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What Microsoft Does NOT Want You To Know About Windows 10

What Microsoft Does NOT Want You To Know About Windows 10

Windows 10 could be a major threat to your privacy, and Microsoft is trying to force you to use it whether you want it or not.

In fact, if you use Windows 7 or 8, Microsoft could automatically update you to Windows 10 and begin tracking your every move.

“Microsoft openly stated that pervasive data collection will be present in any Windows version starting from Windows 10, and as a host of research on the Internet shows, this data collection cannot be disabled using official means,” tech expert Artem S. Tashkinov wrote at

The default settings for Windows 10 allow Microsoft to track every website you visit, every purchase you make, and every word you type into the search engine. It even allows Microsoft to track your physical location. Microsoft makes upgrading to the operating system tempting by making it free – at least until July 29.

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Microsoft uses all of this data and interaction in several ways:

  • Offering users targeted ads.
  • Guiding users to its Windows Store.
  • Funneling users to the search page Bing, which it owns.

None of this is done with the current versions of Windows. (Windows 10 also can drain your battery if you own an older laptop.)

Fortunately, there are some ways to block Windows 10’s data collection and even to go back to Windows 7 or Windows 8 if you want.

Don’t Use Express Settings

Many users may not realize that the version of Windows 10 that automatically installs employs the so-called Express Settings. These automatically share a wide variety of information with Microsoft, including location and browser data, TechRadar reported. You can avoid these by picking “Custom Settings” for the install.

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If you’ve already installed Windows 10 using the Express Settings, then you can reverse Microsoft actions under the Privacy Settings in the control panel. For example, one setting asks if you want to “let apps use my advertising ID, send Microsoft Info about how I write, and let websites provide locally relevant content.” If this is on, both Microsoft and advertisers can collect data from your computer.

Other Problems With Windows 10

IT Pro reported that some of the Window 10 apps can take control of your camera and microphone and collect account information unless you turn them off.

You should also make sure that Wi-Fi Sense is off. If this feature is turned on, it could share your Wi-Fi passwords with routers, PC World reported. To turn Wi-Fi Sense off, go to Settings in the start menu, click on Network & Internet, then Manage Wi-Fi Settings, and chose what Wi-Fi you want to use. Turning off the hotspot keeps the computer from broadcasting your information.

Uninstalling Windows 10

Uninstalling Windows 10 and going back to Windows 8.1 or 7 is actually fairly easy – if you do it within 30 days. Visit Settings, find the Update & Security icon and click Recovery. You should see an option to “Go to Back to Windows 7” or “go back to Windows 8.1.” Click the right icon.

If it has been over a month since you added Windows 10, you will have to do a “clean install.” That will eliminate everything on your hard drive. Make sure you have all of your files on cloud storage or an external drive first.

What advice would you add on Windows 10? Share it in the section below:

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  1. Not only that but you are on you own when it comes to windows because us developers are being locked out all over the place and in many case we cannot even edit values in the windows registry even we logged in as the administrator.

    Dig deep into the file sustem and what’s being presented is just an illusion to what underneath and just because the task-manager says that the CPU is running at 3% does not mean a thing and you would do better to listen to the CPU colling fan

    • Exactly correct. Processes can be hidden from the task manager and how the OS is operating hidden from the users. I’ve hidden processes myself (for legit software). Nothing can be trusted that is being presented to the user, especially when there is an agenda with collecting telemtry which cannot be turned off according to Microsoft management.

  2. Why not have true privacy and freedom by installing one of the many quality Linux distributions available.there’s almost nothing that can’t be done just as easily in Linux as Windows.

    • The problem with Linux (Ubuntu, etc) is many programs do not come with installers and you have to be a programmer in order to install them. And that is why Linux will never be popular. I disagree that there are the same programs available for Linux as Windows. That is one of the reasons I have to keep using Windows, but not Windows 10. I will stay with Windows 7 as long as possible even if I have to take it off line. I have recently installed Xubuntu on an old MacBook Pro and can’t get many programs to install, not even Flash Player. I am stuck with Windows until someone comes up with something else. Right now, that is not Linux. It is for geeks only.

      • If you would bother to take the time to actually learn about linux and its various flavours you would find that it is easier to use than you insinuate here! Ubuntu linux is VERY easy for a windows user to move to. Yes, linux IS different from windows in that it does not install software the way windows does. And yes, there ARE differences in the office and media apps. But linux is very ready for desktop use right now. Every major windows app has a linux analogue that is VERY usable and works similarly to windows apps. Many organisations with multiple computers have found linux to be a viable alternative to windows. Governments have switched their operations to using linux flavours with NO ill effects of an essential nature. Do your homework properly and stop discouraging people from using linux! Even mac os uses a unix/linux version under its hood! The internet runs on linux as well. Heck even microsoft has a whole department whose job is to keep windows compatible with linux! Please acquire a clue before you spread your disinformation that linux is not viable!

