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Oregon Scientists Warn Major Earthquake Is Due

earthquake damage

Oregon scientists are warning that the state is due for a mega-earthquake that would cut off parts of the state for five years and stop power from flowing in the rest of the state for months.

While California may be the state most-often associated with earthquakes, Oregon is also situated along a major fault line, although the massive geological fault off the northwest coast of the United States has been dormant for 300 years. Scientists did not discover until the 1980s that the Cascadia subduction zone was indeed an active fault which posed a severe threat to Oregon.

The state is “like an eight-and-a-half-month pregnancy, due any time now” for a major earthquake, Althea Rizzo, geology hazard coordinator for the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, said this month.

A decade after the Cascadia subduction zone danger was realized, Oregon state building codes were altered to address the earthquake threat. In 1999 the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries created a damage and loss study to identify the statewide impact of a Cascadia Oregon earthquake or tsunami. Due to the number of tsunamis and earthquakes documented along the Cascadia subduction zone, scientists are urging Oregon officials and residents to get prepared for the “next big one.”

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“A lot of you may have moved her from California to escape them, but the fact is, Oregon is earthquake country,” Rizzo said. “… It’s going to shake here. Single family homes will bounce off their foundations. Landslides will cause transportation between I-5 and [Highway] 101 on the coast to be cut off for three to five years.”

oregon earthquake warningThe Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission prepared a February report for the Oregon legislature, showing the impact the state would receive from the “big one.” The findings were eye-opening.

“Available studies estimate fatalities ranging from 1,250 to more than 10,000 due to the combined effects of earthquake and tsunami, tens of thousands of buildings destroyed or damaged so extensively that they will require months to years of repair, tens of thousands of displaced households, more than $30 billion in direct and indirect economic losses (close to one-fifth of Oregon’s gross state product), and more than one million dump truck loads of debris,” the report said.

Rizzo said there is a 37 percent chance that a monster earthquake will occur in the state sometime during the next 50 years. Emergency management experts in Oregon predict such a mega quake would cripple refinery gas lines, down the electrical system, and make transportation on the interstate come to a screeching halt after overpasses and bridges collapse. All this destruction would reportedly stem from approximately two to four minutes of ground shaking and weeks of stability-stressing aftershocks.

The destruction is also expected to cause liquefaction if the ground is saturated with water, causing “causing hardware, such as sewer systems, septic lines and gas tanks, to rise up out of the earth,” the Mail Tribune newspaper reported.

Electricity in the valley would be cut off for one to three months, while power in the coastal regions would be off three to six months, according to the report to the legislature. Drinking water and sewer services would be out in the valley up to one year, and along the coast one to three years. It would take health care facilities along the coast up to three years to get back to normal, and those in the valley areas about 18 months.

Top-priority highways would take six to 12 months to repair.

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  1. This is a very misleading article, try comparing how many 3.0 through 5.0 earthquakes have struck California in the last oh, I dunno..say 7 years and compare that to what Oregon experienced in the same time period.
    Maybe even try comparing ALL of Oregon with just a few counties in California and you will see that Oregon is virtually earthquake free.
    All the talk and fear is generated from an “over due earthquake” ie; a mythical quake, not any recent REAL quakes such as all of California, North, South, East and West has experienced.
    While people and scientists in the Northwest have spent the last 15 years talking up and hyping “the big one” in Ore/Wash., California has experienced dozens of REAL quakes, some of them large enough to do real damage.

    Talking/researching/writing about proposed earthquakes even BIG ones just isnt the same as living in TRUE earthquake country.
    In fact if you google “earthquakes in Oregon” up pops lots of information about..Overdue for the Big One, Cascadia 1700 and “Major Quake in Northwest…someday in the future”
    Once again my Oregonian friends….Ore-Wash is NOT earthquake country.
    Try living near Parkdale California, even 100 miles away will do and see what its like to have 2, 3 maybe even 4 quakes a year shake your house.
    Stating that Oregon is Earthquake country is like stating that The Mid East will be led into peace..yeah someday maybe, but certainly not next Wednesday…..or any time in the near future.

    • As one who lived in Seattle for several decades, I am here to tell you that “Flipper” isn’t nearly as smart as a porpoise. I can tell a few stories about watching the brick buildings across the street from us collapse, while telephone poles swayed like fishing rods in a bass tournament, cars were crushed by falling brick, and so on. And his “logic” is not. The theme of the overdue quakes is that pressure is building, and that can lead to something enormous. Is it not possible that if an area has more small earthquakes much of the pressure is released, as we see in much of California? So, let us not pay too much attention to non-experts. They often think they have a monopoly on “common sense.,” when in reality they are just loud and shallow. Listen to scientists.

      • great reply. in fact today there were 5 strong sized quakes off the coast of oregon, biggest being 5.9, all within 24 hours. then alaska with one close to land.
        keen observations indeed. i hope people are prepared. better than not and nothing occurs.

