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7 New Laws To Watch Out For, Episode 191

court-justice-scales-gavel-jpg--1-Hosts Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy look at seven of the most significant new laws this year and explain how they could impact you.

Did you hear about the Connecticut law that forced gun owners to stand in line for hours in late December to register their guns – out of fear of arrest on Jan. 1?

What about the California law that will impact parental rights and the minds of young children by allowing boys to use girls’ restrooms, and vice versa?

Then there’s the one out of New York City that could do away with horse-drawn carriages – yes, the very same kind that George Washington rode in, on his way to his New York inauguration in 1789.

But that’s just scratching the surface. Find out about others on this week’s episode of Off The Grid Radio.

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  1. Here’s another consideration in all these laws that criminalize the POTENTIAL to cause harm.

    All the cell phone, text, eating, makeup, etc. “distracted driving” laws that have come in the last few years not withstanding, it is always morally contrary to destroy property or injure, maim and kill people with your car, power tools, construction negligence, etc.

    If I drive distracted AND cause harm, there are ample laws to hold me accountable for my actions. All these laws that get inside our cars to criminalize our potential to cause harm are WRONG. They are contrary to liberty. Our society has become a risk-averse population that clamors to make laws against all the little potential harms that “they” don’t like.

    We MUST fight back against this. I am not accountable for anything UNTIL I cause harm. “No harm, no foul.”

    We’re ceding our liberty through not resisting and railing against all this criminalization of risky potential.

    KJ Sparks

    • I agree. It’s pointing towards a “thought crime” society. Just like in Minority Report, the movie, which, of course, is exaggerated but interestingly, Hollywood always makes movies that point toward what is coming in the future in real life. Start watching the similarities.

    • Keep emphasizing the term “Liberty”, the fullest context, especially around the youngsters. Exude enthusiasm and not disgust in this endeavor……it’s a magnet for these minds!

  2. It is worse than that; policy is set by one or a few minority opinion. The majority opinion no longer counts. All it takes is one person hollering about a perceived injustice and everyone runs scared of them. If this country wasn’t such a litigating society, no one would run from these clowns; they wouldn’t be afraid to stand up to them and tell them to put up or shut up. But because everyone is so afraid of being sued, we are the ones that have to put up or shut up. It’s the ABA – American Bar Association – who has put us all in this mess. Rome has the same problem of out of control lawsuits and Rome eventually fell.

  3. Nothing new under heaven and earth. So true. You will inevitably end up with people who (just like ones that have obsessive compulsion issues) are compelled to control everything and everyone. They feel that more control is more power. An oligarchy system is what you’ll have eventually whereby we’ll all end up with a global government that virtually controls every aspect of this existence. In reality these human beings are fear oriented and are driven to regulate all that they can by any means they can. Unlike a truly balanced individual that does not have to control and feels secure in his or her own skin.
    One answer to this dilemma may be to just not comply. But that would have to be a concerted effort whereby huge numbers of citizens refuse to obey. But answers for this kind of tyrannical behavior are not so clear.

  4. Actually….the answers are VERY clear.
    stop being sheeple, and start being people.

    We were not made a nation, a sovereign nation… acting as wallflowers.

    We spoke our minds, we engaged in substantial dialogue, and did not go along to get along.

    America needs it’s spine to be returned.

    Not sure who took it, but as the backbone of my military…an NCO..I understand the concept.

    Speak up people…whilst you still can.

  5. This was talked about in passing – moving into an HOA and having to deal with those laws. Why would anyone who tries to be self-sufficient and independent and freedom loving at this point, move into a subdivision with an HOA after hearing the stories of usurping power that are going on? Thankfully there are still a lot of areas in the US without HOAs! I would not knowing move into an HOA situation where they can dictate so much of my life!

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