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Keeping Your Preparation Secret: 5 Ways To Keep Lowlife Scum Off Your Doorstep

preparations secretFacebook. Instagram. Doomsday Preppers. Webcams. Photos. Most everywhere you look, you can find images of proud preppers and their well, preps. Got a new bunker in your backyard? Post pictures on the internet for all to see. Are you a fan of a certain brand of firearm? Put a bumper sticker of that gun manufacturer’s logo on your car. All of these things may seem like minor issues, but at the end of the day, they are anything but minor.

Operational security is a military term that essentially means the security necessary to deny the enemy any useful information about what you are doing, and it’s not just a term for military folks, either. It has lots of ramifications into the civilian prepper world – guidelines that most people who term themselves preppers ought to be following.

Consider that little good can come from revealing your plans to anyone outside your family unit. The information you inadvertently reveal about your preparations and plans is almost certain to arouse suspicion with authorities at various levels, not to mention opportunistic criminals. It’s not that preppers are engaged in any illegal activities – to whit, the overwhelming majority of those that take on the moniker of prepper or survivalist are overwhelmingly law abiding – it’s just that certain activities are twisted by some people into something they are not. A certain person might enjoy shooting, and acquire a perfectly legal gun collection only to be branded as “having an arsenal.” Another person might have a huge food stockpile and be termed a “hoarder” or even implicated of being insane.

The Essential Survival Secrets of The Most Vigilant…Most Skilled…Most Savvy Survivalists in the World!

The reasons for these perceptions mainly have to do with America’s shift to more leftist political leanings and general moral decay. There isn’t much that can be done about that problem, but there is much you can do about remaining operationally secure in your preps and not arouse attention. Here are some tips:

  1. Keep your mouth shut: It’s important to not volunteer more information than people need to know in any given conversation. Be wary about revealing too much information to strangers – if you’re thinking right now that you don’t talk to strangers, consider your average store purchase. If you buy a cart full of canned goods and the cashier asks if you’re planning for World War III, don’t take the bait. Oftentimes, store clerks and low level store employees act as tipsters to higher level people.
  2. Watch what you say in texts and email: Assume that nothing is secure with these forms of communication. Never write anything that would even be perceived as incriminating or reveal a clue as to what your preparations are. Best to not write it down for any reason, since as soon as you hit send, the communication is forever gone and no longer your property.
  3. Be wary of posting photos on the Internet: Besides vain bragging, what is to be gained by posting a photo of that new rifle or that pantry full of canned goods stacked from floor to ceiling? Even if you think the photo reveals little in terms of location, consider that many smartphones will attach a GPS coordinate to the metadata in the photo. This invisible geotag is by default on unless you disable it, and many people unwittingly send photos all over cyberspace with their full GPS coordinates embedded within. It’s an elementary process to see the geotag as well – anyone can do it within 30 seconds. Now that distant retreat cabin is no longer in a secure, undisclosed location – it is at precisely X GPS coordinates!
  4. Keep your ride anonymous: Don’t put little stickers on your car that show how many are in your family, where your son or daughter is an honor student at, or anything else that reveals where you live. Even car dealer license plate frames that show were you bought the car can even be used against you. Make sure your car has nothing on the outside that easily identifies you, and leave the interior devoid of items that would do the same.
  5. Keep your home anonymous: Do you often leave your garage door open so that passersby can see what’s inside? Consider that they can not only see the contents, but get a visual on where the interior door is that leads to the home and even what kind of lock is on it. At night, all drapes should be closed, making it harder for people to see in your home. All it takes is a clear night, open drapes, and a dime store telescope for someone to completely map out the layout of your home.

Operational security is essentially a big fancy word that means common sense. The less you tell others – not only by your spoken word but by your printed word, photographs or any other revealing information – the better off you will be.

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  1. All good advice except for one thing. As a Christian I am admonished, even commanded by Jesus Christ to be a good witness for the gospel of salvation by being obvious and outspoken in my Christian beliefs. I suppose this will mark me as an easy victim. I will try to follow your advice within these parameters.

