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letters to the editor

An Appreciation For Eskimo Survival Skills

Today I had to go outside to get something and it was only -20 so I just threw on my boots and a jacket, no gloves or warm pants. Thought I was only going to be outside about 10 minutes or so.

I was only outside for 5 minutes when my hands and face started to ache with the cold. I pushed through the pain and finished the task I’d come outside to do, but I suffered for my haste and lack of preparation.

When I got back inside, I hurt all over and had to lie down for about 10 minutes before the pain was gone. Bottom line is that cold can kill you and the only difference between 0 degrees and -20 is that it will definitely kill you faster. You’ve got to give these people a lot of credit for learning how to live in conditions that are almost beyond human endurance.



I’m an Alaskan Native, and a lot of what you post here, we still do! I’m not from near the coast, but I know people that are and they still hunt seal and the one time I was at a coastal village, someone got a beluga whale, so a lot of people from the village went to go get some of the whale.

Thanks for writing this up, and I’m really impressed at how accurate this is (still to this day).




  1. Hello there,

    I’m a journalist with Barcroft Media, an international press and TV production agency.

    I’m sure you get a lot of requests for this sort of thing – but it would be great if you were able to help,

    We make TV shows for Nat Geo and Discovery and are looking for new off-the-grid talent to work with us on a one of documentary about living off the land.

    I’m looking for someone who lives in a visually interesting place like forest / mountains and lives off the grid there.

    If there’s anyway you could point me in the right direction – that would be great.

    Many thanks,
    John Balson
    347 369 6777

  2. Is there someone you could suggest who would have knowledge about my questions?
    I’ am a widow living in suburban Chicago and wish I could move to some place isolated but I can’t., so I need a huge container for potable water (saw a pair that totals 365 gal), some type of generator (does the gas delivered by piping into my home for stove and dryer still run after an EMP otherwise battrey or solar because I ca’t haul gas without a car), some sort of heat for Chicago winters, and even an inhouse cook stove. And is there some sort of product that takes care of the human waste that the power outage interrupts?

    Could you please suggest some options?

  3. The last sentence on 15 vital things pioneers stock piled; wood piled like a breast plate against attacks from Native Americans. Did you find this as Vital information. Indians killing pioneers. Unfair and historically inaccurate. I’m disappointed to read that. I’ve been sharing your news letters for years.
    Good bye

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