        • This is very scary stuff I just read about the big shake happing in Oregon,oregon country uh it can happen we’re 12years in depth over the limit the last big shake 300 hundred years ago scary stuff I just say to oregon keep doing your homework and keep a strong prayer & believe in your creator who ever it is maybe stay strong

    • acually your wrong.this hsas been proven along time ago.your funeral though, but im in portland, so it mght be mine too

  2. Springfield, Oregon just had a 4.2 this morning (9 miles outside of town). That’s over 60 miles inland.

  3. Ryan Tee-Tawn (@RyanTee82)

    They’ve been saying “the big one” is coming for 20+ years now. Let’s just assume it could happen at any moment rather than repeating ad nauseum the “its coming soon!” line…

  4. I have been preaching for around 30yrs. But I was praying in my living room before they had said anything about a earthquake in oregon. God spoke to me and said earthquake.I shook with fear. I said where lord he said draw a star point out from portland or. Seattle washington he said 27 miles he said it will be over a 9.0 and go for almost 10 mins.
    I don’t need to here anyone talk about the big one but when God spoke beleave me. It is on its way. GOD has used me in my ministry to tell people things ask anyone who knows me from my years in the ministry. They will tell you get ready its comming. So pray. And like the other person said its better to be ready and it not happen than to not be ready and it happens..God be with you all.

    • If there were a God, we wouldn’t be HAVING earthquakes. Get real.

      • Think again and read your Bible. God speaks of an earthquake near the end that will shake the whole earth.

        • Yes, read the book that’s a compilation of stories, written by mortal men to empower them and give hope. At a time when science can decipher our enigmas and predict the future, it is sad that some don’t recognize this human achievement, and instead hang on to belief against logic and reason for ones’ desire of immortality.

          • It is apparent this person has no spiritual development at all and does not understand the Bible is one of the oldest history books. Archeology has proven many events occurred exactly as these mortal men(God inspired) recorded. If you really want to disprove God and a spiritual life beyond, I recommend you read books by those people who have died on the table, including a neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander, and returned. He did not believe in anything beyond death either.

      • This comment lacks sense. Natural events are God-driven because he created the world. What is your idea of God? A candy land personna?

    • Firstly, it’s not myth. The Cascadia earthquake happens every 300-500 years. It has been 315 years since the last one, so it is very likely that the earthquake will happen sometime in the next 50-100 years. And no, this isn’t a local quake like what happened in LA twenty years ago. It’s not the same as the 1906 San Fran earthquake. The Cascadia earthquake would be a powerhouse earthquake, perhaps one of the biggest on earth in any one hundred year period. It will rip through the region from Vancouver Island, all the way down to northern California. Because of it’s immensity, it will shake all of Oregon, Washington, and northern California. Liberty Bell in Philadelphia will ring just as it did during a 9.2 Richter scale quake in Alaska in the 1960’s.
      This will be a quake not like any California quake.
      But, yeah, there is a lot of hype. When you think about the risks, it’s very unlikely that it will happen in the next forty years, but it could happen. Eighty year out? Well, now it’s more likely. 160 years out? Very likely. 200 years out? Almost certain to happen.

    • Mack, you’re talking to yourself when you pray, and thinking it’s God. Yeah, my friend, earthquakes happen in Oregon. Always have. My question is why did your God miss the May 18th eruption of Mt St Helens? Not one supposes preacher nor so-called prophet in Washington predicted it. Not one. Oh there were some preachers who jumped on the band wagon when the mountain erupted in March 1980. They all jumped on the band wagon and predicted judgement. But not one of them predicted it before March.
      And yeah, there were some cucky preachers who lived in the shadow of the mountain and predicted an eruptions, but that’s easy to do. The mountain is an active volcano, bound to erupt at some point. Funny though, because preachers and prophets have been predicting the end of Seattle because of Mt. Ranier. Hasn’t happened dude. In fact, Ranier isn’t likely to go boom anytime soon. It’s on a 300 year cycle. It erupted in the early 1800’s and isn’t due to erupt again until 2100. But even funnier is that only 25% of Ranier eruptions have been bad for the Puget Sound Lowlands. So, basically, every 1200 years there is a horrible eruption that would devastate Seattle. The last one added a whole two miles of waterfront to the Seattle area just before the birth of your Christ. So relax my friend. You can’t predict earthquakes, or volcanoes, or floods. If you could, then I have a job for you. Go to the Midwest and help save people’s lives by telling them what cities will be hit by tornadoes that year.

    • Hello Mack, I just saw your post about major earthquake in Oregon and God speaking to you about it. I am a believer, and have had a vision of a major tsunami hitting here on the Oregon coast and that vision was about two years ago God gave me this vision twice within three days of eachother I haven’t received anything more about this since then. Has God revealed anything more since he spoke to you aboutthis situation?