    • This is my greatest fear… I have felt led by God to prepare for “something” for about 20 years. For those in my church, this is no secret. We are a small group and these people are my family. About 6 years ago, I received a clear word to warn people to prepare; very much the “watchman’s” warning. I did. At that time I felt what was coming was imminent. Now I believe just like Joseph, we’ve been given time to prepare. Interesting that next year it will be 7 years… That said, almost no one has heeded the warning. When this thing happens, I think I would be prepared for the “stranger” trying to steal… but what do you do when it’s your friend and family who has no food? We will share… And rely on God to provide.

      • remember to pray over your food and drink. God will make it stretch and there may even be leftovers. this goes for anything you are short on, even time.
        have experienced it myself.
        remember the Name of Power and use it to turn aside high winds, flood waters, et cetera. of course, if evacuation is called for do it.
        exercise wisdom.

        • Praying isnt going to help you lol being prepared and lucky if such a thing exists will help you . If god existed there wouldnt be a need to bug out , pretty sure its obvious by now he isnt around considering the horribe things going on every second in this world . Truth be told its actually selfish to think he’d save you but not the lives of millions of innocent children who die of horrible diseases every year. Cusnur so special umm no your just like everyone else , human and vulnerable to lifes turbulances .

        • Ignore the non-believers. Pray to God… trust in God. Submit to God. You follow the guidance of God & God’s ordained and what happens, happens. In the end, you will be able to stand in front of the Creator, knowing you did your best & God knows what your intentions were. The powerful have been brought down by God’s hand numerous times through history. While the ‘weak’ believer, labeled by the non-believer as insane, duped, etc… thrived when others who mocked them didn’t. Trust in God. Keep on praying. I’m talking from experience. I’m 51 yrs PAST the date medical science said I was to pass away. They have no idea why 😀 But it was prayers & laying on of hands that have brought me this far. I trust the Maker of All knows what is what, we mere mortals are just newbies 😀

      • You are wonderful. I hope there are more people in the world like you

    • Always remember John 18:10, being a good Christian doesn’t have to make you an easy mark!

      Also remember that charity begins at home. In a crisis, all good Christian people will be overwhelmed by a desire to help everyone that they can, and this should be the goal. But you can’t help to the point where your carefully gathered year’s worth of supplies vanishes into the community over night.

      It is therefore good to be vocal about prepping, within reason and within a select community. Folks in the church I attend (far too infrequently) are turning in a prepper direction, and those who have made the turn are gently prodding those who are interested in the right direction. I have offered a CCW classes at the church, and a good buddy of mine (who happens to be one of the elders) is trying to organize classes on food storage and self-sufficiency (Shout out to Lake Family Church!).

      We have strength in Christ and strength in the fellowship of believers, bound together we can overcome any adversity.

      • Just did an internet search of “lake family church” There is a nice one in Camdenton, Mo. 2 “Lake Country Family Church” in Delafield Wis. and Hartland Wis. 1 “North Lake Family Church” in Tarpon Springs Fla. That was just the first page and 1.3 seconds. This is the type of careless disclosures that the article is warning about. Start putting small bits and pieces together you can get a picture of someone

        • Probably right. I am already made and accept that, but in my enthusiasm to acknowledge a great little church I did commit an indiscretion. There doesn’t seem to be an edit button on my post however.

          I haven’t completely adjusted to life in an Orwellian time, and need to work on it. The thought police are always out there. Thanks for pointing it out to me, wish you had sent me that before the post!

    • As a Christian I also urge others to prepare for what is coming in the way of disasters, economic collapse, or hardships beyond our control….just not in my neighborhood. 🙂

      • Don’t forget this:
        I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

        • Thank you, that covers it all.

        • That verse applies to the lazy man who will not work to support his FAMILY. Not his extended family. He is not required to support his extended family. He should encourage his family (extended) to do the same. In fact, the Bible teaches in the Old Testament how to be prepared, how to protect your loved ones against thieves, and how to rotate your farm, or garden. As Christians we are not just supposed to lie there and let others trample on us, or peacefully stand by to allow others to steal from us. WWJD? In my opinion he would fight for the good of his family. If you feel so inclined (which ) do) you can always prepare small amounts of food in small bags to give out to those truly in need. Not go hog wild and invite every gun toting thief to take your storage. I own guns and fully intend to use them to protect myself and my family. And if you will read the Old Testament, you will see how the Lord has said it is ok to do so in circumstances that you need to.

