforcement’s job is hard enough, yet they make it harder on themselves. SLOW DOWN!

    • Agreed,
      Slow Down!
      As a strong supporter of honest law enforcement it is embarrassing to watch them shoot themselves in the foot again and again with poorly planned and thought out operations like this. To add insult to injury this over reaching, violent response was triggered by law enforcement not respecting A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN exercising his Constitutionally guaranteed rights.
      Incidents like this cannot and should not be allowed to keep recurring.
      The supervisor that approved this fiasco of an operation should lose his badge immediately.
      SWAT needs to discontinue the practice of using any excuse to run a live fire drill.

      To the 90 % of LEO’s who honor their oath and protect the Citizens.Thank you!
      To the one’s in the story you need to check the oath you took then familiarize yourselves with the document you sworn it to.

      • What 90% that “honor” their oath? They fail to report and/or arrest any “brother” in blue. They are therefore, at the very lest, guilty of failure to report a crime, possibly “conspiracy to commit a crime”, etc,etc. So , no there is no 99% not guilty police.

    • ” I can not understand” is exactly what the Jews said in Germany when the Nazi’s came and did the same thing.

    • Apparently, Some police officers are using steroids to give them a physical edge in confrontations..certain steroids can cause ‘roid rage – that’s bad enough on its own, but when combined with militarized weapons and tactics – not good…

  2. this is stupid just because he can carry a gun means they are allowed to do that it breaks your 2nd amendment and 4th amendment

  3. I support the police 100% but this kind of BS is uncalled for. If they want to act like that, go join the military. With this kind of effort, we will have a bunch of small WACO’s. They wonder why the people have issues with the police, there it is. They are no longer police for the people. This country is fast becoming a police state.

  4. “The ESU was called in because Delgado had a gun registered to his name and a license to carry it, and they feared he would use it, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.”

    So the 32-Member SWAT Team Raids Home Because They Were AFRAID.

    They only hire punkass cowards to be pigs nowadays.

  5. I hope he sues them for at least seven figures.

  6. I think it’s pretty clear by now that the Police are not our “friends”. They don’t serve the people, meaning us. They want to keep their jobs so they’ll do whatever they are told to do to us. Plus they get a steady dose of brainwashing fairly often. And most aren’t mental giants either. They’re macho bullies who like to exercise their swagger.

  7. I’m betting Powers was a Snitch. The guy got busted and was trying to get a better deal for himself, like no jail time, for setting up his ex-landlord. THAT is what is going on here.

  8. The police are TOO militarized. They have no contact within the areas they work. they don’t talk to people, etc. They want people to be afraid. Most of the orders they are screaming at people, aren’t even legal! What the person in this incident used his right to defend himself against an illegal search? The supreme court says that a citizen can defend himself against the police, up to and including deadly force. They would have killed him. We have no defense against our own government.

  9. Why is a law-abiding licensed CCW citizen still fighting a year later to get his legally, licensed weapon back? The Police Chief and DA at a minimum need to be held criminally liable for the violation of his 2nd, 4th and other Constitutional rights, to whit, $100,000 per month, plus matching prison time the citizen has been without his legal weapon.

    If the police were concerned about the legal weapon, why not contact the weapon owner prior and request he remove the weapon prior to the search.

  10. Why not just call the ESU by its real name “Gestapo”

  11. TheSouthernNationalist

    I once saw a video on youtube called “Why cops fear SHTF”, this article is part of it.

  12. don’t come to my house

  13. Welcome to Nazi America people. I hope you are paying close attention. For those of you who”keep your head down and pay your taxes” the government thanks you. “nothing to see here folks, just move along” the government says.

  14. ooohh you people make me laugh… and cry. your precious constitution is a piece of sh*t. constitutionalists scare me almost as much as liberals. you’re under maritime admiralty jurisdiction and contract law. you have no constitutional rights. your parents signed them away on your behalf as a baby. quit talking about the constitution. the constitution did nothing but pass along the debt of the federal government to the states, and you’re the f-ing collateral. yes you’re f-ed. look into the sovereign movement (sovereign citizen- an oxymoron because you can’t be sovereign and a citizen)
    sincerely christian anarchist

  15. I can guarantee there’d be more than a few Leo jobs open the next day.

  16. Quit whining. If you have a problem with their tactics, then hunt them down and use the same tactics against them and their families. Also the district attorney and the judge that signed the warrant…

  17. whining? what do you mean?

  18. These people be whining about things like this, when there be a world war 3 on the verge of blowing up in our face! People… Stop doing doing, and dealing drugs. Stop with the “racist” crap, and stop fighting people because you think you macho!! Just because you have a gun does not mean you will be killing civilians!!!

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