        • I ‘bothered’ to take a good look into Linux, and it was a problem for me too. Maybe its easy for you, but don’t assume it is for all of us!
          Some of us are mere mortals, not pc savvy geeks. Shame on you for being so rude

  3. Why do people continue to use Microsoft BS? I’ve been using Linux exclusively for 6 years now, and my computing experience is SO much better! No threat of viruses; no maintenance required; no crashes; unlike Windows, it actrually WORKS…all the time, without problems; it allows ME to be in control of my computer, and unleashes the real power of the PC, and eliminates the need for a lot of software; it’s FREE, and best of all, it doesn’t spy on you or collect your data!

    I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t tolerate Windows anymore, and I’m not a fan of Apple products (or prices!), so I figured I’d give Linux a try. Seriously, if Linux didn’t exist, I would have thrown my computer out the window! Windows was a constant thorn in the side, and privacy was already an issue, even 6 years ago.

    I’m certainly not some leftist/socialist loon who hates corporations….but Microsoft is pure evil, and I refuse to support it or allow it’s nefarious products on my devices!

    • Because Linux is a pain in the ass to get installed. I’ve been trying several methods suggested by Linux for over a year. The Linux forums are no help. They just lead you down another hole.

      Linux should wise up and then we can wreck the microsoft cretins.

      • A clean install on a new hard drive is easy to do with most distros. Just let Linux decide how to treat your hard drive.

        Alternatively, you can use a partition manager in Windows to create the partitions you want to use for Linux.

        First create the swap file to the end of the hard drive space available in the largest size possible. Then create two ‘ext’ type partitions, one for the install of the OS and the other for use with your own files that you want to keep. If you want to change the linux version, just install onto the Linux OS partition and your data/personal files will always be there and the linux swap file will be used across the various distros.

    • I’m an IT Tech, and I wouldn’t allow Microsoft free reign on, or access to, anything I own.

      MS are flat-out Criminals, without conscience, or restraint. I abhor them, on every level.

    • I hate Microsoft too. But Im not clever enough to work it all out, my brain is close to bursting trying to learn about switching over to linux, and try it first etc. Just too difficult for a humble lady like me… I wish I knew what I was doing, Im worn out with trawling the net to figure it out. 🙁

  4. Microsoft is cutting their own throats with windows 10 because there is going to be a public backlash and it will hurt their bottom line. It serves them right doing what the NSA wants them to do instead of listening to their customers. I hope they go out of business. If they do, they will not be missed.

  5. All I can say is that without any technical knowledge whatsoever I installed Linux Opensuse years ago it took 15 minutes for a full install, start to finish, it booted in seconds and breathed new life into an old laptop.
    I stayed with it and then moved on to Linuxmint. Difficult to install? Get a usb, download the OS, use free online ISO writers, create a boot usb (this is all just a few clicks) and install the Linux OS. Minutes later after a couple of clicks that’s it, all done. It comes with the Office Suite, and all the accessories you could wish for.
    All software is free, and accessible from the Software Manager, or websites. I browse the web as normal using Firefox, I have Google Earth, Audacity, I play War Thunder, and I can edit videos, and photo’s. I am no geek, I have no magical powers, Linuxmint is an absolute replacement for Windows, and there is no learning curve between the two, everything works the way that you would logically expect it to. If you have any doubts then you can run it from the USB before you install it.
    You can also access any Windows files from Linux, I installed my Windows HD as a spare and copied across any files that I needed. It is now dormant.
    This all started 6-8 years ago, and I have never at any point been tempted to reinstall anything from Microsoft. If there are ever any glitches then there is always a solution on the forum, ask nicely and someone will always help. No risk of viruses, no software to buy. Ever. It is all free. There are regular updates and these are installed at the click of a button.
    Unless you have a specific reason for using Windows, why on earth use it? It makes no sense at all.

  6. Right now it is not important I don’t think, mostly, commercial now, what you want what you buy. If there is a clash of civilizations a civil war, a rebellion of the poor against the rich, then it will matter, then the Internet would be useless to us ordinary folks and our plans for survival. It is this time that Microsoft is preparing us for – be wise as a serpent.

  7. I am not a real techy, but I am on the Road to learning, I have heard this on every forum I have been on, so I am going to give it a try Thank you for the heads up

  8. The web link says “not found.” So now what?

  9. Thanks, this was really helpful.

    What do we need to know in light of the new Windows 10 updates?


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