  2. Numbers one, two, three, and five, are good sound advice to stay under the radar, and so is number four. However keeping your ride anonymous is a hard suggestion for me to follow. I always say what I think, and if someone does not like a bumper sticker that I have on my car, it’s just too bad for them. Ninety percent of the time if someone says something about my two stickers, it is positive. About ten percent will say something like: “What are you, some kind of neo-NAZI Fascist?”

    The stickers read: “Gun Control is being able to hit your target,” and “Get US OUT of the United Nations – Bring Our Troops Home.” How anyone would get the idea that those two things make one a Fascist, then they are either a strong-arm radical liberal, or a pure communist, and my stickers have identified them as such.

    Personally, I am not willing to give-up my freedom to speak out on the issues. I’ve been doing so for the past forty-five years and I’m not going to stop speaking out now. If anything my stickers give a layer of defense, especially the one regarding gun control. That is why I put NRA stickers on all entry doors of our home. Doing so is a deterrent to home invasions. If you warn a criminal that there may be a gun in the house, and they might just get their feathers dusted if they pass the portal, they will move on to a target that is more criminal friendly.

    People can get in arguments over anything, right down to a the sticker supporting their favorite football team, after all some people can be very stupid at times. Give up your right to “Freedom of Speech,” and you give-up all of your freedoms, and if we become so fearful of our government that we won’t take a stand publicly about a vital issue that affects our Liberties, then perhaps we don’t deserve any of them.

    • All these are great suggestions. I too, am a Christian and have been for many of my 65 years, and I also heed my Savior’s injunction to be a good and faithful witness of the truth of the Bible and the sufficiency of Jesus Christ to provide salvation for His sheep. But, as for the other information, that’s need-to-know only. No one other than my immediate family knows of the preparations I have made and am making, for the safety of my family, should the unthinkable happen and our resident dictator-wanna-be try to assume totalitarian control, or one of a myriad other disaster’s happen to our country. To put it bluntly, its none of their business whether I have one rifle or twenty. In the event of a disaster, I will, of course, heed the Biblical teachings about ministering to the needs of those less fortunate, but not at the expense of my family being killed or my wife/daughters-in-laws being raped by some midget-brained individual whose brains lie in his underpants.

      • God’s word also says “Love your neighbor as yourself, and Do unto others as you would gave then do unto you”. I believe in being prepared, BUT I don’t think we can pick and choose what parts of the Bible we wish to follow. Our life is a gift, and we SHOULD be careful with it, but can you call yourself a Christian if you let a child starve because the parents were unprepared? Would you let a neighbor child starve now? If you TRULY adhere to The Almighty’s word he will provide. It may mean you go hungry a few days, but won’t starve. Or like manna you may have little choice. I very much enjoy the info here. As a parent of a beautiful , smart child with dwarfism I find your “midget brain” comment offensive. Would you love one of your children being called a “retard’ if he had a learning disability? Please think about it.
        1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV
        So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

    • We are now at war. In war you get wounded or killed when you stand up and announce yourself to your enemy or their supporters. Discretion is advised over pushing your unsolicited opinions on others publicly. Flaunting your personal beliefs on bumper stickers is useless. You will convert no one… however, you will draw needless and unwanted attention to yourself. It is a known fact that some police officers target vehicles with certain conservative and or pro-gun bumper stickers.

    • Those NRA stickers announce that you have guns, so as soon as they know you aren’t home they can break in and take them at their leisure. Another person who totally missed the point of this article.

    • IMHO, your NRA and bumper stickers are simply adverising to the world that your home contains firearms to steal. A prudent burglar would simply wait until you are away, not charge in and risk getting shot. If SHTF, many will understand that the best selection of firearms is to be found at the Cold Dead Hands Store. Grey man, grey house, grey car.

