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Wall Street Expert Says Get A Gun, Bug-Out Bag To Survive Financial Crisis

financial collapse, wall street, bug-out bagA well-known Wall Street expert is warning Americans that a financial collapse could be just around the corner – and that concerned citizens better arm and prepare themselves.

David John Marotta, a financial advisor who also writes for Forbes, has written a series of articles for his website where he describes the dire financial state of America and the potential fallout if the economy does crumble. He even says those who are concerned should get a “bug-out” bag.

His series of columns was reported by The Washington Examiner and has gone viral.

“The survivalist fear is that when they are hungry, humans lose all moral sensibility and revert to their base cannibalistic instincts. The idea is that you need to get out of the city and find a place which is safe from mobs, anarchy, riots or whatever,” he writes.

Marotta actually disagrees with those who believe society will completely crumble during a financial collapse, although he acknowledges it is very possible.

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“Civilization can break down and survivalist’s concerns about the envy and violence in society cannot be completely dismissed,” he writes. “Societal breakdowns have happened in history and we can’t eliminate such a possibility in the future. There is the possibility of a precipitous decline, although a long and drawn out malaise is much more likely.”

The US economy, Marotta warns, is teetering on a crisis.

“I, along with many other economists, agree with many of the concerns expressed in these dire warnings,” he writes. “The growing debt and deficit spending is a tax on those holding dollars. The devaluation in the US dollar risks the dollar’s status as the reserve currency of the world. Obamacare was the worst legislation in the past 75 years. Socialism is on the rise and the NSA really is abrogating vast portions of the Constitution. I don’t disagree with their concerns.”

Marotta also recommends that concerned Americans carry bug-out bags – and a gun.

“Firearms are the last item on the list, but they are on the list,” he writes, referencing a list of items to include in a bug-out bag. “There are some terrible people in this world. And you are safer when your trusted neighbors have firearms. … A bug out bag is a good idea depending on where you live even if the emergency is just power outages, earthquakes and hurricanes. And with your preparedness you will be equipped to help others who might be in need.”

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  1. This is so scary! I’ve been waiting for almost 6 months for my house to sell so I can move out of state to my survival/homestead/bug out place to start pepping. With each passing month and each new story like this, I am becoming desperate and am afraid that by the time I get there, it will be too late. I don’t have any money to do anything to prepare right now, I will have to use the meager profit I make off the sale of my current home. I KNOW a financial collapse is coming thanks to the Fiat system of currency, the WTO and NAFTA. It is unavoidable.

    • dirtpoor,

      Don’t fear, Fear makes you make bad choices.

      This website has a myriad of info to help you. Start small with some camping supplies ie: waterproof matches, mylar blankets, water filter/straw, hobo knife, can/ bottle opener, flashlight, crank powered weather radio, can opener, some kind of knife (survival maybe?), a length of rope, a tarp, canned meat (tuna or deviled ham, your prefence), things you can quickly put into a bug out bag, etc. Look for these items on the cheap (check out walmart or Kmart’s camping sections).

      Also if (or should I say when!) the money system collapses I have a stupid question; why would you be worried if your house will sell? You won’t own it anymore anyway the bank will. I’m not suggesting that you default on your loan, what I’m saying is that you should worry about the things that you can control and do your best to prepair for the things that you can’t and most of all trust GOD and lean not on your own understanding because Jesus will NEVER fail you if you are his.
      Occupy until HE comes!

      • Walmart now carries canned (US) Keystone meat at approx. $6.20 a can for 28 oz and it’s good stuff. I emailed the company and their meats have a shelf life of (FDA) 5+ yrs and it tastes good, note: no preservatives-none. current batch canned in late 2013, 5 yrs. 2018. This is part of my stores and growing… God bless

      • Be careful here. Don’t think the goodwill built into the previous system will extend to the new system. Those with debt could face debtor’s prison. And resolving debt is something a believer in Christ is supposed to do. There are increasing cases now of those in prison for not repaying debt. The irony of a government paying millions of people welfare to not work and then imprisoning working folks with debt to basically work for free boggles the mind.

    • I used to be afraid as well but realized the only thing I should be doing was trusting the one who can bring us through all this-GOD. The rest of the things I needed to do was prepare as Joseph prepared. Note Jesus’ recommendation of buying a sword…

  2. Great story line. I would be concern about the can tuna fish and any contamination from Japan. Reports are showing tuna having high levels of radiation coming from Japan. Not eating anything from the West coast. Soon perhaps the east coast too. Eating fish from local lakes and rivers. Sooner or later we will not be able to eat anything. Be prepared and God Bless. SP

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  4. Ya’ll are all idiots getting excited about nothing. If the economy did fall, what would a bug-out bag with a few items in it do for you? Anything you could carry in a bag, like food, would be consumed in no time and you would be back to square one. Then would would you do? Steal food from someone else while on-the-run? The whole prep excitement is BS.

    I do long distance hiking for fun. Believe me – Any amount of supplies you can carry on your back won’t last long at all. Matches are used up in no time, clothing become dirty and worn out fast. You wouldn’t last long on-the-run from whatever you’re running from. Even if something DID happen.

    The best option would be to stay put regardless.

  5. Have to agree with you on some points Greg. The economy is going to take another big dump, just a question of when and how bad. Best hope for most would be to prep at home and stay home, if one can. We do live in the deep sticks and are ready to stay here. I do think an urban dweller could do the same and be alright, with a bit of foresight. Any shelter and food is better than none……..

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