      • I don’t want to jump on the “God” band wagon but my mother said she too felt god revealed the earth quake and tsunami to her. After having my first child I had a dream that I was holding my daughter and water swept our home away and we were delivered to a new place. I don’t know much but the Lord works in mysterious ways.

  5. Just be smart and expect the earthquake today and every day you wake and it has not hit. Other wards be prepared and store ahead your vital commodities and non perishable foods along with first aid supplies. Be prepared to drop,cover,and hold. Don’t forget your water.

  6. Weird earthquake was supposed to happen in early January

  7. What scares me the most is that so many people ignore science, and cling to beliefs that have no basis in science or reason. It wouldn’t be such a problem if not for the fact that they try to tell everyone else what to think and how to behave, and attempt to control what is taught in our schools, as they go smugly about destroying the small planet we live on. A good-sized earthquake is such a small threat in comparison. Look at how uneducated most of the people seem that spout this stuff the loudest.

    • Amen, brother! That’s sarcasm for you bible thumpers. Take that fear mongering and shove it. God forbid ignorant morons who speak on his imaginary behalf have any sway over people. Religion has no reason and at least science will admit when it’s wrong.

  8. Two Sundays ago at 2:00 am three of us in Rvs at fairview rv park woke up to our trailers shaking. We gathered outside the next day to talk about what it could be… then we heard there were over 100 earth quakes at Mt. Hood. We guessed we had one in this area….

  9. You know if the devils who speak against God. Would take time out and listen to there scientist.
    They would know that the sysmotoligist . Are predicting it to be over a 9 .0 on the rector scale.
    That it will kill 1200 to 10,000. So if I was you like the others say it is better to be ready than not be prepared.
    Some of you remind me of a man in Louisiana , God spoke to me to tell him to set his house in order he was going to die. I seen a black 18 wheeler comming at him , with a death angel on the hood his wings folded back in black. But he was like you he blew it off. I told him you dont have long this truck is moving fast.
    So he left there making mockery to like some of you are. But five days later . He had been running me down to a brother. He left there pulled out on the road and an 18 wheeler hits his van and cut his head off. I didn’t ask for this calling. But if I pray and seek God and like the earth quake. It may happen tonight tomorrow or 80 yrs but it is on its way.
    .I would rather pray to a living God. Than listen to unlearned people like those mocking him. And be saved. Than to die in the quake and go to a devils hell.

    • Bruh check this out. Dr.Strom has everything figured out. The bible is just stories man. Think about it. God is not real. Why do u think theres an old testament and a new one? Because people are adding new shit. The bible is suppose to be a metaphorical guideline to life based on morals. If mortal men wrote it, then what you are saying is you dont believe scientists who actually study and experiement to find things out, but you believe people who decided to write a book about a “God” who created the earth and is looking over us from the sky.. It just doesnt make sense. You dont need to hang on to that belief just because you need some type of guidence in life. Get guidance from yourself and if you choose to read the bible then take it as a moral setting guideline to your life. God is not some invincible supernatural being. God is you and you need to watch over yourself and guide yourself

  10. This news item of today warning Oregonians of what’s to come regarding a mosnter earthquake ties in perfectly well with a study conducted by University of California scientists some three years ago regarding the monster earthquake in Chile in 2011 and the similarities between the continental shelfs and tectonic plates’ subduction phenomena in Chile, Peru, and the U.S. West Coast from California to Oregon and Washington. This study was the subject of a Discovery Channel or History Channel or Nationa Geographic Channell documentary – I can’t remember which. The 1952 Chilean monster earthquake -9.5 or thereabouts- in Concepción wiped out its port and city, with the water mark on the cliffs framing the bay reaching 400 masl. In Peru as well as along the Oregon and Washington coast there has been a 300 year lull, with the last truly monster quake in Peru happening in 1742 or so. I have experienced very large earthquakes in Peru, in 1966, 1970, 1974, all of them above 7.0 to perhaps 8.5 in intensity. The one in 1970 had its epicenter in the ocean north of Lima I believe, but its worst effects were in Yungay, where perhaps 1.5 million tons of ice and rock broke off from Mt. Huascarán, falling into Lake LLanganuco, causing milliosnof tons of water, mud and rocks to avalanche into the town of Yungay killing 30,000 people with the only survivors being those who rushed to the cementery which was atop a hill, where agriculture was harder. The rational thing to do is toevacuate coastal towns that are mainly resorts and beach towns, and to make sure that only strictly necessary edifications at below some 50 masl remain with bedroom communities and others relocated accordingly. But no one likes to be too concerned about these things; history makes for a poor teacher.

  11. the bible is not just stories. and god is real. He loves us so dearly and you don’t even know how much he loves all of us. So don’t go around telling people that god is not real, because god is real. But those people that don’t believe are blinded that they don’t see that he is. And i know some people don’t believe, but that’s your problem.

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