  3. FINALLY!! Everytime I see a program such as Doomsday Preppers, a vehicle with family # stickers, or a webpage, blog or folks screaming “Look at Me, Look at Me”, I CRINGE!

    Home: We live in a northern city of about 60,000. Our house is old, but we keep the property very clean & grow elephant ears & large tropicals in the front yard. Not too fancy, even so, we stand out because its soooo clean compared to our neighbors.

    Work: I stopped keeping family photos at the desk after it was revealed that the guy always admiring people’s photos was let go for surfing child porn! We thought he was just “family lonely”.

    Friends: We don’t flash travel photos to friends or extended family. We have our memories and have made it a practice to put photos on DVD and watch them in a slide show in private. Showing everyone photos of your travels causes envy. Once we asked a “Friend” to keep an eye on the house while we travelled to South America and he commented “It must be nice travelling while folks are struggling!”

    This eye opener was totally not expected.

    With that said, this is an excellent article! I would like to keep to myself whatever “privacy” Im still allowed, and that would include mental. Telling all your business makes one vulnerable.

  4. govtrtumbull they will just wait till you are not home….what about my “zombie outbreak response team sticker? would that be O.K.?

  5. Not to mention that FEMA will steal your stash if an emergency is declared. They don’t want anyone to look better off than anyone else, lest it cause”unrest.” How do you keep them out of your business?

    • CWO(R) Ranger Rodney Powers

      NO !!! Keep a low profile means give no indicators of who you are and what you are about. Keep everyone guessing. Thieves are going for the easiest targets and victims first. Why waste time and effort on someone you have no indication they have what they want.

      Do not invite trouble. Do not let your hummingbird ass, over load your alligator mouth. There is always some one or people who are badder than you are on your best day.

      22 or 23 years in Special Forces assignments most of it on ODAs aka A-Teams not some paper pushing rear area puke. Officers in Special Forces other than Warrant Officers only get a year to 18 months on average on an A-team. Thus, have little if any real world operational experience. No offense there to you Commanders and Staff pukes who shuffle papers for a living. Just telling the facts as they really are in this world. Most if not all of “their information” is second or third hand. Do not like this??? To bad the truth is the truth, so deal with it.

      CWO(R) Ranger Rodney, 180A, 18C, 18F, 11B, 11C

      Been there and done all of that at a TIER ONE LEVEL FOR MANY YEARS.

    • the first thing you do so ‘they’ wont have more info than needed is be careful of magazines you subscribe to. get a NRA mag and you have the info going right to the person that sends it. if the gov wants to get a list, theres a place to start. second, get the mags at barnes and noble and pay cash. third, read rule #1 again, keep your mouth shut. 🙂

      • Also a good place for some survival/prepper books you can get for cash is your local TRACTOR SUPPLY CO. I have chickens so im there frequently, and I can’t conceal them, but they have books there on canning, gardening,long term food storage, edible wild plants, etc. Also animal grade penicillin and other medical supplies. Farm stores don’t look twice at someone with a bag of chicken feed buying animal medicines and gardening/preserving books. If I needed anything, that’s how I’d do it.

  6. I live in a state that has numbered plates per county. So by just looking at my vehicle, you can tell what county I live in. The only way to avoid this is to have a personalized plate, which can be easily tracked by following the car.

    Other than that, I agree with all the things in this article. I don’t even tell my family I am prepping. I just tell them I can food when I find it on sale or grow it in my garden.

  7. Preparation for the inevitable is wise

    No society can long endure penalizing its productive and moral people while rewarding its non-productive and immoral people.
    Ergo, being prepared is wise.
    What will certainly go wrong:
    [] the “dollar bill” will become useless (it is already worthless, by law).
    [] international trade will falter (this will affect access to fuel and “cheap” imports).
    [] the recipient class will riot once the flow of benefits is turned off.
    [] food and other necessities will become scarce.

    Wise Ant saith : store up supplies for 24 months and hide them from Gestapo Grasshoppers.
    If possible, adapt your domicile to be disaster resistant, resilient, autonomous and defensible.
    Expect a breakdown in civil government, and do not rely on the socialist safety net.

  8. EgbertThrockmorton

    We have several different vehicle magnets that I/we use for traveling in unfriendly states and cities, these are placed on the vehicle to “camouflage” the vehicle’s occupants and the vehicle itself from vandalism as well as from carjacking, robbery, etc. Magnets are easily removed and placed in different positions, making it VERY difficult for anyone trying to mark your vehicle as a target or for surveillance.
    While we are life members of the NRA and are concealed weapons permit holders (also a retired law enforcement officer), there is NOTHING we wear, have on us, or on/in the vehicle that would tip anyone to these facts. We WANT to be as “grey” as possible, we want to be ignored. Low profile is the way to go, always.
    Besides, those “family” vinyl stickers on the back of many vehicles, are a child predator’s wet dream waiting to happen, DON’T use them at all.

    • Thank you for sharing the tip Mr. Egbert. My dad is retired law enforcement from many years ago, and was always careful with anything said and passed that down to me.
      I live in a semi rural/urban area of Nebraska, and I have had several checkout people ask about what I am buying. My ears are generally pricked up all the time anyway, and my last purchases, I was buying sugar and the checkout lady asked why I was buying it. I mentioned I am baking for the Holidays and it shut her up, I also mentioned that it was none of her business anyway.
      I generally purchase bulk anyway, as I am not a fond person of people in general anyway, and I hate shopping so I shop once a month. We have a lot of dope heads, meth heads and what ever else creeps around. A lot of new faces coming in from all parts of the country as it seems that our state wants everyone to know that we have more work available than other states, so we get the trash from the urban areas that bring their habits with them.

  9. I am wondering if I should “unfriend” all the prepping and survival pages on Facebook? I pick up a lot of info from them and it’s helping me learn how to do what I need to do. I discuss at home not telling people what we plan on doing. I only just recently learned that my own father is prepping! It gave us something in common to talk about as I was not raised by him. A co-worker mentioned wanting to start a prepper community but only people with useable skills would be able to join. Hmmmm… Made me think about what I could contibute. I don’t tell people as I live in such a densely populated area. No sense advertising for people to take what little we have.

    Advice on the Facebook pages?

    • As far as the Facebook thing goes, remember that anything on Facebook can be kept public whether you make it so or not. Facebook doesn’t go away and is very searchable. I personally try not to link to other sites or make any comments/posts/picture updates about anything I am not comfortable with the entire world seeing.

    • You would be wise to not join, link to, or “like” any web site or sociial site that can be construed as anti-government. All prepper sites will soon be on the watched list. I keep my links to web sites such as this one on a password protected Word document in my PC. The links are copied and pasted into my Word doc as active links so I can just click on them. Bookmarking links in your toolbar or bookmark folder can be seen by any web server spider that searches your PC, and that most likely is going on as you read this. To clear Facebook requires your removing all pictures and posts manually one at a time. If you just cancel your Facebook account the images, and posts and all included info will stay in the FaceBook servers indefinitely in case you ever want to renew your facebook account in the future. However, if you manually remove incriminating images and posts in facebook and let the account remain online for 90 days more, then the deleted info is deleted in the server also. Same thing on Youtube. I cleaned up my social sites and even removed 4 of my personal web sites from my servers. This is no longer just a fun thing to entertain ourselves with online. It has become a serious and risky business. Disappearing in plain sight is wise.

    • drop facebook ASAP

  10. “low level employee”?? Wow,,,,thanks for the bash,,,

    • know nothing nobody

      If the term “Junior Employee” had been used, would you feel better? Really, stop being so title sensitive and just listen to the intent of the message. Political Correctness is KILLING our country….along with frivolous lawsuits and corrupt politicians

  11. Good common sense advice in this article. I’ll add soemthing to it… I have different cashes of survival gear stashed away that even my wife does not know about. I’ve seen her totally freak out simply because the power was off for 3 days due to a storm. We’ve been married for 38 years and I know her well enough to realize that if the gov comes knocking at the door threatening to arrest us if we don’t give up our preps, she will tell them where it is. I am a realist. I can’t trust anyone but myself with important secrets. If I die or am taken away, I’ve left coded directions for my son to the cahes that will be found.

    • Also married 38 years, and just as you I keep most of my stash a secret from the spouse. She would not agree with the need or some of the contents, and likely would share her opinions with others, thus making them less than secret.

  12. I don’t know how I found this site, and I probably may never be able to find it again. That said, THANK YOU for all the wonderful advice. I am a widow with children, I proudly put a huge decal “in Memory of my husband and his birthday and dod” on the back of my car with a vanity licence plate stating I was HISMRS! I feel like an idiot! While I am not thrilled about removing the decal that honor’s my husband, I feel finding this site has been a message directly to wake me up and help me be more careful. No one needs to know I am a single mom – and I am sure my dear husband would be happier to know I have found a way to protect myself and those I love even if it means getting rid of the decal and the plate. I will always love him and he always promised to take care of me. This could be his way of reaching out to me to make sure I am safe.

    I hope I can find you again. I hope I can continue to learn more. God Bless all of you for your wonderful advice!

  13. ThunderBritches

    This. Is. Great. I have recently started learning to be grey after seeing many strange things happening in lieu of JH15. Disclaimer: I am by no means a good Christian. I should be a better one for my children, though I do teach them and they are very aware of the Lord and The Bible. With that said, I had a dream a few days ago about the Rapture. It truly scared me because I’ve never thought about it or the fact that it could happen at any time. In the dream, basically everyone in my neighborhood was being raptured as my family was grilling dinner on the porch. That was it. The next day, I by chance came across a random thing about JH. At that point, I forgot about the dream until I started reading up on it. I am by no means a conspiracy theorist, but have some preparations in order…just in case SHTF for ANY reason. The things I watched and read really opened my eyes. I live in a huge city. And when I started paying attention, I noticed about 95% of the homeless I see on a daily basis are no longer around. This scares me. Truly. To get back to the article, I realized just how pink and red and orange I was. Grey has become my favorite color. The only things people will know about me by my vehicle is I like the FL Gators ( even though I’m thousands of mile from my home state) and I like Apple products. Their logo is adorable. My old vehicle was riddled with firearm stickers, family decals. No more. I’ve taken down my entrance sign that says “We love Jesus, our vacuum works great. If you ain’t selling cookies or weapons, walk away!” Just last night, I’ve cleansed my home of the extreme things that shows our love of weapons. I felt bad putting my deceased step fathers sword away, but if it keeps us safe in a raid, he would understand. Our home is now more grey than a wool sweater. There are no longer photos of firearms on my social media, no joke memes about them, nothing. It took hours to delete everything lol. To my fellow Americans, keep your noses clean. As I stated about that dream, it put the fire of Jesus in me, and I am afraid for everyone and everything. Thank you for this article. It really opened my eyes.

  14. Dear christians, a bunch of years ago i would have argued seriously with you even before i would have totally agreed with you.

    Now i just say one thing jesus ohh your jesus was an awakened (spiritually) being, like Osho, like Socrates, your christ has been misunderstood.(it is why christianity exists now) Don’t panic, don’t just answer to me because i have said something you don’t like.

    Consider it. Jesus existed, he was amazing, yes. He said beautiful things.
    Look at osho’s teachings.

    I don’t say what i said is the absolute and holy truth. I always keep in mind the possibility that i have said bullshit.

    Take notes 😀


  15. because many walk thru life in their controlled fall fingers flying around upon the text screen they see little of what happens about themselves. our awareness is now limited to a seven inch screen. Even if we are prepared in having enough to eat and drink not many really know their neighbor two doors down. they don’t know where they work or play or even who their family are With a crisis many will find their way to a relatives home for security. can you trust their judgment? In a crisis neighbors will need to form a union. rules must be made and kept. if you vote to expel others relatives be ready for it happening to yours as well. We as a nation have put up barriers between us. force us together and we will have friction. we have also been divided by our government. each will contribute to our demise.

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